Person:James Sproul (2)

James Sproul
m. ABT 1758
  1. Alexander SproulBET 1758 AND 1759 - 1813
  2. James Sproulabt 1759 -
  3. Margaret SproulAbt 1760 -
  4. William 'Squire Billy' Sproul, Jr.1769 - 1837
  5. Nancy SproulBET 1770 AND 1771 - BEF 1806
m. est. 1778/79
  1. Jane Sproulabt 1778/79 - 1842
  2. Sarah Sproul
Facts and Events
Name James Sproul
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1759 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1778/79 to Frances McCutcheon

James Sproul was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 246.--26th February, 1817. Charles Sproul's will--To brother, John; sister, Jean Weir; sister, Mary Sproul; to brother, Joseph; brother, Oliver; sister, Martha Hutcheson; to sister, Fanny Thomson; sister Sidney Beard's children, viz: Polly, William, Susannah, Jeanatte, and John; to half-brother, James Sproul; to children of half-brother, Alexander Sproul; to half-sister, Margaret McCutchen; to Alexander Beard; to Wm. Beard; to Thomas Beard; to half-brother, William Sproul. Executors, brother John Sproul, Thos. Thomson. Teste: Joseph Beard, Hugh Dougherty, Ro. Hutchison. Proved, 28th April, 1817. Executors qualify.
  1.   Sproul, William W., III. Early Western Virginia "Sproul" Families.

    James Sproul and Frances McCutchen

    James, son of Settler William Sproul and Jane
    James Sproul17 b. est before 1766*
    m. Frances McCutchen** - moved to Kentucky in 1790s
    Jane m. Joseph Montgomery – 1796 in Franklin, Kentucky
    Sarah m. James Waller
    * - James 1766 birth date based on estimate that he would be at least 15 in 1781 when his sister-in-law got him to take a wagon from Newport to Yorktown to fetch home his sick brother Alexander.
    At request of his sister-in-law, Jane, James took wagon in Nov 1781 to retrieve ill brother Alexander after de-feat of Cornwallis at Yorktown. 21
    ** - It is not absolutely certain that this is the James Sproul that married Frances McCutchen
    James headed west on the Appalachin trail into Kentucky wilderness, finally settling in Cumberland Co, and obtaining land grants along Indian Creek; 200 acres July 23rd and another 200 acres October 20th, 1799. 21
    James mustered on Aug 23, 1813 into Capt Samuel Tate’s company of the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers and headed north to fight Indians who were allied with the British. 21
    Most of what is known about James is derived from:
    Jane’s 1848 Application for Widow’s Pension R10020 ½.22
    Dr. Bret Barrier’s Sproul’s & Barrier’s of Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri 21 {This document con-tains lots of interesting biographical information on Alexander and James.}
    There is evidence of James Sproull residing in Rockbridge County before moving to Kentucky. His daughter Jean is said to have been raised in Rockbridge, but married in Kentucky: 12 April 1796, Joseph Montgomery & Jean Sproull, Franklin, Ky. Bondsman – Thomas Owen, Permission - James Sproull, father of the bride.52
    J. Ed Montgomery, son of Joseph Montgomery and Jean Sproull is documented as saying: “When my father was twelve years old, 1770, they moved to London County, on New River. They lived in the valley called Cove. {There is a Cove Creek near the New River in Wythe Co, Va – ed.} My parents were married in Wytheville, Wythe County, Va in 1796. My mother was Miss Jane Sproule, daughter of James and Frances Sproule, nee McCutchen. My mother was raised in Rockbridge County, Va. A few weeks after their marriage they moved to Kentucky.”53
    Noah C. Bainum Letter to Fannie Sproul – 1929 St. Petersburg, Florida54
    This letter says in part: from our family records, William Sproul, ... {the Settler} was the son of Samuel Sproul. Samuel came from England. Son, James Sproul married Frances McCutcheon and had two daugh-ters; one daughter Jane married Joseph Montgomery, great-grandfather of Noah and the other daughter Sarah married James Waller. {The reference to Samuel Sproul and England appear totally erroneous, but the rest agrees with the preceding Montgomery data − ed.}