Person:James Oliver (25)

James Oliver
d.aft. 1799 prob. Georgia
  1. James OliverBef 1748 - aft 1799
  2. Daughter OliverEst 1749-1763 -
  3. William OliverEst 1749-1763 -
  4. Agnes 'Nancy' OliverEst 1751-1763 -
  5. Capt. John Oliver, of Augusta and Bath County, VABef 1755 - 1799
  • HJames OliverBef 1748 - aft 1799
  • WJean DickeyAbt 1750 - Abt 1805
m. Bef. 1768
  1. James OliverBef 1768 -
  2. Mary OliverEst 1769-1773 -
Facts and Events
Name James Oliver
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1748 Poss. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Bef. 1768 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Jean Dickey
Death? aft. 1799 prob. Georgia

James Oliver was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Oliver in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bonds in Augusta County, 1788--October 10, James Oliver and Andrew Thompson, surety. James Oliver and Mary Curry, niece of Robert Curry (consent). Teste: James King, Wm. Betman. (Note: this appears to be most likely the son of James Oliver and Jean Dickey).
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1793 (A to F). - Donaghe vs. Ailer-- James Oliver, Abbeville County, South Carolina, 20th September, affirms he never made claim to the waters of Naked Creek belonging to Anthony Oaler.
  • Vol. 2 - McDonald vs. Turner--O. S. 11; N. S. 4--In 1794 when militia army was sent to quiet the insurrection in Western Pennsylvania, Angus McDonald was appointed paymaster to Col. Swearingen's Regt. & acted as such during the expedition. He passed a due bill to Lieut. Saml. Turner, who commanded the Company in the absence of Capt. Struther G. Suttle. Judgt. went against Angus in Frederick Co. Suttle only commanded the Co. after the troops returned to Winchester. Maj. Langham was brother-in-law of McDonald. James Olliver served in Capt. Suttles' Co.
  • Dickey vs. Dickey--O. S. 199; N. S. TO--Bill, ad October, 1807. On 26th September, 1805, Michael Dickey of Augusta, died testate, leaving only children, viz: John, William and James Dickey, Mary (wife of Alert. Greer), Elizabeth (widow of David Beard), Margaret (wife of Samuel Kirkpatrick), and grandchildren, James and Mary Oliver, children of daughter, Jean Oliver, deceased. Beard, Kirkpatrick and Greet live in Rockbridge, also James Oliver. Mary Oliver lives in Georgia. Power of attorney by James Dickey of Woodford County, Kentucky