Person:James McKibben (4)

James McKibben
b.est. 1745-1755
  • F.  McKibben (add)
  1. James McKibbenest 1745-1755 -
  2. John McKibbenest 1750 - 1791
Facts and Events
Name James McKibben
Alt Name James McKibbin
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1745-1755

James McKibben was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 179.--7th January, 1788. John Bays, Peter Kuhn and Gustavus Risberg, of Staunton, to James and John McKibben. John and James are indebted to said Peter and Gustavus (merchants). Part of plantation whereon John Elliott now lives.

Records of James McKibben McCollum in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 13.--15th August, 1786. John Archer's executors to Richard Mathews. 75 acres patented to Sampson Archer and sold to his brother, John Archer, deceased, but no title ever made. Teste: James Cunningham, James McKibbin, Joseph Trotter, Daniel Friel, David Greiner, Hugh McDowell, Alex. Nelson, Jr., Stephen Smith.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 20, 1790. - (231) Benijah Thompson, James McKibben, John Keys, Thomas McCullock and John Redpath--no inhabitants.
  • Vol. 2 - McKibben's heirs vs. Lohr--O. S. 256; N. S. 90--Bill, 1814. Complainants are, viz: James McKibben, Mary (McKibben), wife of Isaac Renfroe; Nancy (McKibben), wife of John Gaye, Jr., only children and heirs-at-law of John McKibben of South Carolina, who died, intestate, and who in 1786, together with his brother, James McKibben, Sr., bought land in Augusta County, 109 acres, from John Elliott. Between the time of the purchase and June, 1788, John moved to South Carolina, where he died 1790 or 1791. Part of complainants live in South Carolina and part in Kentucky. James McKibben also died in South Carolina, intestate, and without children, and complainants are his heirs. James McKibben lived in Rockingham some time after John left Virginia. Esther Dickey deposes in Staunton, 6th May, 1815, she and her husband removed from Delaware to Staunton in 1787 in May. Catharine Seyford, 61 years old, deposes, same time and place, her first husband was John D. Greiner who died 27 years ago, 1st January, last. Michael Seyford, 65 years old, deposes same time and place, has lived in Staunton 30 years last August. He knew John McKibbin in Winchester before he came to Staunton. Michael was a blacksmith. Mrs. James McKibbin had a daughter by a former husband. Jacob Peck, nearly 70 years old, deposes, same time and place, has lived near Staunton near 40 years. The McKibbins had a store in Staunton 3 or 4 years. Jacob Swoope deposes, 1815, that in 1789 he was a clerk in employ of one of the establishments in Virginia belonging to Kuhn and Risberg of Philadelphia. He came to take the store, debts and property of said concern, then under management of John Boys. John McKibbin's wife was Nancy. John Boys was son-in-law of Alexr. St. Clair. Nancy Conyers (late Nancy McKibbin) of District of Union, State of South Carolina, deposes there 1st June, 1815, her late husband, John McKibbin, left Staunton the last of April, 1786. He died in Granby, South Carolina, 4th September, 1791, having 3 children, viz: James then aged 9; Mary, wife of Isaac Renfro, then aged about 7; Nancy, wife of John Gage, Jr., aged about 2.