Person:James McKee (13)

James McKee
d.Bef. 4 August 1778 Rockbridge County, Virginia
m. ABT 1721
  1. Andrew McKeeBET 1721 AND 1725 -
  2. James McKeeABT 1726 - Bef 1778
  3. Samuel McKeeABT 1730 - 1813
  • HJames McKeeABT 1726 - Bef 1778
  • WLydia Todd1736 - 1811
m. ABT 1748
  1. William McKeeABT 1748 -
  2. John McKeeABT 1752 -
  3. Robert McKeeABT 1755 -
  4. Alice McKeeABT 1758 -
  5. Martha McKeeABT 1760 -
  6. Samuel Todd McKee1764 - 1842
  7. Mary McKeeABT 1768 -
Facts and Events
Name James McKee
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1726 of Northern Ireland
Marriage ABT 1748 Virginiato Lydia Todd
Death? Bef. 4 August 1778 Rockbridge County, Virginia

James McKee was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


James McKee's land (Borden Tract SW, 3 Tracts: 1), 310-acre tract patented in 1758; 2), 210-acre tract acquired from John Lyle (part of his 734-acre tract) in 1758; and 3), 301-acre tract patented in 1766) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Note that tracts of John McKee, half-brother of James McKee's father, William McKee are located nearby, highlighted in blue.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 535.--15th March, 1758. Borden's executors to James McKee, £5, 310 acres, part of 92100; cor. Samuel Norwood on Kerr's Creek, Jno. Wiley's line. Delivered: Wm. McKee, April, 1764.
  • Page 534.--15th March, 1758. Jno. Lyle to James McKee, £35, 210 acres, part of Borden's 92100; cor. Mathew Lyle; cor. Jno. Gray. Teste: Wm. Todd, Mathew Lyle, Robert Huston. Delivered: Jno. Lyle, 16th August, 1774. (entered on same day as above transaction)
  • Page 35.--2d August, 1766. Borden's executors to James McKee, gent., £50, 301 acres, part of 92100, on northwest branch of Mill Creek, in line of a tract surveyed for the Rev. Mr. Dean; John Gray's line, corner John Lyle; corner Greenlee's survey.

Will of James McKee

From Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 1, pp. 18-20:

James McKee's Will (Transcription)

I James McKee of Rockbridge County and Commonwealth of Virginia being Sick and frail of body but of perfect mind and Memory do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament (Viz) first I commit my soul into the hands of almight God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be Buried in a Decent manner a the Duserition of my Executors and as to the goods things of this life wherewith it hath pleased god to bless me with Igive Bequeath and Dispose of in the following manner (Viz) first I order that all my Just debts and funeral Charges be paid by my Executors out of my worldy Estate--
Item - I give and Bequeath to my well Beloved wife Lydia my large dark bay Horse her saddle & Bridle and Body Cloaths also her third of all my movable Estate after Just Debts Charges being paid and her third of the Plantation whereon I now live During life provided she does not Marry but in Case she Marry she is not to then have any part of my Estate either personal or Real save only her Saddle bridle and body Cloaths the rest of her thirds that she has po[ssust] is to be equally Divided a her Marriage amongst my Beloved children--
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved son William McKee the Old part of my plantation with all that part of the new Survey adjoining on this side of the Bottom on mill Creek and half said Bottom to be Divided by two Disinterested persons Chosen by my Executors sd Bottom is to be divided in such a Manner as well be most to the advantage of both plans which part of sd Bottom and part of new survey and old plantation to him his Heirs and assigns forever
Item I likewise Give and bequeath to my sd son William McKee all my personal Estate except my wife Lydias third on Condition of his giving Bond and Surety to payll all Just Debts and legacies by me given and Bequeathed I order that said son William McKee on Condition of the above pay to my Beloved Daughter Alice McKee the sum of thirty pounds in one year after my Decease and to my Beloved Daughter Martha the sum of thirty pounds when of age and my Beloved Daughter Mary the sum of thirty pounds when of age and my Beloved son Samuel McKee twenty pounds when of age to them their Heirs or assigns forever Son William is not to have the new Rifel Gun I Order that my son William get as [much] of the thick Cloath that is now at the fulling Mill as will make him a Suit of Cloaths and if sd son William dos not comply with the above I Order all my personal Estate Bequeathed to him to be sold to pay my Debts and Legacies before mentioned Save one Horse Beast the plow and tacklings which I order to be kept on the plantation for the use of the Children I further order that my son Robert McKee be put to School and taught to Read plain which expense is to be paid from the produce of the Land or Stock kept on said land Itm I give and Bequeath to my will Beloved son John McKee the Remaining part of the new Survey on the north side of Mill Creek to him his Heirs and assigns forever I likewise give and Bequeath to sd John my new Rifel Gun and as much thick Cloath that is now at the fulling Mill as will make him a suit of Cloaths on Condition that he stays and continues to Labour for the subsistance of the Family till he is of age and in [lin] thereof I order that my son William McKee pay half the expenses of Building him a Convenient Dwelling House.
Item I further Order that my other two sons Samuel and Robert McKees be time[only] bound to trades and that my son John McKee pay to Son Robert Twenty pounds when of age--
Item I further Order that if any of my beloved Children should Depart this life before the come to full age allowed by Law for Heirs to In[herit] Legacies that their or theirs legacies left by me to them Equally Divided among the Surviving Children I further order that if my personal or moveable Estate should not amount to thirty pounds to each my Daughters Alice & Martha that my two sons William & John McKees pay them the full sum that is laking to them their Heirs or Assigns, lastly I Constitute and appoint my trusty friend John Houston and my well beloved wife Lydias sole Executors of this my last will and Testament Revoking and Disanulling all other Wills and Executors by me heretofore made Confirming and Ratifying this as my alst Will and Testament Published and Pronounced in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 26th April 1778
James McKee (seal)
in the presence of
John Lyle Senior
James Lyle
Samuel Scot
John Peoples
At a Court held for Rockbridge County August the 4th 1778
This last Will and Testament of James McKee Decd was Presented in Court by John Houston and Lydia McKee the Executors therein Named and proved by the Oaths of John Lyle Senr James Lyle and John Peoples Subscribing witnesses (he the said John Houston Renouncing the Executorship) which is Ordered to be Recorded-- And on the Motion of the said Lydia Executrix who made oath according to Law Probat is Granted her in due form Giving Security Whereupon She together with John McKee and John Houston her Securities entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of Two Thousand pounds with Condition Required by Law
Teste Andrew Reid Clk

Executor's Bond

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 1, pp. 20-21.
James McKee's Exor Bond (Transcription)
KNOW all men by these presents that we Lydia McKee John Houston and John McKee Senr are held and firmly bound unto Samuel McDowell, Charles Campbell, Saml Lyle and John Trimble Gentlemen Justices of the Court of Rockbridge County now sitting in the sum of Two Thousand pounds Current Money of Virginia to the payment whereof will and truly to be made to the said Justices and their Successors we bind ourselves and each of us our Heirs Exors & Admirs Jointly and severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and Dated this................

Information on James McKee

James M'KEE [8347] ABT 1726 - 1778 BIRTH: ABT 1726, of Northern Ireland DEATH: 1778, of Rockbridge, Virginia Father: William M'KEE Mother: Mary

Family 1 : Lydia DODD (TODD) MARRIAGE: ABT 1748, Virginia


William M'KEE 
John M'KEE 
Robert M'KEE 
Alice M'KEE 
Martha M'KEE 
Samuel M'KEE 
Mary M'KEE