Person:James McFerrin (1)

James McFerrin
b.Est. 1730-1735
d.October, 1757 Augusta County, Virginia
m. est. 1730-1732
  1. James McFerrinEst 1730-1735 - 1757
  2. Thomas McFerrinest 1730/32 - 1788
  3. John McFerrin, Jr.est 1732-1740 - bef 1761
  4. Samuel McFerrinest 1740/42 - abt 1800
  5. Mary McFerrinbef 1744 -
  6. Martin McFerrinbef 1749 - 1815
  • HJames McFerrinEst 1730-1735 - 1757
  • WAgnes Bowen1735 - 1803
m. ABT 1755
  1. John McFerrinABT 1755 - 1807
Facts and Events
Name James McFerrin
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1730-1735
Marriage ABT 1755 to Agnes Bowen
Death? October, 1757 Augusta County, Virginia

James McFerrin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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James McFerrin Killed by Indians in 1757

James McFerrin is included in the following list from Chalkley's of early settlers killed by "the enemy" (most likely Shawnee Indians being spurred on by the French) in Augusta County:

1757 February.--Six children of Jacob Peters, at South Branch, prisoner, 1 escaped. March, Wm. Bradshaw and son, at Craig's Creek, prisoner. May 14th, And. Arnold, at Jackson River, killed; Henry Lawless at Jackson River, killed. May 16th, John Moor, at Cowpasture, killed; Mrs. Moor and 5 children, at Cowpasture, prisoner; George Neese and 2 sons_ at South Branch, prisoner; _____ Shudie, at South Branch, killed; Henry Lawrence, at South Branch, killed; Michael Freeze and wife, at South Branch, killed. July, Mark Tallet, at Jackson River, killed; a servant man, Jackson River, prisoner; James Allen, at Jackson River, wounded; Swobe, at Jackson River, wounded. July 25th, Robert Renick, at Forks of James River, killed; Thomas Moor, at Forks of James River, killed; Mrs Renick and 7 children, at Forks of James River, prisoners; Mrs. Denis, at Forks of James River, prisoner; John Crawford, Jr., at Craig's Creek, killed; John Alex. Crawford, at Craig's Creek, wounded; Sergeant Henry, at Fort Dinwiddie, killed; James Stuart, at Cowpasture, killed; James Stuart, Jr., at Cowpasture, prisoner; James McClung and 2 children named Cantwell at Cowpasture, prisoner. October, James McFerrin, at Catowba, killed; Wm. McFerrin, at Catowba, prisoner. November, 3 Dutch people, at Brooks Gap, 2 prisoners, 1 killed. (Note: The William McFerrin listed as taken prisoner may be a young son of James McFerrin).
A more complete list of settlers killed during this time period is located in the following article: Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, VA

Records of James McFerrin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • From "The Preston Papers" COPIES OF MUSTERS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY. (Year not stated)
Capt. George Robinson's List: George Robinson, Captain; James McFeron, Lieutenant; Pat. Shirky, Ensign; James Ranfro, Sergeant; Dan Manaughan, Mark Coal, Peter Ranfro, George Draper, Rob Roland, Edw. Smith, Fran Kelly, And. Ganghagall, Henry Stiles, Hen Philip, Thomas Rindel, Thomas Looney, Rob Looney, Dan Looney, Adam Looney, Mark Joans, John Askins, John Flower, James Coal, Bryan Cass, Cornel Dougherty, Wm. Acres, Tasker Tosh, Hen Brown, Sam Brown, James Burk, Wm. Bean, _____Evins, Sam Martin, Peter Kinder, Stephen Evins, Peter Watkins, Stephen Ranfro, Benj. Davis, Wm. Clark, Wm. Shepherd, Benj. Deeson, John Smith, Hugh Coruthers, Wm. Bradshay, John Coal, Wm. Craven, Simon Acres, Nicol Horseford, _____ Meason.
  • ORDER BOOK No. VII. - MAY 19, 1761. - (3) Agnes Buchanan qualifies admx. of her late husband, James McFarron, decd., now wife of Archibald Buchanan.
  • AUGUST 18, 1761. (53.2) John McFarron qualified admr. of his son, John, Jr. Frederick Easter appointed guardian of Daniel and Catherine Mouse (?)--Mouse (y)--infants of Daniel Mouse. Archd. Buchanan appointed guardian to John McFarron, orphan of James McFarron. In consideration of this appointment Archd. agrees to educate, clothe and bring up at his own expense the orphan, and when of age pay him the estate with lawful interest.
  • Page 239.--18th August, 1761. Archibald Buchanan's bond (with Jno. Maxwell, Chas. Hays), as guardian (appointed) to Jno. McFerrin, orphan of James McFerrin.