Person:James Jordan (38)

James Jordan, Sr.
Facts and Events
Name James Jordan, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1745 Chesterfield County, Virginia
Marriage 1766 Virginiato Sarah Johnston
Death? 1820 Cabell County, Virginia

James Jordan, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 18, 1766. - (337) These added to tithables--viz: Wm. Jordan, James Jordan, Anthony Johnston.
  • Vol. 2 - 1767--Tithables added by the Court: William Jordan, James Jordan. (Note: relationship to William Jordan is unknown, possible sibling?)
  • Vol. 2 - Jordan vs. Duvall--O. S. 221; N. S. 78--John P. Duval died testate in Kentucky. His heirs are, viz: Lewis, Notley, Samuel Duvall, the last two who live in Kentucky; Eleanor Gather, wife of _____ Gather, living in Kentucky; Patsey Bennett and Betsey Weatherington, residing in Ohio; Nancy Hance, lately Nancy Brown, wife of Chester Hance, who has lately come to Virginia. Contract 12th February, 1802, between Samuel Jordan Cahill of Kenawha County, attorney for John P. Duvall, of Mason County, Kentucky, and James Jordan, Sr., of Kenawha; 500 acres, part of 1,000 acres on Mud River in Kenawha County. Power of attorney 13th May, 1805, by Samuel Duval, Lewis Duval, Cornelius Gather and Elinor Gather, his wife (late Duval), Archibald Bennett and Patsey (Duval), his wife; John Drown, who married Nancy Duval, heirs and representatives of John P. Duval, and Notly Duval to Notley Duval.
  1.   James Jordan born 1745, Chesterfield Co., Virginia, married 1766, Sarah
    Johnston or Stodghill, died Cabell Co., West Virginia. James died 1820,
    Cabell Co., West Virginia. He was one of the first settlers in
    Grenbrier. He resided there during the Revolutionary War, and furnished
    patriotic service by providing supplies. He moved to Cabel Co., VA. in
    about 1805.
    I.Jane Jordan married John Morris Jr..
    II.Catherine Jordan married William Sexton.
    III.William Jordan married Blanche ?.
    IV.James Jordan Jr. born 1768, married (1) Mary ?, married (2) Peninah
    Lee, born 1780, died 1849. James died 1846, buried: Jordan Cemetery;
    Cabel Co., Virginia.
    V.Elizabeth Jordan married Robert Boyd Wallace.
    VI.Sarah Jordan born 1772, married 12-22-1797, in Greenbrier Co.,
    Virginia, Leroy Newman Jr., born 02-23-1770, Westmoreland Co., Virginia,
    (son of Leroy Newman) died 03-06-1849, Cabell Co., Virginia, buried:
    Jordan Cemetery; Cabel Co., Virginia. Sarah died 02-02-1845, Cabell
    Co., West Virginia, buried: Jordan Cemetery; Cabel Co., Virginia.
    A.Elizabeth Margaret Newman born 1800, Virginia, married George
    Killgore. Elizabeth died about 1841, Cabell Co., Virginia.
    B.Jane Newman born 1801, married 01-26-1826, in Cabell Co., Virginia,
    Jesse Harbour, born 1805. Jane died 1845/1850, Cabell Co., Virginia.
    C.Russell Newman born 1803, Kanawha Co., Virginia, married
    (1) 12-25-1827, in Cabell Co., Virginia, Sara Harbour, (daughter of
    David Harbour and Elizabeth Berry) died before 1850, Cabell Co.,
    Virginia, married (2) Eliza Smith, born about 1855, Cabell Co.,
    Virginia. Russell died 1870, Wayne County, West Virginia. Will
    probated October 11, 1870. Cabell County Will Book 3, pg 75,
    April 11, 1870. Will mentions a daughter, Elizabeth and a daughter
    D.James Newman born 1804, Kanawha Co., Virginia, married
    03-22-1829, in Cabell Co., Virginia, Elizabeth Blake, born 1809,
    (daughter of Isaac Blake and Margaret ?) died 01-08-1938, Cabell Co.,
    Virginia, buried: Merritt Cemetery; Cabell Co., Virginia. James died
    1851. Died at age 47. Elizabeth: Age 29 at death.
    E.Vincent Newman born 03-15-1807, Kanawha Co., Virginia, married
    06-04-1826, in Mill Creek, Cabell Co., VA., Sarah Elmore, born
    09-05-1811, Caroline Co., Virginia, (daughter of William Elmore Jr.
    and Frances Jones) died 06-01-1886, Valley Falls, Jefferson Co.,
    Kansas, buried: Rosehill Cemetery; Valley Falls, KS. Vincent died
    10-16-1862, Valley Falls, Jefferson Co., Kansas, buried: Rosehill
    Cemetery; Valley Falls, KS. Sarah: Died at Valley Falls, Kansas,
    June 1st 1886

    VII.John Jordan born 1775, married (1) Catherine Blair, married (2)
    1812, Sirrah Brumfield, born 1790. John died 1852, Cabell Co.,
    A.John Marshall Jordan born 1823, Cabell Co., West Virginia, married
    06-08-1853, in Putnam County, West Virginia, Martha Jane Morrison.
    John died 1880, Putnam County, West Virginia. Martha: Daughter of
    George Morrison and Lucy Popham.
    VIII.Johathan Jordan born abt. 1775, married Rachel McCray.
    IX.Andrew Jordan born 1-12-1785, Greenbrier Co., Virginia, married
    04-20-1802, Mary Chapman. Andrew died 11-15-1872, Kanawha Co., West
    A.James L. Jordan born 06-11-1804, Cabell Co., Virginia.
    B.Sarah Jordan born 02-09-1819, Cabell Co., Virginia.