Person:James Houston (17)

James Houston, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
b.Abt 1729 Antrim, Ireland
  • HJames Houston, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAAbt 1729 - 1820
  • WAgnes Sarah Wilson1728 -
m. 17 Jun 1749
  1. Margaret HoustonEst 1750 to 1770 -
  2. Hannah Houston1760 - 1826
  3. William T. HoustonAbt 1762 - Bef 1841
  4. John Houston1764 - 1839
  5. Rachel Houston1765 -
  6. Absolom Houston1767 -
  7. Agnes Houston1769 -
  8. Mary Polly Houston1771 -
Facts and Events
Name James Houston, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1719 some sources claim James was born in 1719, but he would have been 101 years old, which is questionable.
Birth[1] Abt 1729 Antrim, Ireland
Marriage 17 Jun 1749 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes Sarah Wilson
Death? 18 Apr 1820 Greene County, Tennessee

James Houston was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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There was another James Houston, that married Nancy McCreary, daughter of John McCreary, that lived south of this James Houston, in the Borden Tract, just across the line of Beverley Manor during the same time period that may be confused with this James Houston.



James Houston's land (Beverley Manor NW, 37 acres, 1765, from James Finley, son of Robert Finley) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 388.--12th April, 1753. John Mathews and Ann to James Huston 140 acres on Back Creek of Roanoke; place called Turkey Bottom. Teste: John Mathews, Jr., and Joshua Mathews.
  • Page 208.--18th August, 1765. James Finley, heir-at-law and administrator of estate of Robert Finley, and Agness ( ) to James Huston, £28, 37 acres woodland in Beverley Manor on the Chesnut Ridge, part of 155 acres of woodland surveyed to Robert, 22d February, 1753, joining Felix Gilbert and William Preston; also 1/4 of an acre lot in Staunton, No. 13, opposite the lots of George Wilson and Samuel Moor. Delivered: Thos. Smith, 25th September, 1772. (Note: the George Wilson mentioned in this record was most likely the brother-in-law of James Houston).
  • Page 125.--11th February, 1766. John Mills and Mary to James Huston, £40, 150 acres on Murrie's Run, a branch of Roanoke. Delivered: Samuel Lewis, 8th April, 1775. (Note: not sure this is same James Houston)

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 88.--15th September, 1760. James Huston and Agness to Alex. Boyd. £50, 140 acres on Back Creek of Roanoke at Turkey Bottom. Teste: John Neill. Archibald Brycers. Delivered: Alex. Love, October, 1762.
  • Page 844.--21st March, 1765. James Huston and Agness to Henry Larken, £30, 120 acres in Fork of James River, John Harger's line.


James Houston's will:
"I give and bequeath unto Hannah Baker, Johnson Houston, William Houston and John Horton all my estate to be equally divided amongst him except the property that I shall hereafter devise. That is I give and bequeath unto George Jones, one Negro boy named Marshal and no more. I give and bequeath to Absolam Houston one Negro girl named Tildey and a Negro by Milchall and no more. I give and bequeath unto Polly Russell a Mulatto girl named Jane and no more. I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter what money my bay mare saddle and bridle also one bead and furniture will sell for, and also that my executors may keep the money and interest until the said Rebecca comes of age and then the executors hereafter named to lay out the money for a horse, saddle, and bridle and bead in case there will be money sufficient for that purpose. I hereby appoint William Houston and John Horton Executors of this my last will and Testament and lastly I do revoke all wills or former wills by me made and declare this only to be my last will and Testament whereof I the said James Houston set my and seal this 18th day of April 1820".

Houston, James: Will written April 18, 1820
Sons: John, William, Absalom Houston
Son-in-law: John Horton
Daughters: Hannah Baker, Polly Russell
Granddaughter: Rebecca
No Identification: George Jones
Witnesses: Andrew Patterson, Joseph Horton


From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1750 (B). - John Mathews, Jr., vs. James Huston.--Bond dated 30th May, 1749. Witness, John Mathews, Sr.
  • Page 319.--18th May, 1759. George Wilson's bond (James Huston, David Stewart) as administrator of John Cain.
  • NOVEMBER 19, 1763. - (382) James Huston and Archd. Hamilton qualified Inspectors of Flour.
  • Page 706.--21st June, 1764. George and William Skillem to Walter Crow, £__, 343 acres patented to William Skillem, deceased, 30th August, 1743, and devised by William that his sons, George and William, should dispose of same on head of a draft of Linville's Creek on Daniel Harrison's road. Teste: James Hughes. James Huston, Robt. Russell. Delivered: Walter Crow. October, 1766. Acknowledged by George.
  • Page 206.--23d August, 1765. James Hughes and Euphie (Euphemia) and William Wilson and Mary, of Albemarle County, to John Hunter, of Staunton, £40, part of lot 14 excluding a house on northwest corner where Edward Long now lives; lot faces James Huston's front on the south and James Hughes on the west. Delivered: Jno. Hunter, May, 1770.
  • Page 442.--23d October. 1765. Settlement recorded of estate of John Mathews, by Sampson and George Mathews--19th July, 1764, to 1 bad double loon (doubloon) passed by Jas. Huston, and returned; 17th November, paid Stephen Arnold a debt due his son James; 4th December, paid James Trimble for holding 2 inquests and constables' fees; paid Alex. Walls. Contra--18th April, 1764, by gold sold; 1st September. 1764, by burned silver, by Randall Lafone (?), by Christian Miliron (uncertain whether can be got).
  • Page 30.--23d January, 1766. James Shaw to George Wilson and Wm. Crow, certain horses and cattle, £16. Teste: Archibald Mathews, James Huston. Delivered: David Bell, February, 1770.
  • Page 173.--20th May, 1766. James Finley, of Staunton, farmer, and Agness to Sampson and George Mathews, merchants and partners in Staunton, mortgage, £110. three half lots of land in County lots, lot No. 3, lot No. 4, lot No. 13; also the residue of tract conveyed to James by Beverley, 19th March, 1754, containing 155 acres, part of which was formerly granted to Felix Gilbert. Thomas Stewart and James Huston; also remainder of a lease for 87 acres in Beverley Manor, and described in a lease from James Brown to the saiid Robert Finley, 16th January, 1754, for the term of 57 years; all which land was conveyed to Robert Finley, late of Augusta County, deceased, and descended to James Finley as his brother and heir-at-law.
  • Page 341.--20th April, 1767. James Findley, brother and heir of Robert Findley, deceased, and Agnes to Sampson and George Mathews, £30, lots 3, 4 and 13 in Staunton, part of the County lots, and 155 acres in Beverley Manor. This indenture conveys one-half of lot 4, the other half having been sold to Felix Gilbert; also one-half lot 13, the other half being sold to James Houston; also 16 acres, part of 155 above, corner George Wilson. Teste: John Redpath.
  • Page 345.--17th April, 1767. Same (James Findley, brother and heir of Robert Findley, deceased, and Agnes) to George Willson, of Hampshire County, £90, 1/4 acre, one-half of lot 3, the other half being sold to Thomas Stuart: also 16 acres, part of 155 above. (Note: this transaction regarding George Wilson, the brother-in-law of James Houston immediately follows the above transaction).
  • Page 1.--25th August, 1770. William Wilson and Mary ( ), of Albemarle and John Hunter, Sr., and Frances, of Augusta, to Francis Hart, grove of Staunton, £40. In Staunton, part of lot No, 14, 5 poles north and south and 4 poles east and west, only excluding a house on northwest corner wherein Edward Long lived, of 18 by 22 feet in length and breadth. Lot faces James Hustons front on south and James Huse on west, containing 20 square perches, only reserving said house; also 2-1/2 acres wood land on south end of lot of 30 acres between (betwixt) Col. William Preston's land and Joseph Gamble's wood land, about 1/2 mile northwest of Staunton bounded according to courses of Staunton, lot No. 10. Delivered: Francis Harterove, 9th September, 1773.
  • AUGUST 19, 1773. - (173) James Huston--witness from Botetourt.
  • Page 87.--9th September, 1773. Francis Hardgrove and Sarah, of Surry County, North Carolina, to John David Griner, part of lot 14 in Staunton, house wherein Edward Long lived, faces James Huston and James Hughes.
  • Page 256.--18th August, 1780. Commission of Augusta County to Hugh McDowell merchant of Staunton. Andrew Greer's share of lots in Staunton purchased by him and James Hughes, James Huston and George Wilson, which Greer gave up, being unable to pay for it; lot in possesion of John David Greiner.


From Clan Huston web page (

May explain conflicting information:

Posted by Sandra Houston on August 10, 1999 at 16:07:10:

In Reply to: Houstons/Greene County, Tennessee posted by Todd Layman on April 20, 1999 at 00:08:57:

The James Houston that married Agnes Wilson was the son of John and Margaret Cunningham Houston and a relative to Gen. Sam Houston.

James was listed as deceased in Ireland. However he was left to study the ministry. When he left the church to come to America, the church listed him as deceased in the faith.

Posted by Sandra Kelton Houston on December 22, 1999 at 17:10:18:

In Reply to: James Houston posted by Barbara Kelly on November 19, 1999 at 20:19:51:

I have read several sources that state that James, son of John Houston and Margaret Cunningham was left in Ireland, studying the ministry. Our James Houston was called a preacher at times. He came to Augusta and settled near John and later came into TN.

Possible lead, conflicts with other sources:

Subj: RSL Houston, Huston Date:9/29/99 11:08:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time (Paul Phelps),,,,,,,,,,,, (Paul Phelps), (Rosanne Brueggemann),,

In response to your entries in the RootsWeb Surname List:

     Houston 1600 1890 SCT>IRL>VA>KY,USA aeford  
     Houston 1635 1945 IRL>VA>KY>TN>IN>OH>TX,USA horsemom  
     Houston 1645 ---- NIR>RockbridgeCo,VA,USA jveregge  
     Houston 1649 now Sct>VA>MD>KY>IL>IN Scothous  
     Houston 1650 1807 IRL>VA,USA scofield  
     Houston 1664 1900 IRL>PA>VA>Overton,TN>Hardeman,TN bdsr  
     Houston 1689 now IRL>PA>VA>TN>KY>IN>MO>CO>CA,USA monbol  
     Houston 1690 1790 IRL>AugustaCo,VA,USA pmeehan  
     Houston 1690 1790 UGB,NIR>LancasterCo,PA>AugustaCo,VA,U
     Houston 1700 now DE>PA>VA,USA ahouston  
     Houston 1700 now VA>CabarrasCo,NC>NJ,USA glsalsig  
     Houston 1755 ---- Rockbridge,VA,USA chrisd 
     Huston 1740 1996 IRL>BordensGrant,PA>Augusta,VA>MO bobbik 

Seeking information on the family and origins of James HUSTON, who received a grant in Borden's Tract (now Rockbridge Co. VA) in 1747. He is believed to be the same James HUSTON b. 1714-1718, son of John and Margaret (Cunningham) HUSTON, who em. to America with his mother and several brothers. He is also believed to be the same James HUSTON who m. 19 Jun 1750 in Augusta Co., perhaps as his second wife, Agnes "Grace" WILSON, who may be the dau. of neighbor John WILSON.

James and Agnes (Wilson) HUSTON had children Hannah (m. Isaac BAKER), William, John/Johnson, Absalom, Agnes, Rachel, Mary/"Polly" (m. Russell), and possibly Margaret, Patience, and Joseph.

Agnes d. sometime after 1765, and by 1778 James had moved with his children to what is now Greene Co. TN, where he d. 1820. However, another man named James HUSTON, poss. b. 1751, continued to reside in Augusta Co. VA until at least 1803. Both men had connections with the WILSON family.

I will be grateful for any information, or leads to published or online sources, that might shed some light on this matter. My thanks to all of you, in advance, for your help. I look forward to your replies.

Paul B. Phelps, Alexandria VA From Clan Huston Web Page: (

Posted by Todd Layman on April 20, 1999 at 00:08:57:

My line : 1. James Houston b. 1718 d. Greene co.,Tn. married: 6-17-1749, Agusta Co.,Va. Agnes Wilson children: William, hannah, John, Absalom, Agnes, Mary Polly, Rachel, Margaret,George

2. William Houston b. 1762 Agusta Co.,Va. d. 1843, Greene Co.,Tn. married: 4-17-1796, Greene Co.,Tn. Hannah Sherrill children: Howell, John, Mary Polly, Orphie, William W., Warren, Martha, Polly Ann, Susan, Laura

3. Howell Houston b. 1797, Greene Co.,Tn. d. 1841, Greene co.,Tn. married: 3-3-1822, Greene Co.,Tn. Elizabeth Baker children: William W., Elze B., Alexander, Susan A., Sally, James, Anderson, Louise, Jeanette

4. Elize B. Houston b. 1829, Greene Co.,Tn. d. 1909, Greene Co.,Tn. married: 1853, Cocke Co.,Tn. Penelope Wills children: Orphie Ann, William, Cynthia, Emily, Amy, Laura, James Ashbury

This is the jest of what I have on this line, if anyone can offer any info.........PLEASE let me know. I have been researching these people for 20 years. Thanks, Todd Layman

  1. World Family Tree, CD.