Person:James Henderson (103)

James Henderson
m. 7 February 1705
  1. John Henderson1705/06 - 1766
  2. James Henderson1708 - 1784
  3. Bruce Henderson1710 - 1719
  4. Samuel Henderson1713 - 1782
  5. Thomas HendersonEst 1715 - 1786
  6. Jean Henderson1719 - 1729/30
m. 23 JUN 1738
  1. Mary Hendersonabt 1739 - bef 1764
  2. David Hendersonabt 1740 - abt 1825
  3. Lt. John Henderson1740 - 1787
  4. Sarah Hendersonabt 1744 -
  5. Joseph HendersonABT 1745 - bef 1792
  6. Jean Henderson1747 - 1819
  7. Archibald Henderson1749 - Bet 1781
  8. Margaret Henderson1752 - BEF 1783
  9. James Hendersonabt 1754 -
  10. William Henderson1756 - 1807
Facts and Events
Name[1] James Henderson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 Jan 1708 Dunfermline,,Fife,Scotland
Alt Birth? 17 JAN 1707/08 Fordell, Fifeshire, Scotland
Marriage 23 JUN 1738 Fordell Castle, Scotlandto Martha Hamilton
Death[1] 19 May 1784 Augusta County, Virginia

James Henderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


James Henderson's land (Beverley Manor NE, 157 acres, 1749) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.


James Henderson's land (Beverley Manor SE, 430 acres acquired from William Henderson and Susanna in 1759) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: the probable location of James Henderson's 430-acre tract is based upon the description below, adjoining Thomas Black, Robert Cunningham and George Caldwell's tracts, which places James land at the south end of William Henderson's 1,415-acre tract).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 665.--28th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to James Henderson, 157 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner Mathew Robertson; on Cathey's River; corner Robert Kenny. Teste: William Palmer, Robert Cunningham.
  • Page 101.--21st March, 1759. William Henderson and Susanna ( ) to James Henderson, £15, 430 acres, part of 1,415 acres whereon said William now lives, on a branch of Christian's Creek; line of Thos. Black; corner said Black and Robt. Cunningham; George Caldwell's line. Teste: James Mitchell, James Hutchinson. Delivered: James Henderson, November, 1768.
  • Page 75.--23d August, 1766. William Brown and Isabella ( ) to James Henderson, £200. 400 acres on head of Culton's Branch of North River of Shannandor; corner James Trotter; also ten acres on same branch below same and between James Trotter and Hugh Campbell, part of Hugh Campbell's tract of 333 acres.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 73.--19th August, 1766. James Henderson and Martha ( ) to John Stuart, £119.15, 157 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Mathew Robertson on Cathey's River; corner Robert Kenney's. Teste: Walter Cunningham, William Brown. Delivered: Archibald Dixon, 8th September, 1785. Teste: Samuel McConkey. deputy clerk.
  • Page 312.--19th September, 1786. James Henderson and Rebecca, and Martha Henderson, wife to James Henderson, deceased, of Fayette County, to Robert Usher.
  • Page 32.--14th November, 1787. Martha ( ) and Joseph Henderson, of Fayette County, being their part of the land divided to Martha Henderson, James and Joseph Henderson, by James Henderson, deceased, by his will. Teste: Samuel McKee, Robert and Lindsay Thompson.

Will of James Henderson

Transcribed Will:

  • Page 410 - - 7th February, 1784. James Henderson's will - - To wife, Martha, ⅓ of whole estate, for her to dispose of as she sees fit; to sons William and David, 15 pounds each to daughter Sarah Stuart; a horse to sons James and Joseph, the remainder to be divided equally; James to divide his land rights in Kentucky with Joseph; James and Joseph to pay out their part; 20 shillings to James Dickey; 20 shillings to John Dickey; my saddle to go to young James Dickey, to son, tract surveyed by son Archibald - 100 acres - to be sold for Elener Henderson, daughter of Archibald; Elizabeth, her mother, to receive 20 pounds of sale price. Executors: William Dunlap and Martha, my wife. [Source: "The Henderson Family", by Lanette Hill, pub. Brightwell Ent., 2006].

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 410.--7th February, 1784. James Henderson's will--To wife, Martha; to sons, William and David; to daughter, Sarah Stuart; to other 9 sons, James and Joseph; to James Dickey and John Dickey; to young James Dickey; to son, Archibald's (deceased) daughter, Eleanor, infant; to son, Archibald's (deceased) widow, Elizabeth. Executors, wife and William Dunlop. Teste: James Young, Wm. Alexander, Michael Dickey. Proved, 19th May, 1784, by the witnesses. Martha qualifies.

Records of James Henderson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 608.--27th February, 1749. William Wright to William Beverley, 413 acres. Corner John Seawright, George Hutchison's line. Teste: James Henderson, Andrew McClure.
  • Page 529.--28th February, 1749. Same (William Beverley) to John Lynn, Jr., 383-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner John Bigham. Corner William Nutt, John Henderson's line. John Linn, Sr. Teste: James and Andrew Linn, James Henderson.
  • Page 635.--28th February, 1749. Same (William Beverley) to Nathaniel Davise, 150 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner Arthur Hamilton; corner Samuel Downey and James Gilmore. Teste: George Pirie, James Henderson.
  • Page 662.--28th February, 1749. Same (William Beverley) to William Dunlap, 100 acres on Middle River in Beverley Manor. Corner Robert Kenney; James Henderson's corner. Teste: John McClure, Patrick Martin.
  • Page 611.--1st March, 1749. William Beverley to William Wright, 155 acres, 270 acres--425 acres--in Beverley Manor. Alexander Henderson's line. Corner William Johnston, John Thompson's line. Teste: James Henderson, Andrew McClure.
  • Page 327.----28th November, 1749. John Coulter to John Lusk, 230 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner Christian. Corner James Caldwell, William Armstrong's line. Isabell, wife of Jno. Coulter. Teste: James Henderson, Andrew Alexander.
  • Page 388.--4th September, 1751. Vendue by George Anderson and Robert Patterson upon estate of James Crawford. To Wm. Bell. Mathew Armstrong, Thomas Story, Edward Ritledge, Robt. Craig, Saml. Mullene, John Patterson, Saml. Keer, Pat Crawford, James Henderson, Timothy Coll.
  • Page 174.--4th September, 1756. Alexander Matheson's will, doctor To William Robertson, his rifle gun and flowered plush jacket; to John Robertson, great coat, saddle and bridle, course stockings and course shirts; to James, son of Mathew Robertson, cutlass; to Mathew Robertson, £6; to Silas Hart, £6; to brother Gilbert Matheson, 5 shillings; to brother Mathew Matheson; to father, John Matheson, 5 shillings and remainder of the estate. Executors, Mathew Robertson and Silas Hart. Teste: James Henderson, James Robertson, Wm. Bell. Proved, 18th November, 1756, by Henderson. Mathew refuses to execute. Silas Hart qualifies with James Allen and Daniel Smith.
  • Page 189.--30th November, 1756. Alexander Matheson's appraisement, by John Anderson, George Anderson, James Henderson.
  • Page 4.--22d May, 1765. Samuel Love and Dorcas to Joseph Love. £10, 44 acres on Black's Run of Christian's Creek, part of 300 acres conveyed by Thos. Black to Samuel, in Beverley Manor; corner James Henderson; corner Joseph's other land. Teste: John Dailey. Wm. Teas, George Francisco.
  • Page 222.--15th October, 1765. Robert Young and Jean ( ) to Isaac Carson, £90, 265 acres on a branch of Middle River of Shanandoe conveyed by John Young to Robert, 16th May, 1759. Teste: James Henderson, John Burnsides, John Young, Jr. Delivered: John Francis, March, 1768.
  • Page 461.--4th April, 1766. John Henderson's will, farmer--Wife, Rose; son, William; daughters, if either die, the other to enjoy her share. Teste: John Davidson, Robt. Finley. Executors, brother James and wife's brother, John. Proved 20th August, 1766, by the witnesses. James Henderson and John Finley qualified executors, with Adam Dean and Wm. Finley. (Note: John Henderson was this James Henderson's brother).
  • Page 39.--17th August, 1767. Michael Harper's estate appraised, by Will and James Henderson, Thos. Rutledge.
  • Page 246.--__ October, 1767. Dr. James Henderson and John Finley--To estate of John Henderson, deceased. 1769, 26th March, paid Saml. Love of the estate of John Montague; paid Edwd. Waldon. (Dr.?)
  • Page 2.--19th November, 1771. Hugh Donaghe (Donoho) and Ehazbeth to Thomas Rankin, £100, on head of Buffalo and Diver's Lick Drafts, patented to Hugh, 7th July, 1763, corner John Strain's survey. Teste: John Reaburn. James Henderson, Andrew Ralston. Delivered: James Neal, 10th March, 1772.
  • Page 84.--17th November, 1772. John Poage to Rev. John Craig, John Anderson, Robert Poage, Alexander Blair, James Allen, Sr., Alexander Walker, Michael Dickey. James Henderson, Andrew McComb, James Allen, Jr., George Moffett, being the session and regularly chosen for the Congregation of Augusta or Stone Meeting House and appointed as Commissioners to act in behalf of said congregation and to accept and take a title for a tract of 27 acres for the sole use of a Dissenting Presbyterian Congregation as a place of Public Worship. Patent to John Poage, 14th July, 1769, corner old brick kiln.

Information on James Henderson

James Henderson 2nd son of William Henderson and Margaret Bruce
Born 17 January 1708, Scotland
Died before 19 May 1784, and after 7 February 1784; testate (WB 6, page 410)
Augusta County, Virginia
Married 23 June 1783, to Martha Hamilton, daughter of Audley Harrison Hamilton and Elenor Adams
Children: listed in his will and in his account book (see Joseph Lyons Miller book on Lt. John Henderson of Greenbrier County:
Samuel, deceased before father - not named in will, but name given in account book
John, born ca 1740; died 24 March 1787, Greenbrier County, Virginia married in 1765 to Anne Givens, a niece of Elizabeth Givens, wife of General Andrew Lewis--history of this family in Joseph Lyons Miller book
Sarah, married John Stuart
James, also to Greenbrier County, after death of father; wife, Rebecca
Joseph, to Fayette County, Kentucky, with his mother, Martha, by 1787
Margaret, deceased before father, married James Dickey; two children named in his will: John and James Dickey
Archibald, died February-May 1781; married Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of James Patterson; Archibald Henderson will in WB 6, page 169; James Patterson will in WB 10, page 150--he left to Elin Henderson, dau to Archibald; to daughter Elizabeth Gray (remarried after death of Archibald Henderson)
Jean, not named in will of father, but also not stated to be deceased in the account book
John was not named in the will, but probably because he bad left home, went to Greenbrier where he had prospered.

33. † James HENDERSON (William26) was born 17 Jan 1707/8 in Fordell, Fifeshire, Scotland and died 19 May 1784 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married first, 23 Jun 1738 in Fordell Castle Martha HAMILTON who was born about 1711 in Fifeshire, Scotland and died in Augusta County, Virginia. He married second Elizabeth PETERS?, Rebecca ?, Sarah ESTILL.


Children of James and Martha were:

45 i. David HENDERSON (probably this) (James33,William26)
46 ii. Lt. John HENDERSON (James33,William26)
51 iii. James HENDERSON (probably this) (James33,William26)
47. † iv. Joseph HENDERSON (James33,William26)
v. Jean (Jane) HENDERSON (James33,William26)was born Apr 1747 in Augusta County, Virginia and died 1798.
48 vi. Archibald HENDERSON (James33,William26)
vii. Sarah HENDERSON (James33,William26) was born about 1751 in Augusta County, Virginia. She married Stuart ?.
viii. Margaret HENDERSON (James33,William26) was born 1752 in Augusta County, Virginia and died before 1783 in Virginia. She married DICKEY.
49 ix. Samuel HENDERSON (James33,William26)
50 x. Rev. A. William HENDERSON (James33,William26)

Children of James and second wife were:

xi. Thomas HENDERSON died in youth. (James33,William26)
xii. Nancy HENDERSON (James33,William26)
xiii. Alexander HENDERSON (James33,William26)
xiv. Enos ? HENDERSON (James33,William26)
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