Person:James Harris (95)

James Harris
  • HJames HarrisAbt 1680 - 1790
  • WJane McKinleyEst 1680-1690 -
m. ABT 1710
  1. Mary Harris1712 -
  2. Janet HarrisABT 1718 -
  3. Isabella Harrisabt 1721 -
  4. Martha Harrisabt 1722 - 1811
Facts and Events
Name James Harris
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1680 Scotland or Ireland
Marriage ABT 1710 to Jane McKinley
Death? April 1790 Little Kenhoway, Wythe County, Virginia

James Harris was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Harris in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (appear to possibly be this James Harris).

  • Vol. 1 - MAY 23, 1750. - (371) Road ordered from Ezekiel Calhoun's to Wood's River thence to Top of Ridge between Wood's River and the South Fork of Roanoke. John McFarland and Joseph Crockett to be surveyors of former, and Wm. Crisp and Wm. Pellam, of latter part, with tithables, and the following: Henry Batton, Mordecai Early, John McFarland, Jacob Goldman, John Downing, John Goldman, Charles Sinclair, Nathaniel Wilshire, Wm. Sayers, Jacob Goldman, Wm. Hamilton, Humbertson Lyon, Frederick Carlock, Robert Norris, James Miller, James Cave, Saml. Montgomerie, Steven Lyon, John Conley, Andrew Linam, James Willbey, Saml. Stanlick, James Maies, Robert McFarlin, James Harris, John Vance, John Stride, Robert Miller, Alexr. Sayers, John Miller, Jacob Castle, Robert Alcorn, John Forman, Wm. Miller.
  • Page 295.--3d July, 1755. Humberston Lyon to Allexander Sayers (Sawyers), £50, 650 acres on Wood's River. Teste: James Harress, Christopher Hicks, Eabreham Dunckleberry, Wm. Sayers, J. Buchanan, gent.--
  • List of Delinquents - 1756--In ye lower end of Augusta County: John Brown, Christian Clemon, Evan Evans, Constable; Rubin Harrison, Constable; Andrew Hislep. John Love, Jacob Lingle, Barnet Mathews, Valentine Mackey. Darby Sullivan, Dan'l Sullivan, Wm. Smith, Jas. Sterns, Anthony Bogart, Thos. Craford, Jno. Davies, Jno. Fowler, Geo. Fulls, Denis Henry, Nicholas Harbolt, Rich'd Neely, Jacob Peeter, John Rechart, Ranl. McDonell, Constable; Andrew Smith, Adam Weese, Jacob and John Yount, James Haris, Wm. Fleming, Jno. Hutchins, Sr.; Jno. Noble, Thos. Meems, Constable; Wm. Burnet, Jno. Barber, Patt Carigan, David Evins, Denis McAniney, Nicholas Nutt, Mark Stalet, deceased; Mich'l Watson, James Hollas, Thos. McClenachan, Jno. Neeley, Jno. Pott, Wm. Acres, Wm. Hughes, Mathias Youkam, Nicholas Clause, David Crochan, Peeter Harmon, Wm. Hopwood, Windle Evert, Mathias Lerth, Mich'l March, Jno. Morrey, Dan'l Ramey, no distress; Patt Sullivan, Jno. Sleter, Fred'k Stoneberry, Robt. Scott, Jno. Blar, David Carlock, Manus Deker, Pat Fitzpatrick, Jno. Fulton, Jno. Havine, Judy Mason, Martin Peeter, James Ramsey, James McGill, John Sheats, Jno. Theobald Magaham, Joseph and Geo. Weese, Chas. Sinclar, James Bogan, Jos. Hall, Jno. Heague, Chas. Wilson, Jas. Barton, not found; Geo. Bartley, Nicholas Carpenter, Thos. Dove, Jr.; Andrew Earnest, Thos Mullen, Mich'l Penny, Jno. Sope, Jas., Walter and Hugh Crockett; Wm., Geo. and Thos. Harbeson; Jas., Jno., Thos., Wm. Montgomery.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 25, 1767. - (131) James Harris, returned no inhabitant.

Information on James Harris

From "Men of Mark in Georgia", by William J. Northen, pg. 236:
Sketch written in 1829 by Thomas McCall, Esq., brother of the historian, who lived on a plantation on the Oconee River near Dublin in Laurens County, Georgia:
The family of which I am a descendant were Scots, and in Scotland lived in the neighborhood of the family of Calhoun, properly Calquhun. The time of their migration is not known, but the McCall, Harris, and Calhoun families passed over from Scotland in the same ship to the northeast of Ireland, where they settled and remained two entire generations, when the three families migrated to Pennsylvania, where my grandfather James McCall, was married to Jenet Harris, the elder daughter of James Harris, and settled, as a farmer, on Canacoeheque creek, where my father James McCall, Agnes, Hugh and Rachel were born, the former on the 11th of August, 1741. The three families removed from Conachocheque to New river, or little Kenhoway, in the western part of Virginia, where they remained for a number of years, and where Thomas McCall, Wm. McCall, and Jane (afterward married to Robert Harris) were born. The three families were driven away by the Indians after several of the Calhouns were killed. James Harris, my great grandfather, remained on New river, and there died at the advanced age of 110 years. His children were Janet McCall Robertson, Isabell, Martha, and Wylly. James McCall, Robert Robertson and James Wylly, settled in Mecklenburg county. North Carolina, where my father, James McCall, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas McCall, second cousin of my grandfather James McCall. John William and Patrick Calhoun removed into South Carolina and gave name to Calhoun's settlement on Little river, a branch of Long Cane.

James Harris was born in ca 1680 in Scotland or Ireland. He married unknown and had daughters: Janet, Martha and Isabella. James came with the McCall family and the Calhoun family to Augusta, VA. When the McCall's and the Calhoun's moved into the Carolina's, James Harris remained in the Little New River Kenhoway area of VA. It is said that he died there at the age of 110.


Name: James (Herries) HARRIS
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1680 in SCOTLAND
Death: ABT 1790 in Little Kenhoway, Virginia Colony (nka USA)
Marriage 1 Jane MCKINLEY b: WFT Est 1669-1699 in SCOTLAND or IRELAND
Married: BET 1697 AND 1727 in ENGLAND, SCOTLAND or IRELAND
1..Mary HARRIS b: ABT 1712 in Ulster, County Antrim, IRELAND
2..Isabelle HARRIS b: ABT 1721 in Ulster, County Antrim, IRELAND
3..Martha HARRIS b: ABT 1722 in Ulster, County Antrim, IRELAND
4..Janet HARRIS b: ABT 1725 in Ulster, County Antrim, IRELAND