Person:James Gatliff (7)

m. 1721
  1. James Gatliff1722 - 1758
  2. Reese 'Rees' Gatliff1724 - 1783
  3. Elizabeth Gatliff1727 - 1772
  4. Mary Gatliff1731 - 1783
  5. Samuel Gatliff1742 - 1806
m. abt. 1745
  1. Squire Gatliff1747 - 1777
  2. Capt. Charles Gatliff1748 - 1838
  3. Hannah 'Betsy' Gatliff1749 - bef 1826
  4. Martha Mary Gatliff1752 - 1805
  5. Karenhapouch "Hafy" Gatliff1755 - 1796
  6. Leah Gatliffabt 1757 - 1830
  7. Virginia Reese Gatliffbef 1758 - aft 1799
  8. Nancy Gatliff1758 - 1799
  9. Abigail Gatliff1758 - 1822
Facts and Events
Name James Gatliff
Alt Name James Felix 'Blaine' Gatlive
Gender Male
Birth[1] 20 March 1722 Brinkworth Hall, Brinkworth, Wiltshire, England
Marriage abt. 1745 to Martha Mary Farris
Death[1] 20 March 1758 Roanoke, Augusta County, Virginia[killed by Indians]

James Gatliff (Gatlive) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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James Gatliff Killed by Indians in 1758

James Gatliff is included in the list from Chalkley's of Indian Attacks of 1755-1759 in Augusta County of settlers killed by "the enemy" (most likely Shawnee Indians being spurred on by the French) in Augusta County:

  • 1758: March 20th, James Gatlive, at Roanoke, killed.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 22 November 1753 - James Gatlive received "350 acres by deed from James Patton, 22d November, 1753, on a branch of Roanoke; corner Archibald Graham", (as listed in the disposition below):
  • Page 533.--__ ____, 1753. James Patton to James Gowthrie, Roanoke. Cor. Archibald Graham. Teste: Wm. Carravan and Neal McNeal. (Note: same record as described below?)

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 425.--22d August, 1754. James Gatlive to James Nealy, 350 acres by deed from James Patton, 22d November, 1753, on a branch of Roanoke; corner Archibald Graham.

Estate Records

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - A Register of the persons who have been either killed, wounded or taken prisoner by the enemy in Augusta County, as also of such as have made their escape. - 1758; March 20th, James Gatlive, at Roanoke, killed.
  • Page 192.--16th February, 1762. Robert Mountgomery's bond (with Saml McRoberts, Thos. Ramsey) as administrator of Jas. Gatlive.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 16, 1762. - (358) James Gatlive, decd., Robt. Montgomerie qualified administrator.
  • Page 214.--15th February, 1763. Martha M. Gatlive's bond (with Jno. Smith, Geo. Wilson) as administratrix of Jas. Gatlive.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 15, 1763. - (450) James Gatliff, decd.--administration heretofore granted to Robt. Montgomerie is revoked and granted to the widow, Martha.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 16, 1763. - (457) Samuel Vernold, appointed viewer. James Gatlive (Gatliff) 's appraisement.
  • Page 206.--14th June, 1763. James Gatlive's estate appraised (by Jno. McFerrin, Thos. McFerrin, Pat Shonkey).

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 354.--4th July, 1754. William Murray, of Rowan County, North Carolina, to John Pickens, Gent., 5 shillings, lot No. 12 in Staunton. Teste: John Nealy, Jese ( ) Harris, James Huey, Jane ( ) Huey, James Gattire.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 22, 1764. - (6) Martha Gatlive, returned no inhabitant.
  • Page 375.--24th November, 1764. John Cloyd's estate settlement and vendue bill recorded--1759, 24th November, 2 gallons brandy for ye vendue; 1760, 27th December, 5 shillings paid Francis Lewis (Lever?); 1761, paid for making a coat for James; 1761, 14th April, cash paid widow Gatlive; 1761, 6th April, cash to Joseph Robinson; 1763, 11th August, paid Robert Pepper, Jno. Armstrong for making 3 pair Suse; amount of necessary bought for children; 1759, 29th November, sold to Jas. Cloyd, Jr.--John Cloyd Settled by David Cloyd, administrator.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (D). - David Cloyd vs. James Montgomery.--Account as follows: 1764--Mr. James Montgomery, debtor, March 24--to cash of mine retaken from the Indians and delivered to you by Lieut. (Francis) Smith, £137, 18, 0. Credit, 1764--April 21. By cash received from John Neilly, Michael Cloyd, Andrew Neely and Francis Smith, £19, 0, 0; B. G. Samuel McFerrin, Philip Watkins, Benj. Hawkins, James Montgomery, Jr., Wm. Montgomery, Jr., John Crockett, John McRoberts, Wm. McMullin, Wm. Robinson, John Fowler, Samuel Robinson, Joshua McCormack, John Clark, John Artus, Saml. McNabb, Saml. Gatliff, Jeremiah Puckett and Lanty Armstrong, each £4, 18, 6. Balance due, £31, 18, 0. Sworn to by David Cloyd, 24th April, 1765. Case agreed by attorneys as follows: "We agree that a party of Indians made an eruption into the Colony, attacked the plaintiff's house, rifled it and bore off upwards of £200 in gold and silver, several household goods and negroes. We agree that a party of the Militia pursued the enemy and overtook them on John's Creek, a branch of James River, at the distance of 30 or 35 miles, and attacked and killed one of the number. We agree that upon searching the Indians's budget a quantity of gold, some dollars and pieces of small silver, were found, which, upon being weighed, amounted to the sum of £137, 18, 0. We agree that the money found in the budget of the Indians consisted of the same coin which the plaintiff was known to have in his house when plundered by the Indians. We agree that after the money was recoverd from the Indians a dispute arose among the Militia to whom of right the money belonged whether it should be delivered to the plaintiff, who was deemed to have been the owner of it before it fell into the hands of the Indians, or whether the Militia were entitled to it in having recovered it from them, upon which dispute that sum of money was lodged in the hands of the defendant, to be by him kept till that point should be settled. We agree that the plaintiff made an offer of 30 shillings to each of the men who has assisted in the pursuit of the enemy. We agree that a part of the Company of Militia made an offer to the plaintiff of delivering up his negroes and household goods if he would allow them the money. We agree that the defendant paid the sum of money out of his hands to the Militia, and that several of them returned their dividends to the plaintiff amounting to £106, 17, 2. We agree that the plaintiff paid to several of the captors who returned him their dividends the sum of 30/, the premium by him before offered for their service. We agree that if the law, &c. (Signed) Gabrill Jones, for plaintiff; Peter Hog, for defendant." Hung jury and case agreed. Submitted August, 1766. (Note: Samuel Gatliff appears to be a brother of James Gatliff)

Records in Monroe County, VA

From "A History of Monroe County, West Virginia", Oren F. Morton, pg. 345:

Gatliff, Martha (d. 1799) had Charles, Hannah (---- Neely), Leah (---- Torrey), Mary (--- Pyne), Happy (---- Wiley), Abigail (---- Tremble). Her legacies amounted to $306.
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