Person:James Ewing (29)

James Ewing, of Staunton
b.est. 1735-1739
d.bef. 18 October 1796 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HJames Ewing, of Stauntonest 1735-1739 - bef 1796
  • WMartha Wilson1741 - 1828
m. abt. 1 November 1761
  1. Jane Ewing1762 - 1794
  2. Martha Ewing1764 - 1855
  3. Sarah Ewing1766 - 1793
  4. John Ewing1768 - 1794
  5. William Ewing1771 - 1794
  6. James Ewing1775 - 1799
  7. Joseph Ewing1775 - 1835
  8. Nancy Ewing1780 - 1798
Facts and Events
Name James Ewing, of Staunton
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1735-1739
Marriage abt. 1 November 1761 Augusta County, Virginiato Martha Wilson
Death? bef. 18 October 1796 Augusta County, Virginia

James Ewing was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 414.--20th September, 1786. William Scott, of Lincoln County, to James Ewing. Delivered to Joseph Ewing, son of the grantee, 4th January, 1800.

Will of James Ewing

Page 244.--3d February, 1795. - James Ewing's will--To my beloved wife, Martha, 1/3 of all land as long as she lives and other household furnishings and slaves. To my son James Ewing all lands that William Scott conveyed to me on the East Side of the land I now live on between lands of Philip Singer and James Hathorn and 200 acres joining on the S. W. of James Hathorn and Matthew Wilsons land in Beverly Manor (land to be located with warrant of 500 acres) and 1/2 of the still and 1/5 of the horses. To my son Joseph Ewing the Plantation I purchased of William Dean and now lives upon with 1/2 of the still and other plenishings etc. 1/5 of horses. To daughter, Martha, one negro named Benjamin, 1/5 of horses and 1/3 of cattle and 1/3 household plenishings, etc. To my daughter Nancy, one negro named Frank, 1/5 of the horses and 1/3 of cattle and 1/3 household plenishings. I have a bond on Frances McCormick for £125 and land I purchased of John Williams on Gauley River to be sold and the money collected with that of McCormicks bond to pay last debts and remainder to be divided between wife, Martha and two daughters.
(Signed) James Ewing [Seal]
Witnesses: Robert Hanna, John McCutchen and William Wilson. Executors were to be wife, Martha Ewing, John Wilson and Matthew Wilson Jr. Matthew asked to be excused and James Ewing Jr. was made one of the Executors in his place. Mathew Wilson Jr. called James Ewing "Captain Ewing."
The will was probated on October 18th 1796.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 391.--23d April, 1770. William ( ) McNabb and Martha ( ) to son, James McNabb, £10, 150 acres on North Fork of Christian's Creek in Beverley Manor; corner Alexander McFeeters; corner Samuel McNab's part of the tract. Teste: Jas. Ewing, Alexander McFeeters, Samuel McNabb, John ( ) Campbell. Delivered: James McNab, June, 1780.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1773 (C). - James Gamble vs. James Ewing, Sr.--Petition. Writ, 28th May, 1772. Defendant is son-in-law to Colonel Wilson. (Note: record identifies his father-in-law as Col. John Wilson).
  • Page 236. - Mathew Wilson, administrator to the legatees of Col. John Wilson, deceased, estate Dr. - A statement of the whole; 1773, paid 18th April, to Patrick Crawford, legatee; 1773, paid, 14th December, to James Ewing, legatee; 1774, paid 20th April, to Wm. McKennan, legatee.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1784. - Philip Benezet vs. James Ewing.--Bond dated 10th February, 1761. I, James Ewing of Stanton Town, in Augusta County, in the Province of Virginia, Chapman.
  1.   Sproul, William III. Early Ewing Families of Augusta County, Virginia.