Person:James Elliott (37)

James Elliott
b.WFT Est 1735-1748
d.Bef. 2 July 1799 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Facts and Events
Name James Elliott
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1735-1748
Marriage 26 JAN 1769 to Martha Risk
Death? Bef. 2 July 1799 Rockbridge County, Virginia

James Elliott was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of James Elliott

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 2, p. 143.

James Elliott's Will
Beloved wife, Martha Elliott, 1/3 of all land, one room and fire place in my house as long as she continues a widow, if she marries,
I allow her an equal share with the rest of my daughters, 1 daple gray mare and saddle, her bed and furnitures.
Daughter Mary Elliott, 1 sorrel colt and saddle, 2 cows, her bed and furniture.
Daughter Jean Elliott, 1 horse beast and saddle, 2 cows, her bed and furniture.
Daughter Hannah, 1 horse and saddle, 2 cows, 1 bed and furniture.
Daughter Margaret Kenedy, 10 shillings.
Daughter Martha McClure, 10 shillings.
Son James Elliott, the whole of my land
Son John Elliott, son James is to make him a good English Scholar and pay him 80 pounds in good property and 50 pounds in money.
To son James, his horse and saddle and remainder of household furniture after my wife and daughters have got their share.
Son William, 1 horse and saddle.
Son John, 1 horse and saddle.
Wife Martha Elliott and son James Elliott executors.
(Signed) James Elliott
20 April 1799
Witness: John Gay
John Dunlap
W. Eastham
Moses Moore
Proved 2 July 1799

Information on James Elliott

     3. James2 Elliott, Sr. (William1) was born WFT Est. 1720-1749, and died 1799 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He married Martha Risk January 26, 1769, daughter of John Risk and Margaret ??. She was born WFT Est. 1729-1752 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died August 1834. 

Children of James Elliott and Martha Risk are: + 20 i. Mary3 Elliott, born April 01, 1771 in Augusta County, Virginia; died October 18, 1842 in Virginia.

 21 ii.   Margaret Elliott, born 1772 in Augusta County, Virginia; died Bet. 1799 - 1866. She married Joseph Kennedy October 03, 1793 in Rockbridge County, Virginia; born 1779; died Bet. 1799 - 1870. 
 22 iii.   Jean Elliott, born 1777 in Augusta County, Virginia; died Bet. 1791 - 1871. She married William Bailey Bet. 1791 - 1824; born Bet. 1760 - 1780; died Bet. 1794 - 1866. 
 23 iv.   Martha Elliott, born July 27, 1779 in Augusta County, Virginia; died Bet. 1801 - 1873. She married Alexander McClure October 29, 1795 in Rockbridge County, Virginia; born Bet. 1750 - 1779; died Bet. 1800 - 1866. 

+ 24 v. James Elliott, Jr., born November 17, 1780 in Augusta County, Virginia; died March 01, 1835 in Woodford County, Kentucky. + 25 vi. William Elliott, born 1783 in Augusta County, Virginia; died 1834.

 26 vii.   Hannah Elliott, born December 13, 1785 in Augusta County, Virginia; died 1860. She married Andrew Johnston Bet. 1799 - 1831; born Bet. 1768 - 1788; died Bet. 1802 - 1874. 
 27 viii.   John Elliott, born October 27, 1790 in Augusta County, Virginia; died Bet. 1791 - 1880. 

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Reference: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800. by Lyman Chalkley. Page 30, contains the record listed in “ ” below concerning James Elliott (who married Martha Risk, dau of John and Martha Risk) with a reference to his father as William Elliott whose age was 92 on July 12, 1792.

      Does anyone have any information on William Risk, who was born 12 July 1699, probably in Ireland and was possibly married to Margaret ???. Information as to his parents and other children besides James would be greatly appreciated.

“SEPTEMBER, 1796 (A to G). Fletcher vs. Kelso--Eleanor Fletcher, heiress of Rev. John Hindman, conveyed Hindman's land to Fletcher. Deed was executed long potesior to death of her husband, John Fletcher, when she was femme sole. She was sister of whole blood of John Hindman. Original deeds from Beverley to Hindman recorded in General Court, 17th April, 1745. Depositions by Margaret McCutchen, Jean Martin and Agness Harvey as to relationship between John Hindman and Eleanor Fletcher. Original deed Eleanor Fletcher to son, Job Fletcher, 1790, recorded Rockbridge. James Elliott says his father, William Elliott, is 93 years old, 12th July, 1792.”