Person:James Daugherty (15)

James Daugherty
b.ABT 1740
m. ABT 1764
  1. David DaughertyABT 1765 -
  2. Thomas DaughertyABT 1767 -
  3. Mary 'Polly' DaughertyABT 1770 -
  4. Juliet DaughertyABT 1772 - BEF 1799
  5. Daniel DaughertyABT 1778 -
  6. John DaughertyABT 1780 -
Facts and Events
Name James Daugherty
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1740
Alt Birth? 3 MAY 1740 Virginia
Marriage ABT 1764 Virginiato Hannah Unknown
Death? 14 MAY 1799 Wythe County, Virginia
Reference Number? 22056
Alt Death? 14 MAY 1799 Wythe Co Ky

James Daugherty was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1790. - James Dougherty vs. Commonwealth--Rockbridge. Selling liquor without license, 8th May, 1789.
  • Vol. 2 - 1790--July 28, John Dougherty and Agnes Davidson, daughter of John Davison (consent), Sarah Davison (consent); witnesses, Benj. Kilborn, James Dougherty; surety, John Davison.
  • Vol. 2 - Dunn vs. Pandall and West--O. S. 249; N. S. 87--In 1794, Levi Dunn (orator) bought 150 acres in Rockbridge from James Dougherty by deed recorded there, part of Borden's 92,100. James bought from Dominick McKann in 1778, who had a deed from Borden's executors in 1763. Andrew Fitzpatrick resided on the land in 1745, as shown by depositions of John McClung and William McCampbell, two of the oldest and most respectable of early inhabitants of Borden's grant. Andrew sold to Dominick McMourn. On 7th February, 1806, orator sold to Gabriel Pendal (Pandel). Deed, 8th September, 1780, by Dominick Moran and Elizabeth of Rockbridge, to James Dougherty, 150 acres. Recorded in Rockbridge, 3d April, 1781. (This name is endorsed McMourn. In the deed from Borden it is "Moren.")
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1795 (L to W). - Vanscone vs. Gladden--Deposition in Wythe County, 24th April, 1793, of Lucretia Vanscoyoe (Vanscoit) before James Campbell, says: In 1792 robbers came to the house of James Dougherty, in Rockbridge, whose housekeeper she was, and mistreated her.
  • Vol. 2 - Hannah Dougherty, widow and relict of James Dougherty, and James Whiteside and Polly, his wife, late Polly Dougherty, daughter of James, vs. David, Thomas, Daniel, John Dougherty; Rebecca, William and Danl. Doty, infants and orphans of Juliet Doty, late Juliet Dougherty, daughter of James, who married Ephraim Doty--O. S. 20; N. S. 7--From Wythe. Writ dated 8th May, 1802. All defendants live in Rockbridge, except Daniel, who lives in Wythe. James Dougherty died, 1799, intestate, in Wythe, possessed of several tracts, one being in Rockbridge, late in possession of Jeremiah Boys, who kept an ordinary thereon called the Blue Balls. James Dougherty, deceased, bought of his brother, Thomas Dougherty, of Wythe, a legacy in New York to the wife of Thomas. Daniel Dougherty had a school at Brownsburg, Rockbridge County.
  • Vol. 2 - Dougherty vs. Doty's heirs--O. S. 56; N. S. 19. Orators are David and Daniel Dougherty and James Whiteside and Polly, his wife. About 1800 James Dougherty, late of Wythe, departed life intestate, leaving estate in Rockbridge and in Wythe; leaving widow Hannah and children orators, David and Daniel and Polly; also Thomas and John Dougherty and several grandchildren, viz: Rebecca, William and Daniel Doty, children of Juliet. Doty, daughter of intestate, who died before intestate.
  • Vol. 2 - Rebeckah Wilson vs. Benj. Wilson and Eleanor, his wife--O. S. 123; N. S. 43--Bill 3d December, 1807--About 1789 James Wilson conveyed to oratrix land in Monongalia, the deed being destroyed when the records of Monongalia were destroyed. James afterwards conveyed to defendants who have brought ejectment against complainant, who is widow of William Wilson, deceased, who was brother of James Wilson. Eleanor is daughter of William by his first wife. William died in 1806 testate. Ann Skinner Wilson is sister and William Lanham is married to a sister of Rebeckah. James Wilson answers and denies having made a deed to Rebeckah, but did make deed to William. Will of William Wilson of Monongalia County, dated 2d January, 1807. Wife Rebeckah; sons Stephen, George, Josiah, Abraham; daughters Basha Williams, Jinny Wilson, Rebeckah, Harriot, Ruth Devine, Nancy, Elinor; brother Josiah Wilson. Recorded in Monongalia, February, 1807. Deed 15th May, 1807, by James Wilson of Monongalia to Elinor Wilson, wife of Benj. Wilson of same place. Recorded in District Court at Morgantown, 15th May, 1807. List of deeds recorded in Monongalia from January, 1788, to January, 1789, within district of James Dougherty, Commissioner, Thomas Davey and Mary, his wife, to Gordon Hall, 400 acres. Zackll. Morgan and Drusilla to Wm. McCleery, lot in town. Conrad Walters and Ann, his wife, to Geo. Stockton, lot in town. John Pierpont and Ann to Wm. Lanham, lot in town. Hugh McNeeley to James Dougherty, 5 acres in town. Zachll. Morgan and Drusilla to Saml. Hanway, 4 acres; Wm. McCleery and Isabella to Francis Brooke, lot in town. Thomas Pindell and Judith to Fauquire McCroy, lot in town. Zackll. Morgan and Drusilla to Rees Woolf, lot in town. James Wilson to William Wilson, 50 acres. John Peirpont and Ann to Thomas Boyd, 166 acres.
  • Vol. 2 - Pierce vs. Razor--O. S. 157; N. S. 55--Bill, December, 1807. Complainants are, viz: George, Moses, Aaron, Isaac Pierce; Seth Hendrick (?), and Mary, his wife; Ezra, Thomas, Hanna Pierce, last three being infants (by Hepsaba, their mother and next friend). Joshua Jones, Peter Razor and Benj. John owned iron works in Wythe County, and on 12th April, 1794, sold to father of orators and oratrixes. Joshua Jones left the commonwealth. He had sold to James Dougherty, who died, and same descended to his son Daniel. Peter Razor has died, leaving widow Anna, and children, viz: Edward Calehan (?) and his wife; John, Ann, Christy, Daniel and Christina Razor. Deed 21st September, 1798, by Benjamin John and Lydia, of Washington County, to Thomas Pierce of Wythe County, an iron ore bank on South Fork Holstein River. Proved in Washington County, 21st September, 1798.

Information on James Daugherty

5. James Daugherty (Charles Daugherty8, Michael Mor Daugherty I7, Liam O'Dougherty6, Liam O'Dougherty5, Sean O'Dochartaigh4, Conn O'Dochartaigh3, Aodh O'Dochartaigh2, Cornelius O'Dochartaigh1) was born abt 1740 in VA, and died 14 MAY 1799 in Wythe Co., VA. He married Hannah ____ Daugherty abt 1764? in VA. She was born abt 1760? in VA.

Children of James Daugherty and Hannah ____ Daugherty are: 29 i. David Daugherty was born abt 1765? in VA. 30 ii. Thomas Daugherty was born abt 1767? 31 iii. Mary "Polly" Daugherty was born abt 1770? She married James Whiteside. He was born abt 1770? 32 iv. Juliet Daugherty was born abt 1772? in VA, and died BEF 1799. She married Ephraim Doty. He was born abt 1770? 33 v. Daniel Daugherty was born abt 1778? 34 vi. John Daugherty was born abt 1780? in VA.