Person:James Curry (25)

m. Bef. 1717
  1. Dr. Robert Curry, Sr.1717 - 1804
  2. William Curry1719 - bef 1808
  3. Mary Currybef 1722 -
  4. Jane "Jennie" CurryAbt 1724 - BET 1806 AND 1807
  5. James Curry, Sr.1728 - 1824
  6. John CurryAbt 1730 - 1820
  7. Nathan CurryAbt 1732 -
  8. Rev. David CurryAbt 1734 -
  9. Isiah CurryAbt 1736 -
  10. Sarah CurryAbt 1740 -
  11. Joseph CurryAbt 1748 -
m. ABT 1749
  1. Robert Curryabt 1749 - aft 1792
  2. Daughter3 CurryBET 1750 AND 1761 -
  3. Daughter2 CurryBET 1750 AND 1761 -
  4. Daughter1 CurryBET 1750 AND 1761 -
  5. Col. James Curry1751/52 - 1834
  6. Polly CurryBET 1762 AND 1775 -
  7. John CurryBET 1762 AND 1775 -
  8. Susannah Curry1762 - 1827
  9. Rebecca CurryBET 1765 AND 1775 - 1824
Facts and Events
Name James Curry, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1728 Prob. Londonderry, Ulster County, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1749 Near Belfast, Irelandto Rebecca Warwick
Death? 1824 Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky

James Curry was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 130.--18th March, 1771. William Currey to James Currey, £20, 130 acres in Beverley Manor; corner McCorkel's land; corner James Moody, Andrew Cowan's line; corner William Curry. Teste: George McAfee. Wliliam Cowan. Delivered: James Curry, 1st June, 1773. (Note: William Curry appears to be the older brother of James).
  • Page 121.--17th April, 1787. John Black, son and heir to Samuel Black, deceased, to James Curry, tract on Carlile's Run of Bullpasture, patented to Samuel Black. Delivered Edward Erwin, per order, 19th March, 1798.

Disposition of Land in Augusta County:

This Indenture made the 10th day of June one Thousand seven hundred and ninety seven between James Curry and Rebekah his wife of the County of Bourbon Kentucky of the one part and George Weigle of the county of Augusta & State of Virginia of the other part Sheweth that whereas the said James Curry by his letter of attorney having date the 19th day of August 1794 did constitute and appoint his son James Curry of the County of Rockingham his heir and lawful attorney to bring Suits, Collect Debts, give discharges, make conveyances, &c. Now This Indenture Witnesseth that the said James Curry for and in consideration of the sum of Three hundred pounds Virginia money to them the said James Curry Senr and the said James Curry attorney in fact in hand paid the Receipt whereof the said James Curry Senr by his attorney aforesaid doth hereby acknowledge, hath granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain sell Alien and confirm unto the said George Weigle and his heirs the following Tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the County of Augusta aforesaid. Viz the first containing one hundred and seventy acres lies on Thorny Branch and is bounded as follows: Beginning at a white oak corner to Benjamin Copelands (now Waddels land) and running thence North twenty degrees West one hundred poles crossing the branch to two Hiccorys and a white oak North seventy degrees East forty four poles to a black oak North twenty degrees west sixty poles to two pines West sixty two poles to a pine South thirty five degrees West two hundred and forty poles to a black oak south thirty degrees East fifty four poles crossing the branch to two pines on Copeland’s line and with said line North seventy degrees East two hundred poles to the Beginning and was conveyed to the said James Curry by Edward E[?] and Mary his wife by their deed of Bargain & sale dated 18th March 1777 as will appear in the records of the County Court of Augusta reference thereto being had the second contains sixty nine acres lying on the north west side of the preceding tract joining Thomas Waddels land and bound as follows: Beginning at a double white oak and running thence North Eighty Degrees West fifty six poles to a pine Robert Law’s corner South Eighty eight degrees West fifty two poles to two pines near said Law’s corner South thirteen degrees East Eighty poles to a large white oak and two black saplins South sixty degrees West sixty four poles to a white oak South thirty three degrees West thirty two poles to two white oak saplins by a branch South 68 & ½ degrees West forty two poles to two white oaks across said branch South fifty seven degrees East seventy two poles to two pines Thomas Waddel’s corner and North thirty seven degrees east two hundred twenty six poles to the Beginning and was granted by patent to the said James Curry [?] Feb 1st 1781 The Third contains [unreadable] Acres joins the first mentioned Tract and [several more unreadable words] and Robert Law and is bounded as follows: Beginning a black oak his corner thence North sixty degrees East twenty poles to a white oak and Jane Bing’s corner North 16 [degrees] West thirty one poles to a white oak and a pine on a draft South 88 [degrees] East 33 poles to two white and a black oak sapling North 15 [degrees] West 15 poles to two white oaks and a pine sapling on Piercy’s line North 86 [degrees] West 62 poles to two black oak saplings on Law’s line thence with said Curry’s line South 24 [degrees] East 61 poles to the Beginning to have and to hold the aforesaid Tracts of land as above described together with the appurtenances to the sole use and [?] of him the said George Weigle and of his Heirs and assigns forever and the said James Curry and Rebekah his wife for themselves and their Heirs the said Tract of land unto the said George Weigle and his Heirs against the claim or demands of all persons whatsoever do and by these presents will forever warrant and defend. In Witness whereof the said James Curry Jr Attorney in fact of aforesaid hath hereunto subscribed the names of the said James Curry & wife and affixed their seals the day & year first above written
(signed) James Curry {seal}, Rebekah Curry {seal}
Signed sealed & acknowledged
In presence of: Saml Clarke, Jno [McClenarhan?] Jr, Jas [?]wight
At a Court held for Augusta County October the 17 1797 This Indentures of Bargain and sale between James Curry and Rebekah his wife by James Curry their attorney in fact of the one part, and George Weigle of the other part was proved by the oaths of Samuel Clarke John [McClenarhan?] & James [?]wight the Witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded.
[Source: Augusta County Virginia Deed Book 29, pgs 241-243]

Records of James Curry in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 211.--5th March, 1767. James ( ) McAffee and Jannet ( ) to Archibald Fisher, £55, 150 acres on Catawbo of James River, joining John Bryan's land, opposite mouth of Holeston's Branch. Teste: James Curry, William Fleming, Andrew Woods. Delivered: Archibald Fisher, March, 1773.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 15, 1768. - (472) Constables: Joseph Hicks, vice Saml. Pepper; Andrew Calvin, on Little River of New River; James Curry vice John Clark.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 16, 1783 - (170) James Curry is appointed to examine John Poage, Jr., as a surveyor and make report tomorrow.
  • Page 185.--16th March, 1784. James Brown, son of John Brown, deceased, to Hugh and John Brown. John died seised of 210 acres in Beverley Manor, and devised same to be sold, corner to graveyard of John Breckinridge, who was murdered by the Indians; corner tract purchased of William Null. Teste: James Curry.
  • Vol. 1 - JULY 20, 1784. - (257) Mr. Madison being absent, James Curry was admitted and sworn Deputy Clerk pro tem.
  • Page 429.--6th September, 1784. Thomas Waddle (Waddell), Sr.'s, will--To 3 oldest children, has already given their part; to sons, Thomas and John, 288 acres and a survey adjoining James Curry; to son, Joseph, the land he now cuts; to son, John; to son, Thomas; to wife; to daughter, Elizabeth; to daughters, Martha and Jane; to four daughters. Executors, Joseph, Thomas, and John. Teste: James Waddell, Sarah Persey. Proved, 19th October, 1784, by the witnesses. Joseph and Thomas qualify.
  • Page 450.--16th November, 1784. William Burk, son and heir of William Burk, to Andrew Scott. Teste: James Curry.
  • Page 381.--26th October, 1787. John Neal's estate appraised by Thos. Neal, James and Robert Curry.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond: 1792--February __, John Erwin and Rebecca Curry, daughter of James Curry (consent); witnesses, Polly Curry, John Curry; surety, John Curry.

Information on James Curry

James CURRY Sr. 1 2 Born: 1728, , Antrim, IRE Marriage: Rebecca WARWICK after 1736 Died: 1824, Paris, Bourbon, KY, USA at age 96

General Notes:

James, Sr. came from Warwick, Ireland in 1761 on the "Good Return" with 7 children. Four of them died at sea. After they settled in Virginia they had one more son and three daughters. (CL-300) Their children are thought to be James, Susanna, Rebecca, Polly, John, Samuel (b. 1748?) and Robert.

James married Rebecca WARWICK after 1736.

  1.   Higginson Book Company. The History of Brown County, Ohio: Containing a History of the County, Its Townships, Towns, Churches, Schools, Etc., General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of the Northwest Territory, History of Ohio, Map of Brown County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, Etc., Etc. (Brown County, Ohio: W. H. Beers & Co., 1883), Page 375.

    In 1801, Robert Curry settled on the James Curry Survey of 1,000 acres just south of Georgetown. Maj. James Curry was an officer in the Revolutionary war, and this survey was made on his warrant for military services but, not caring to tempt the wilds of the far West himself, he disposed of the tract to his nephew, Robert, who, in 1799, left his home in Rockingham County, Va., with his wife, Phoebe, and several small children, and with his young brother, John, for the seat of their purchase. They remained two years in Bourbon County, Ky., where John was accidentally killed, and, in 1801, arrived at their future home. Mr. Curry built his cabin in the southern portion of the survey, across the road but not far from the present residence of Mrs. Parker. Until this time, there had been no white occupant on this survey. He spent four years in clearing and improving the place, but had accomplished comparatively little when he was cut off by a sudden attack of fever, leaving his wife with a family of helpless children to struggle on in the wilderness as best she could. Mrs. Curry survived until July, 1822. They had six children – Abigail married William Florer and moved to Kentucky; Mary became the wife of William Moore, of this township; Lucinda married Elijah Evans, and died on the home farm in 1860; William moved to Clermont County; Rebecca married Andrew Moore, and Phoebe, Samuel Colvin both of Pleasant Township.

    Henry Ralston, a relative of Mrs. Curry, came about the time the Currys did, settling just east of them, where John T. Brady now lives. He was orginally from Rockingham County, Va., but, like most of the settlers, had lived awhile in Kentucky before coming here. He arived here so late in the spring that the neighbors, who had finished their spring work, “turned in” and helped him clear a piece for corn. He had a family of six children – John, Robert, Jesse, James, Mrs Abbie Derough and Mrs. Phoebe Jolly.
    His brother, James Ralston settled in the western part of the township, on the V. M. Loudon place.