Person:James Cowan (36)

James Cowan
  1. Robert Cowanest 1765 -
  2. John Cowan1768 - 1806
  3. Jane Cowan1768-1778 -
  4. Samuel Cowanabt 1769 - 1832
  5. Ann Cowanabt 1771 - abt 1823
  6. Sally Cowanabt 1775 -
  7. James Cowan1775 -
  8. Martha Cowanabt 1777 -
  9. Mary Cowanabt 1779 -
  10. Andrew M. Cowanabt 1781 - bef 1850
  11. William Cowan
  12. David Cowan
  • HJames Cowan1775 -
  • W.  Betsy Doherty (add)
m. 6 May 1796
Facts and Events
Name James Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? c1775
Marriage 6 May 1796 Jefferson, Tennessee, United Statesto Betsy Doherty (add)


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Five lineages on Ancestry identify the wife of James Cowan, son Andrew Cowan and Mary Walker, as "Bestey Doherty". This points to his father as being Person:Andrew Cowan (5) of Jefferson County TN. This is supported by a Jefferson TN Marriage record at Ancestry

Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002

Name: Betsy Doherty
Spouse: James Cowan
Marriage Date: 6 May 1796
Marriage County: Jefferson

Those lineages usually give James DOB as from 1770-1780, and commonly give his DOD as 1798 rather than 1841. This suggests that James Cowan=Betsey Doherty is a different couple than the one who died in Meigs County. None of these lineages suggest any children for this couple, consistent with a DOM of 1796, and his death in 1798.

Given the Jefferson County POM it seems likely that wife of James son of Andrew Cowan=Mary was indeed Betsey Doherty, and that this James died relatively young without descendants.

The James Cowan who died in Meigs County was married to Elizabeth Clingan. One of his children was William Wallace Cowan.