Person:James Coburn (4)

James Coburn
b.abt. 1688
d.bef. 15 February 1748
  • HJames Coburnabt 1688 - bef 1748
m. est. 1710
  1. Samuel Coburnabt 1712 -
  2. Judith CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  3. Isaac CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  4. Mary CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  5. Sarah CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  6. John CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  7. Jacob CoburnEst 1713-1725 -
  8. Jonathan Coburnabt 1720 - 1781
Facts and Events
Name James Coburn
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1688
Marriage est. 1710 to
Death? bef. 15 February 1748

James Coburn was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of James Coburn

  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 15, 1748. - (69) Jonathan, son of James Coburn
  • Page 99.--15th February, 1748. Jonathan Cobourn's bond as administrator of James Cobourn, with sureties John Dobikin and Michael Stump.
  • Page 165.--19th April, 1749. James Coburn's appraisement. Settled with Andrew Knoling, Peter Tustee, Henry Sheplar, Geo. Sea, Fredk. Sea, Thos. Dove. Due from James Kuykendall, Saml. Coburn. Due from Christian Ewigh, Joel Hornback. Due from Jacob Coburn, Wm. Leane, Isaac Coburn. Due from Henry Femster, John Ryon, Aaron Price. Due from Jno. Collins, Jno. Warwell, Richd. Field. Due from Henry Cartwright, Garrett Decker. Due from Danl. Richardson, John Kuykendall. 21 lbs. nails. By Abraham Vanderpoole, James Simpson, Michael Horn.

Records of James Coburn in Orange County, VA

  • Orange County, Virginia, 71, 24 June 1742 - On petition of several inhabitants of the South Branch for a road from Codys [Caudy's] on Cape Caporn [Cacapon] to Peter McHugh's and from thence to Coburn's mill. It is ordered that the subscribers of the said petition clear the said road under James Coburn, who is hereby appointed overseer of the said road and it is further ordered that he cause the said road by the tithables who were subscribers to the petition to clear the same and make bridges where required according to law.

Records of James Coburn in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1747. - (221) James Coburn. Michael Harness, James Simpson, Michael Shef, appraisers John Bogard's estate.
  • Vol. 1 - 1751-1752 - Petition for road from Widow Cobern's Mill, on the South Branch, to John Paton's Mill, on the South Fork, at least 30 miles nearer than the road we formerly traveled. A bridle road asked for: William Stephenson, Mathew Patton, Jeremiah Calkin, George West, Peter Reed, Jr., Samuel Patton, Benjamin Patton, Leonard Reed, John Reed, John Knowles, Alexander Crockett, John Patton, Luke Collins, Jacob Reed, Daniel Richardson.

Information on James Coburn

James Coburn, a son of William and Mary (Baker) Coebourn, was born about 1690 in Chester County, PA and died in Augusta County VA about 1748. His son Jonathan posted bond as the administrator of his father's estate in Augusta County February 15, 1748. James paid taxes on land in Prince George's County Md in 1733. On February 27, 1735, 300 acres on land on the Conegochege River in Franklin County PA was granted to James. This land was sold to Philip Davis October 16, 1736. He was living on the South Branch of the Potomac river in present day Hardy County, West Virginia when George Washington surveyed Wappacomo Manor for Lord Fairfax in 1748. His children are named in the will of his son John, dated November 26, 1764.


In 1736, John Van Meter's son, Isaac Van Meter, who has since moved to New Jersey, decided to explore western Virginia for himself. He traveled to present-day Moorefield in nearby Hardy County and staked a claim to 400 acres of land by using a tomahawk to mark slashes on trees outlining the claimed territory. He then returned to his New Jersey home. When he returned the following year, he found James Coburn living on his land. Coburn was a member of a group of families which had settled in the Hampshire County vicinity around 1735. He moved to the Moorefield area while Isaac Van Meter was away. The dispute over the land's ownership was settled peacefully as Isaac Van Meter paid Coburn for the land. Coburn then moved further south and west, settling in the vicinity of present-day Petersburg in Grant County.