Person:James Clendenin (5)

James Clendenin
d.12 JUN 1796 Garrard, Kentucky
m. abt. 1759
  1. John Clendenin1759 - 1836
  2. Mary ClendeninABT 1760 - ABT 1853
  3. Hannah Clendenin1761 -
  4. Mary Rebecca Clendenin1762 - 1836
  5. Elizabeth 'Betsy' ClendeninBET 1767 AND 1770 - AFT 1830
  6. William ClendeninABT 1773 - 1844
  7. Josiah ClendeninABT 1775 -
  8. Martha 'Patsy' ClendeninABT 1780 - BET 1840 AND 1850
Facts and Events
Name James Clendenin
Gender Male
Birth[1] 3 APR 1737 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Alt Marriage 7 AUG 1758 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Anderson
Marriage abt. 1759 Virginiato Margaret Anderson
Death[1] 12 JUN 1796 Garrard, Kentucky

James Clendenin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Clendenin in Augusta County, VA

From post and Chalkley's Chronicles:

  • 1759 14 July. Augusta Co., VA Recd of Wm Preston Three Pounds Five shillings in full for James Clendenen's Pay for March April & 4 Days in May 1759 & in full of all amounts before this Date I say Recd by me 14th July 1759. Charles (x) Clendinen. Test: Thomas Gillham [Chalkley shows that Thomas Gilham with wife Margaret lived on the Calfpasture] Draper Manuscript Collection, William Preston Papers, Series QQ, Vol. 6 p. 156 (xerox from microfilm)." (Note: one source claims that James Clendenin's father was a Charles Clendenin).
  • Page 311.--4th May, 1761. Margaret Anderson's will--Granddaughter, Margaret Anderson, alias Clendennin, and her daughter Hannah Anderson and her son John Clendennin. Executors, Jno. Francis and Jno. Poage. Teste: Jas. Bell, Isaac Carson, Mary Francis. Proved, 20th March, 1764, by Bell and Carson. Executors qualified, with James Bell, Michael Dickey. (Note: Margaret Anderson was James Clendenin's mother-in-law).
  • 1765 9 May, 3 June. Augusta Co., VA. Letters Col Andrew Lewis to Governor Francis Fauquier. [The Augusta Boys] ... the names of the two ringleaders is William Cunningham and John King; one of the party was wounded by an arrow, to wit James Clendening ... I mentioned the taking of James Clendening and Patrick Duffy, two of the murderers of the Cherokees. Clendening was resqued before he reached the prison. The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom, 1954, p. 422."
  • 1776 May 6, July 18. On 'May ye 6, 1776' Gilbert Christian wrote from the 'Pendleton District Long Island' to Colonel William Preston, commander of the Fincastle County militia to which Christian belonged ... The Gilbert Christians traveled about seven miles to the home of James Clendenin where eight or ten families had gathered... Lt. Christian was absent as he had gone back to his Long Island plantation. He found that it had been raided by Indians who had stolen his horses, killed his livestock, laid waste his corn fields and ransacked his home. Upon his return to Clendenins, he found that his family had fled north. He caught up with them the next day near Shelby's Fort and escorted them forty miles further north before he returned to Eaton's Fort. The Cherokee War and the Battle of Long Island Flats, 1776. p. 10"
  • 1776 Margaret Anderson... m James Clendennin... He served in the French and Indian wars as one of Capt. William Preston's Rangers (see History of Washington Co., VA) and received land for his service in Washington Co. The following letter was written by George Christian (son of Margaret Anderson, William Anderson's niece) to Lyman Draper: 'referring to the capture of James Roberts by Indians and the killing of that family, I well recollect that early in the day of this occurence the news of it came to us, that is to mother and four of us ... as before stated was at the time at some of the outside stations on the Clinch, but as many as I think three men (to wit) John Anderson, James Clendennin and ----- collected Clendennins and ours and some other women and children making in all near twenty persons and marched us all on foot to King's Fort, some four miles or upwards. A skittish time with the women you may be sure. When we got to this Fort they had brought in Roberts and a second son still alive, but died before night, his skull being cut with a tomahawk until his brains came out. Survived several hours devoid of consciousness.' ' Paper by Mrs. D. G. Hayes, Glascow, KY.' The Filson Club, 1940."
  • 1780 18 Jan. Washington Co., VA Benjamin Estill, George Martin, John Johnston and James Clendennen having produced sufficient proof to the court that they are entitled to 50 acres of land each under the King of Great Britain's proclamation Issued in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-three for Military Service performed as Soldiers in a Ranging Company commanded by Capt. William Preston for which they never received a Warrant. Washington County, Virginia Court Minutes Book 1, p. 84. Lewis Preston Summers, Annals of Southwest Virginia, Washington Co., Abingdon, VA 1929, Part 2, p. 1052"
  • 1783 25 March. Greenbrier Co. Spenser Cooper, assignee of James Clendenin, who was an assignee of Abraham Autton, enters 100 acres of land ... at a place known by the name of Mountain Lick, on the waters of Gauley near the Little (Levels?) ... Stinson, Land Entry Book, Greenbrier Co., W.VA, 1984, p. 94."
  • Page 114.--27th August, 1792. William Anderson's will--To wife, Elizabeth; to son, John, tract whereon James Black lives, 244 acres; to son, George, tract known as Burnt Cabbin whereon George now lives, adjoining John, Robert, and Jacob Baylor; to son, Robert, 149 acres whereon Ro. now lives; to son, Alexander, home plantation, 290 acres; to sons-in-law and their wives, viz: James Clendenning and wife Margaret, Wm. Skillings and wife Mary, James Grigsby and wife Rebecca, Samuel Anderson and wife Elizabeth; to daughter, Jean Anderson. Executors, son John and David McNare. Teste: Edward Breadin, Sr. and Jr.; George Breaden. Proved, June Court, 1794, by all the witnesses.
  • 1794 June. Augusta Co. Va. Will of William Anderson ... son-in-law James Clendenin and his wife Margaret. Augusta County Will Book 8, p. 114."

Information on James Clendenin

From post:

James Clendenin, son of Charles Clendenin and Mary Ann Patterson was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1736. James died 1810 (s/b 1796) in Garrard County, Kentucky. Barb indicates died at Rockcastle, Green County, Kentucky. He married Margaret Anderson in Greenbrier Co., Virginia, 1758. Margaret was born in Augusta County, Virginia April 10, 1743. She was the daughter of William Anderson and Margaret Reid. Margaret died 1800 in Garrard County, Kentucky. Margaret was baptized at the Old Stone (Presbyterian) Church by Rev. John Craig. (Theresa Hodge) Some info on children of James and Margaret provided by Allyn Campbell/ Greenbrier County formed 1778, children probably born in Augusta. James owned land in Washington Co, VA on March 21, 1780. Served in the French and Indian War in 1759 as one of Capt. William Preston's Rangers and received 3 pounds 5 shillings pay in full for March 1759 and for his services 50 acres of land in Washington Co., VA. He assigned to Spencer Cooper on April 19, 1783 1000 acres at a place known by the name of Mountain Lick, on waters of Auley near Little Sewells, which he had received from Abraham Auton. James and his family moved to Garrard Co., KY about 1790 and after 1800 moved to Green Co., KY.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name


Born:  1733  Place:  Of Augusta, VA 
Died:  12 Jun 1796  Place:  , Garrard, KY 
Buried:  Abt 1810  Place:  , Garrard, KY 
Married:  1758  Place:  , Augusta, VA 

Father:  Glendennon CLENDENNIN (AFN:RRBX-GN)    

Wife's Name


Born:  10 Apr 1743  Place:  , Augusta, VA 
Died:  Aft 1805  Place:  , Garrard, KY 
Buried:  Abt 1800  Place:  , Garrard, KY 
Married:  1758  Place:  , Augusta, VA 

Father:  William ANDERSON (AFN:RRC8-CH)    
Mother:  Hannah? (ANDERSON) (AFN:RRBX-DB)   


1. Sex Name

F  Mary Rebecca CLENDENIN (AFN:RRBP-09)    

Born:  1762   Place:  , Augusta, VA  
Died:  26 Apr 1836   Place:  , Green, KY  
Buried:  Apr 1836   Place:  , Green, KY  

2.  Sex  Name  

Born:  1759/1760   Place:  , Augusta, VA  
Died:  9 May 1813   Place:  , Randolph, IL  
Buried:  Abt 1836   Place:  , Randolph, IL  

3.  Sex  Name  

Born:  1773   Place:  , Wash Or Augusta, VA  
Died:    Place:  Missouri  

4.  Sex  Name  
F  Martha "Patsy" CLENDENNIN (AFN:RRC8-BB)    

Born:  1780   Place:  , Wash Or Augusta, VA  
Died:  1840/1850   Place:  , Knox, IN  
Buried:  1840/1850   Place:  , Knox, IN  

5.  Sex  Name  
F  Hannah Anderson CLENDENNIN (AFN:RRBN-Z5)    

Born:  Abt 1765   Place:  , Augusta, VA  

6.  Sex  Name  
F  Mary CLENDENIN (AFN:23BK-6XG)    

Born:  1761   Place:  , Greenbriar Co., (W) Va  
Died:  1853   Place:  Newton, Roane Co., (W) Va  
Buried:    Place:  Newton Cem., Newton, WV  

7.  Sex  Name  

Born:  C. 1750   Place:  Chester, , , Pennsylvania  
Died:  1853   Place:  Newton, Roane Co., Virginia  

8.  Sex  Name  
F  Hannah Anderson CLENDENIN (AFN:23C1-QF1)    

Born:  1759   Place:  Greenbriar Co., (W)V  

9.  Sex  Name  
F  Elizabeth CLENDENIN (AFN:23C1-QHF)    

Born:  1767   Place:  Greenbriar Co., (W)V  

10.  Sex  Name  
M  Josiah CLENDENIN (AFN:23C1-QJM)    

Born:  1775   Place:  Greenbriar Co., (W)V  

11.  Sex  Name  
M  John CLENDENNING (AFN:1H58-C1R)    

Born:  Abt 1767   Place:  , , Augusta Co, VA
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