Person:James Burnside (6)

James Burnside
b.ABT 1738 Prob. Ireland
m. abt. 1738
  1. James BurnsideAbt 1738 - 1812
  2. Rachel BurnsideAbt 1740 - 1783
  3. John BurnsideAbt 1741 - 1809
m. ABT 1760
  1. Isabella BurnsideAbt 1761 - 1802
  2. Esther Burnside1762 -
  3. John Burnside1763 - Abt 1816
  4. William Burnside1765 - 1806
  5. James Burnside, Jr.Abt 1766 - 1850
  6. Rachel Burnside1767 - 1827
  7. Sarah Burnside1771 -
  8. Mary Burnside1773 - Abt 1855
Facts and Events
Name James Burnside
Alt Name James Byrnside
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1738 Prob. Ireland
Marriage ABT 1760 Augusta County, Virginiato Isabella Patterson
Death? 1812 Union, Monroe County, Virginia

James Burnside was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 417.--7th October, 1765. Samuel Givens to James Burnsides, £40, 100 acres, part of 339 acres conveyed to Samuel by Richard Bodkin, on Bullpasture. Delivered: James Burnsides, August Court, 1768.
  • Page 108 - James Burnside, 75 acres, Bullpasture River. Adjoining William Martens. December 12, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 39].
  • Page 137.--17th May, 1768. Robert Scott to James Burnsides and Isabella, his wife, £42, 224 acres made over to said Robert by Wm. Shannin, 22d February, 1765, on Newfoundland Creek, corner tract of John Botkins, Carlile's land. Delivered: James Burnsides, October, 1769.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 528.--23d August, 1770. James Burnsides to William McCanlos, £42, 224 acres conveyed to James by Robert Scot on the Newfoundland Creek; corner John Botkin; corner land in possession of Carlile. Teste: Jno. Gabriel Jones, John Hays, John Botkin.
  • Records show a deed from James and Isabella Burnside on 6th September, 1786, to John Hicklin, likely their land on the Bullpasture (additional research necessary).

Processioning List of 1767/68

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 448.--1767-68: Processioned by Hugh Hicklin, part of Bullpasture and part of Cowpasture: For William Martin, for Thomas Hamilton, for Lofftus Pullins, for James Bodkins, for Robt. Hall, for James Burnsides, for John Hicklin, for James Clemens, for William Stewart, for Robt. Carlile.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 451.--1767-68: Processioned by Samuel Hamilton, in Cowpasture, from his house down the river to James Baird's: For Samuel Hamilton, Andw. Sutlington, John Dickenson, William Sprowel, John Donaly, Hugh Caffey, Joseph Watson, Andw. Muldrough, Wm. Dougherty, John Clendenning, William Maze, James Beard. Processioned by John Botkin: For Samuel Wilson, Abraham Haptonstall, Robert Duffield, James Burnsides, Robert Carlyle, Richard Botkin, John Carlyle, Samuel Black, Edward Hynds, John Botkin, David Bell.

Records of James Burnside in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 148.--13th December, 1748. Archibald Clendenning's (of Cowpasture) will--Wife, Esther; son, John; son, Archibald, Jr. To James Burnsides, the plantation in the new found land. To James Burnsides' sister, Rachel Burnsides, under 18. To wife's children, Margaret and John ("youngest daughter named here Margaret Clendenning"). Executors, Thos. and Wm. Galespy. Teste: Wm. Dogherty, Andrew Muldrow, Michael Reamey. Proved, 17th May, 1749, by all witnesses, and executors to be summoned.
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1755-- page 111, James Burnsides, Cow Pasture, (November).
  • Vol. 1 - Following paper in package marked 1755-56-57--it is apparently a fragment --on the back is written:
To Wm. Hugart, John Hamilton, Samuel Hamilton, Robert Gillaspy, George Douther, James Burnsides, Jos. Milehan, John Lewis, John (____), James Jackson, James Miller, David Howell. Robt. Gillaspey, Corporal Samuel McMary, Eldad Reade, Topher Carpenter, Henry Lawless, Robt. Gay, John Stevenson, John Weems, John Taylor, Wm. Kinkead, John Kinkead, James Clements, James McKnight, Wm. Mann, Thomas McMullin,
each 300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8100
  • Page 37.--19th May, 1761. John Smith's estate to Thos. Hicklin, administrator--Paid Bowd Estill for 66 lbs. flour to make cakes at the burial. Paid James Burnsides; various articles given to the brother of deceased.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 23, 1762. - (176) James Burnsides vs. James and John Jackson--John Jordan security.
  • Page 270.--23d June, 1763. Robt. Bratton's settlement of estate of James Dunlap, approved and recorded--Paid Hugh Wardlaw, Ro. Lusk, Lettice Breckinridge, Joseph Wahob (Wauchut), Jas. Simpson, Thos. Gillespy, Jos. Mays, Henry Cartmill, James Means, David Dryden, Jas. Burnsides, Thos. Vance, Archd. Clendenning, Lawrence Huntsman, Thos. Thompson, John Low. Received from Capt. Christian, being arrears due Capt. Dunlap. Received from Capt. Hog, due for pay. Received from George Jameson. Received from Capt. Hog, account of James Ramsey.
  • Page 399.--24th May, 1765. Jacob Martin's bond (with James Burnsides) as administrator of Jacob Martin.
  • Page 450.--21st May, 1766. William Martin's bond (with David Trimble, Jas. Burnsides) as administrator of Hugh Martin.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (A). Burnsides vs. Edwards.--Sir:--Please to pay unto James Burnsides fourteen shillings and three pence, cash, when my pay shall come into your hands, and this, my note, shall be your receipt for so much, from your humble servant. (Signed) Joseph (mark) Edwards. To Capt. Charles Lewis.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 17, 1767. - (343) Hemp certificates: Andrew Hamilton, Dawson Wade, James Burnsides, John Montgomery, Thos. Brown, Edwd. Erwin, Postle Hover, James Crow, John Henderson. (Note: Dawson Wade married James Burnside's sister Rachel).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1768 (A). - Dunn vs. Burnsides.--William Dennis, account against James Burnsides.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1768. - (315) Constable: James Burnside, vice Edward Hynds.
  • Page 40.--9th November, 1768. Samuel Givens and Martha to John Hicklin. £150, 239 acres on Clover Creek, now commonly called the Bull Pasture, a branch of Cowpasture, part of 339 acres patented to Richard Botkin, and by him conveyed to John, 17th May, 1762, corner land in posssesion of Loftus Pullin, part of said tract in possession of James Burnsides.
  • Page 451.--11th August, 1773. William McClenachan and Sarah, of Botetourt, to William Hutcheson, patent to William McClenachan on Jackson's River, 14th July. 1769, 12th May, 1770. Teste: John and Alexander McClenachan, Mathew Arbuckle, James Byrnside.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 21, 1774. - (526) James Burnsides--no inhabitant.
  • Page 481.--4th June, 1775. Robert Campbell's will, farmer--To wife, Sarah, executrix, 390 acres home plantation; Hugh Fulton, son-in-law, executor; to daughter, Mary Richey, daughter Martha Kennedy; to daughter, Sarah Fulton; to Rebecca Crawford, daughter of James Crawford and Isabella Crawford, daughter of testator; to Isabella Crawford, daughter to George and Isabella above; to James Crawford's second wife, 5 shillings to be paid each by Isabella and Rebecca when they come of age; to daughter, Mary Richey, Wm. Kennady, and Hugh Fulton. (Date at end is 4th July, 1775.) Teste: Pat. Buchanan, James Ewing, James Burnsides, Mathew Wilson. Proved, 18th March, 1777, by Buchanan and Wilson. Executors qualified.
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1783-- page 28, James Burnsides, Greenbrier.
  • Page 52.--23d January, 1787. Privy examination of Isabella Burnsides, wife of James Burnsides (deed, 6th September, 1786, to John Hicklin), before Alexander and Hugh Caperton, Justices of Greenbrier.
  • Vol. 2 - John Levecy and ____, his wife, only daughter and issue of James Campbell, vs. John Morris--O. S. 24; N. S. 8--Bill filed 7th October, 1800). In February, 1773, James Campbell, father of oratrix, went into the County now of Kenhawa County and made an improvement on the Kenhawa, sowing a large quantity of apple seed. The same year John Morris cleared a tract opposite James on a creek called Napper's Creek, which he sold to a person of the same name. The Indian War of 1774 prevented James from making any further improvements, and in 1775 John claimed James' improvement. James died intestate previous to 1779 and John got a patent from the Commissioners and has sold a part to William Droddy, who has sold to John Reynoids. Peter Shoemaker deposes, 18th January, 1804, in Adams County, Ohio. In February, 1773, he started from Muddy Creek in Greenbrier County for the Kenawha in company with James Campbell, James Pauley, and Walter Kelly, and went as far as Gauley River, where Walter Kelly turned back. The others went on to what is now the mouth of Campbell's Creek, where Campbell made a tomahawk improvement. John and William Morris were brothers. The Indians shot deponent at Powell's Valley. Deposition of John Jones, a settler, as to Walter Kelley, Knapper (Napper), Thomas Alsberry, William Feamster. Thomas Alsberry says he forted (fought?) with John Morris all during the Indian War. They were greatly harassed by the Indians. About Conrad Yoacum. George Lee (See?) deposes in Kenawha, that he came to the country in 1774. John Morris was then with him as a soldier under Mathew Arbuckle. Curtis Alderson testifies in Botetourt, 20th May, 1802. In 1713 John Alderson, Joseph Carroll, William Morris, John Herd and deponent set out from Shenandoah County for New River below the falls, in search of vacant land, and went down as far as James Burnsides's on Greenbrier, when they were joined by Archd. Taylor, Philip Cooper and Walter Kelly, and all together arrived at New River 6th April, and made improvements and set out to return home, and at Gauley they met James Campbell, Peter Shoemaker and James Polly; William Morris and deponent went back with them. James Campbell died in fall of 1777.
  • Vol. 2 - Thomas Kincade vs. Cunningham--O. S. 22; N. S. 8--Bill filed 30th April, 1802. Thomas, on 10th January, 1771, purchased of Jacob Persinger a tract in Greenbrier called the Spring Lick tract, which Persinger had brought of Christian Landers, who had made a settlement thereon. It was surveyed for the Greenbrier Company in 1751, 6th October. The bond was assigned to Walter Cunningham. Andrew Donnelly sued Thomas on the endorsement, charging fraud and obtaining judgment. Margaret Reid was aunt or near relative of Walter and lived in Augusta. Walter lives in Kentucky, Jessamine County. John and Robert Fulton in 1753 raised four acres of corn on the place now owned and lived on by Wm. Renick, and James Burnsides was living with them for the purpose of digging Ginsang. Boughman's fort was broken up by the Indians in 1754. Thomas Kincade had a son, William, who deposes. Col. Saml. Vance deposes, 10th February, 1803, that in 1765 he, with Jackson Early, was in Greenbrier hunting bears. Wm. McClenachan made an improvement there in 1763. Jacob Persinger was son of Jacob Persinger, Sr., deceased, 1803. Eve Johnston testifies she lived within a mile of Christian (Christopher) Lander in 1753-54 in Greenbrier.
  • Vol. 1 - No. 23 (or 22?). Kinkade vs. Cunningham.--Bill filed 1803. Thomas Kinkade was a very ignorant and illiterate man. Walter Cunningham bought the land from Andrew Donnelly and is now living in Kentucky. Margaret Reid, who married George Mathews, is aunt, or near relative of Walter Cunningham. John Beard deposes: That in 1762-3 he worked a crop with William McClenachan on a plantation on Spring Creek, called Spring Lick plantation. An improvement had been previously made by Christopher Landiss. Andrew Donnelly testifies: That in 1753 John and Robert Fulton planted four acres of corn on a plantation now (1802) owned by William Reenick, called Cave Place. The Fultons lived there with their families and deponent lived there with them for the purpose of digging quisang. Boughman's fort was broken up by Indians in 1754. William Kincaid was son of Thomas. James Burnsides was an early settler. Eve Johnston deposes: That she lived on Potts Creek in 1782, and several years before she lived within a mile of Christopher Landiss (Landers) in 1753-54. Christopher Persinger deposes: That he, with Landers, first improved the land.

Information on James Burnside

From "Annals of Bath County, Virginia", by Oren F. Morton, pg. 190:

James Burnside was a stepson to Archibald Clendennin, who willed him 300 acres in the "New Found Land." Burnside lived quite a while on the Bullpasture. He moved to Monroe, was burned out by Indians in 1763, and returned for about six more years. He died at Union in 1812. He was arbitrary and contentious, but an energetic trader and land operator. He had a sister Rachel. His descendants changed the spelling to Byrnside.

•ID: I03923 •Name: James BURNSIDE •Sex: M •Birth: ABT 1727 in Monroe Co., VA/WV (Note: Monroe County, Virginia had not been yet established) •Death: 1812 in Monroe Co., VA/WV •Burial: Greenhill Cemetery, Monroe Co., WV

Father: Robert BURNSIDE b: 1695 in Ireland Mother: Esther MAYES b: 1697 in Donegal Co., Ireland

Marriage 1 Susanna MEADOWS b: UNKNOWN •Marriage Beginning Status: Partners

Marriage 2 Isabella Elizabeth PATTERSON b: 1738 in Chester Co., PA •Married: 1758 in Augusta Co., VA


Chalkley's Augusta County transcriptions