Person:James Anderson (158)

James Anderson
b.Bef. 1758
  • HJames AndersonBef 1758 - Abt 1785
  • W.  Jane Allison (add)
m. Bef. 1778
  1. Jacob AndersonBef 1778 -
Facts and Events
Name James Anderson
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1758
Marriage Bef. 1778 to Jane Allison (add)
Death? Abt. 1785 Rockbridge County, Virginia

James Anderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of James Anderson

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 2, pp. 74-75.

James Anderson's Last Will and Testament (Transcription)

The name of God of men I James Anderson April the thirteenth one thousand seven hundred & eighty five being in a low & sick condition & aprehensive of Death but in my perfect Reason & understanding I commit my body to the dust & my soul to god who gave it, and as to my worldly estate I in first place I will & bequeath to my beloved wife one black mear and one the best of my cows her bed & bed close with all the household furniture also her house & her maintainance of the land she now lives on during her natural life and to my son Robert I will & bequeath the north end of my plantation begining at the river against James MCampbells and so up the holow to littell field & thence up the [do] great road to John Tedfords line & that to him & his forever and the rest of the land to my sons James & Jacob to be equal shares in the benefits of it til sold or bought by one or other of them as their right forever & to my sons John & Isaac I will to each of them five shillings & to my daughter Martha I will five shillings & to my daughter Jean I will the black two year old mear and here own cow with her maintainance while she live single & as for my Margit I alow that Robert James & Jacob raise her and take care of her till she be of age or mary and then to make her equal with her sister Jean and to pay all my Lafull Depts.
Signed and sealed as my last will and testament
James Anderson