Person:Jacob Roller (3)

Jacob Roller
m. ABT 1762
  1. Jacob RollerABT 1763 - 1872
  2. Casper Roller1770 -
  3. Catherine Roller1772 -
  4. John Roller1773 - 1858
  5. Barbara RollerABT 1775 -
  6. Mary Roller1775 -
  7. Anna Roller1779 -
  8. Rachel Roller1783 -
  9. Leah Roller1783 -
  10. Paul Roller1786 -
  11. Andrew Roller1786 -
  • HJacob RollerABT 1763 - 1872
  • WEve Zirkle1763 - 1858
m. 30 March 1791
  1. Anna Roller1797 - 1841
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Roller
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1763 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 30 March 1791 Rockingham County, Virginiato Eve Zirkle
Death? 24 DEC 1872 Scott County, Virginia

Jacob Roller was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Jacob Roller in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

Note: proves marriage of Jacob Roller to Eve Zirkle:

Vol. 2 - Zirkle's heirs vs. Zirkle--O. S. 358; N. S. 129--Bill, 1817, to set aside will of Lewis (Ludwick) Zirkle of Rockingham made 10th July, 1814. Complainants are children of Lewis, viz: George; Eve, wife of Jacob Roller; Elizabeth, wife of Philip (Airy) Easech; Susanna, wife of John Higgs; Rebecca, wife of George Rosenberger; Sarah, wife of Thos. Robinson; Rachel, wife of Wm. Pence; Lewis (Ludwick), left wife Mary Magdalen; daughter Catherine, who married Abram Peters; John, George, Madalene, wife of George Hoop; Lewis, Daniel Zirkle, and complainants. Thos. Moore, executor of Lewis Zirkle, answers February, 1817, he is 53 years old and has known Lewis ever since he can recollect. Lewis Zirkle died 22d January, 1815. 9th June, 1817, Abadiah Layton, aged 83, deposes, at William McMahan's house in Harrisonburg, lived near Lewis 20 years. 9th June, 1817, Andrew Bird, aged 62 years, ditto, knew Lewis over 40 years. 9th June, 1817, Dr. Jacob D. Williamson deposes, ditto. 9th June, 1817, David Bruchart, aged 62, deposes, ditto. 9th June, 1817, Henry Phillips, aged 32, deposes, ditto. Daniel Zirkle married his sister. 9th June, 1817, Rev. John Klick (Gluck), aged 62, deposes, ditto. 9th June, 1817, George M. Diniger (Denninger), aged 59, deposes, ditto, lived a neighbor to Lewis near New Market. 18th June, 1817, Jacob Weaver, aged 40, deposes, ditto, John Peters, aged 32, deposes, ditto, lived near Lewis from the time he can remember. In 1814 deponent was in camp near Baltimore; is a grandson of Lewis. 18th June, 1817, John Layton, aged 28, deposes, ditto. 18th June, 1817, Philip Peters, aged 26, deposes ditto. 18th June, 1817, Elijah Moore, aged 40 deposes, ditto; is a mason by trade and moved to New Market in 1800. 18th June, 1817, William West, aged 34, deposes, ditto; George Zircle lived in Tennessee, George married West's mother, who is now dead. 19th June, 1817, John Moore, aged 56 years, deposes ditto; has known Lewis since he has known anybody. 19th June, 1817, Francis Lybert, aged 50, deposes ditto. 19th June, 1817, Thomas Moore, Jr., aged 33, deposes ditto; was born near Lewis's place. 19th June, 1817, James Chapman, aged 43 deposes ditto. Lewis Zircle, Jr., married his niece. 19th June, 1817, Thomas Robertson deposes ditto. Ezekiel Harrison lives in Christian County, Tennessee.

Information on Jacob Roller

From tree:

•ID: I2085 •Name: Jacob Roller 1 2 3 •Sex: M •Name: Jacob Roller Sr. •Birth: ABT 1763 in Rockingham County, Virginia 4 1 2 3 •Death: 24 DEC 1872 in Scott Co., VA •Residence: 1850 Western District, Scott, Virginia 3 •Residence: 1860 Scott, Virginia 2 •Note: Information on Jacob Roller, Sr. from Mabel Harp, 401 S Powell, Wagoner, OK, 74467. Sources Include: Rockingham Co VA Mg Record John Roller Will 1850 Scott Co VA Old Primitive Baptist Church Record Lee Co VA Radar Baptist Church Record Lee Co VA Records of estate of Jacob in Scott Co VA Scott Co VA Death Record & Mg Record

Father: Johannes Roller b: 1726 in Germany Mother: Anna Unknown b: WFT Est 1730-1750

Marriage 1 Eve Zirkle b: NOV 1763 in New Market, Shenandoah Co. Virginia •Married: 30 MAR 1791 in Rockingham Co., VA 4 Children:

1. Mary Magdalene Roller b: 9 DEC 1791 in Shenandoah Co. Va
2. John Roller b: 7 OCT 1793 in Rockingham Co., Va
3. Eleanor Roller b: 3 AUG 1795 in New Market, VA
4. Anna Roller b: 12 FEB 1797 in Lee County, Virginia
5. Jacob Roller b: 1798 in Shenandoah County, Virginia
6. Sarah Roller b: 8 NOV 1803 in Lee Co., Va
7. Jasper Roller b: 1809 in Lee Co., Va
8. Mary Ruth Roller b: ABT 1810 in Lee Co., VA
9. Elias Roller b: 12 SEP 1812 in Scott Co., Virginia
10. Lucy Roller b: ABT 1815 in Scott Co., VA
11. George W. Roller b: 30 APR 1817 in Scott Co., Virginia