Person:Jacob Koger (2)

Jacob Koger, Sr.
m. 23 APR 1709
  1. Anna KogerABT 1709 -
  2. Jacob Koger, Sr.1710 - 1783
  3. Nicholas Koger1711/12 - BEF 1743
  4. Michael Koger1713 -
  • HJacob Koger, Sr.1710 - 1783
  • WLucinda CrumAbt 1710 - 1781
m. abt. 1737
  1. Michael Coger1740 -
  2. Henry Koger1742 -
  3. John Coger1744/45 - 1835
  4. Jacob Koger, Junior1746-1755 - 1797
  5. John Peter Coger1753 - 1841
  6. Nicholas Koger1755 - 1824
  7. Joseph Coger1759 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Koger, Sr.
Alt Name Jacob Coger
Alt Name Hans Jacob Coger
Gender Male
Birth? 24 JUL 1710 Auggen, Loerrach, Baden, Germany
Marriage abt. 1737 Pennsylvaniato Lucinda Crum
Death? 13 JUN 1783 Henry County, Virginia

Jacob Coger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 52.54. 25-26 June 1740. Jacob Cassel of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, to Jacob Coger of same. Lease and release; for £17 Pennsylvania money. 75 acres upon Sharando River and on the south ease side upon the Hawksbill River above Jacob Stouber's (s/b Stober)... on the river side... (signed) Jacob (J C) Cassel. Wit: John Newport, Gr. Lightfoot, Patt. Lenord. 26 June 1740. Acknowledged by Jacob Cassel. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 38].
  • Jacob Coger received a patent for 200 acres "upon Sherrando River on the east side of Hawks Bill run", prior to 21 Sept. 1743, as listed in the dispositions below:
  • Pages 432-36. 21-22 Sept. 1743. Richard Mauldin to Jacob Coger. Lease and release; £150. 800 acres on the east side of Sherrando River being part of a patent granted Richard Mauldin for 2,000 acres, 30 June last... at the river bank... mouth of a branch... (signed) Richd. Mauldin. Wit: Henry Field, Jno. Sherman, Thoms. Chew, James Porteus. 23 Sept. 1743. Acknowledged by Richard Mauldin. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 65].
  • Jacob Coger received a patent for 930 acres "on Shanando (River), Cor. Thomas McCready (conveyed from Jacob), the patent lines" on 24th April, 1753, as listed in the dispositions below:

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 428-32. 21-22 7br [Sept.] 1743. Jacob Coger of Orange County to John Megert of same. Lease and release; for £35 current money. 75 acres upon Sherrando River on the east side of Hawks Bill run, part of a patent granted to Jacob Coger for 200 acres... on the river side... (signed) Jacob Coger. 22 Sept. 1743. Acknowledged by Jacob Coger. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 65].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 479.--13th August, 1762. Jacob Coger, of Hallifax County, to Michael Coger, £100, 455 acres on Shanando, part of 930 acres patented to Jacob, 24th April, 1753. Cor. Thomas McCready (conveyed from Jacob), the patent lines. Teste: Felta Kop (Valentine Cope), Stephen Conrad. Delivered: M. Coger, 26th April, 1763. (Note: Michael Coger appears to be the son of Jacob).

Disposition of Land in Henry County, VA ==

  • On October 21, 1782 Jacob Koger gave his son, Henry, the farm where he lived, being a “Certain tract of land lying on both sides of Stone Creek, Henry County.” The farm contained 285 acres. This deed was witnessed by his son Peter Koger and Peter’s wife Mary. As Jacob’s wife, Lucinda, did not witness the deed it is assumed that she had died by this time. [Source: THE COGAR FAMILY, A Few Genealogical Notes Incorporating “ONE FAMILY’S EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY”, by Sarah Coger;]

Records of Jacob Coger in Augusta County, VA

  • Pages 228-30. [4 pages]. 22-23 Sept. 1742. Jacob Castle of Orange County to Eliza Downs of same. Lease and release; for £5 current money. 125 acres in that part of Orange County called Augusta, being the remainder of 200 acres on Sherrando River on the mouth of the Hawksbill River sold by Jacob Stover deced to Jacob Castle 25 June 1740 out of which Jacob Castle solf to Jacob Cogur 75 acres 25-26 June 1740. (signed) Jacob Castle. Wit: James Cathey, Jos. Kincade, Willm. Anderson. 23 Sept. 1742. Proved by James Cathey, Joseph Kinkad and William Anderson. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 77].
  • Pages 281-82. Bond of Jacob Koger, Adam Miller and Wm. Carpenter unto Robt. Slaughter, Gent., justice. for £200. 25 Aug. 1743. Jacob Koger is exor. of Nicholas Koger, dec. [Indexed in will book as Coger]. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 52].
  • Pages 292-93. Nicholas Koger. Inventory. 30 Sept. 1743. Total valuation £103.13.11. (signed) Richd. Mauldin, Wm. Burk, Mathew Flesher. Jacob Kogar, admr. 25 Nov. 1743. Returned into Court. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 55].
  • Pages 28-29. Bond of Margaret Evert as administratrix of Geo. Evert. Unto Thomas Chew, Gent., first justice. For £100 sterling. 22 9br [Nov.] 1744. Securities, Jacob Coger and Mathias Selser. (signed) Margarett Evert, Jacob Coger, Mathias Selser. 22 9br [Nov.] 1744 Acknowledged. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 5].
  • Pages 177-78. Nicholas Coger. Estate account. 1743-. Payments made to widow Eliza Coger (her part), Richard Maulden, Christian Eyster, Matthias Selser (for Melecar Ingle), Adam Miller, Jonathan Gibson, Henry Thomas, Isaac Roudabus, Michael Evert, John Swoak, John Tritulute, John Christouf Court, Christin Lefful, Tobias Fry, Christof Beser, George Martin, Jacob Weller, John Selser, Geo. Taylor (clerk's fees), and for travel twice to Pennsylvania. Signed by Jacob Coger. 24 May 1753. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 39].
  • Page 160.--18th May, 1749. Jacob Thomas' bond as administrator of Jacob Thomas, with sureties Jacob Coger (Kogar), Ludwick Franciscus.
  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT. 1750. - List of tithables liable to work on road from Sherrendo River to top of Blue Ridge at Swift Run Gap. Petition of Hance Magard (Magot). James Urry, William Burk, Stephen Hansburger, Samuel Thornbill, John Fought, John Furniss, Little Partrick, Charles Cross, George Wanol, Jacob Miller, Henry Lung, Adam Miller, Jacob Coger.
  • Page 326.--17th May, 1752. Edward Watts and Elizabeth, of Culpeper, to John Magret, 125 acres. Mouth of Hawksbill of Shanando; 200 acres sold by Jacob Stover to Jacob Castle; Castle sold 75 acres to Jacob Coger, 26th June, 1740, and 125 acres to Elizabeth Downs, present wife of Edward Whats. 33d September, 1742.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1752. - (247) James Urrey, Steven Hans Burger, John Fought, Wm. Burk, Saml. Thornhill, John Fornice, Little Patrick, Jacob Miller and son, Adam Miller and son, Charles Cross, Henry Lung, Jacob Coger, George Warrell-to be added to Hans Magart's road hands on road from Shanando River to top Blue Ridge.
  • Page 494.--20th March, 1764. Philip Long, eldest son and heir-at-law of Paul Long, deceased, who was eldest son and heir-at-law of Philip Long, deceased, of Frederick County, Virginia, to Jacob Campbell, £30, 150 acres purchased by Philip, the elder, of Richard Mauldin, and deed recorded in Orange; corner Jacob Coger. Delivered: Jacob Campbell, February, 1768.
  • Page 278.--17th August, 1771. Thomas Slaughter and Ann to Robert Slaughter, Jr., of Frederick County, 5 sihllinngs, on Shanandoe River, 465 acres which Jacob Cogar sold to Thomas McCredie, late of Fredericksburg, merchant, deceased. 24th May, 1763, recorded in General Court, pursuant to decree of the General Court upon a bill in equity, Wm. McCredie vs. Jacob Cogar, right descending to William, as brother and heir of Thomas McCredie. and purchased by Thomas Slaughter of Alexander Cunningham late merchant of Falmouth, Virginia, as attorney for William McCredie, 4th May, 1768. Teste: Michael Cogar, Daniel Lusk, William Kite. Deliered: Thomas Slaughter, November, 1771.
  • Page 500.--16th November, 1771. Henry Long and Barbara to Michael Coagar, £35, 100 acres on Shanando, between Philip Long and Jacob Coagor. Delivered: Michael Cogor, 26th April, 1785.

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Information on Jacob Coger

Jacob reported to have been a millman and owned land in Henry County, Virginia.

Existing records state that a Nicklaus Koger and a Jacob Koger arrived in Philadelphia on August 17, 1732, aboard the “Pink, John and William, out from Rotterdam, last from Dover.” However, tradition held among the Koger family genealogists of today states that Hans Jacob Koger came to Philadelphia on August 24, 1728 aboard the ship “Morton House”.

While still in Pennsylvania, about 1737, Jacob Koger married Lucinda Crum. They had a large family: Michael Koger, who was named for the little brother Jacob brought with him, became a Revolutionary War soldier. Michael was born in 1740 in Pennsylvania but lived and married in Augusta County, Virginia; Henry Koger, who was born in Pennsylvania on October 15, 1743, and who later lived in Henry County, Virginia; John Koger, who was born in January of 1745 and died in Patrick County, Virginia, on February 18, 1835; Jacob Koger, Jr., who was a Revolutionary War soldier and who died in Franklin County, Virginia, on May 21, 1797; Peter Koger, also a soldier of the Franklin County, Virginia, born in 1753 and later a resident of Rockingham County, Virginia; Nichalous Koger, the youngest son, who moved westward to what is now Wayne County, Kentucky, and died on November 26, 1824 in Campbell County, Tennessee; Mary Koger, the one daughter, that married a Dr. Stone of Henry County, Virginia, and of whom we have no further record. Family tradition says that there was another son named Joseph, who as is told below was killed by drowning in the spring of the Koger home in Henry County, Virginia.

[Source: THE COGAR FAMILY, A Few Genealogical Notes Incorporating “ONE FAMILY’S EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY”, by Sarah Coger;]

80. Hans Jacob Koger, born 24 July 1710 in Auggen, Baden; died Bef. 13 June 1783 in Henry County, Virginia. He was the son of 160. Josias Koger and 161. Anna Lowenberger. He married 81. Lucinda Crum.
81. Lucinda Crum, born 1710; died 01 January 1781.
Children of Hans Koger and Lucinda Crum are:
i. Mary Koger, married Stone.
ii. Michael Koger, born 1740 in Pennsylvania.
iii. Henry Koger, born 15 October 1743 in Pennsylvania; died Aft. 1830.
40 iv. John Koger, born January 1745; died 18 February 1835 in Patrick County, Virginia; married (1) Elizabeth; married (2) Mary Anderson 15 September 1807 in Patrick County, Virginia.
v. Peter Koger, born 1753.
vi. Nicholas Koger, born 1755; died 26 November 1824 in Campbell County, TN; married (1) Dorothy; married (2) Barbara Neville 15 August 1824.
vii. Jacob Koger, died 21 May 1797 in Franklin County, Virginia.


  1.   Henry County, Virginia, Deed Books 1 & 2: 17 February 1776 through 22 Juky 1784.Lela Adams, compiler.
  2.   A Dec 31, 1937 letter of a Miss Emma Coger to US government {probably War Department] requesting pension papers for either Peter or Jacob Coger or both. It appears both may have served in the Illinois Regtunder the command of a Captain Jeremiah Ragan then under Abraham Rowman at which point both men served with Geneal Geoge Rogers Clark in his campain against the Indians.