Person:Jacob Harmon (10)

Jacob Harmon, Jr.
d.after 1801
m. bef. 1731
  1. Jacob Harmon, Jr.bef 1731 - after 1801
  2. Margaret 'Peggy' HarmonAbt 1734 - Bet 1775 and 1781
  • HJacob Harmon, Jr.bef 1731 - after 1801
  • WSarah Lortonbet 1732-1733 -
m. June 1751
  1. Scout Israel Harmanabt 1753 - after 1805
  2. Jacob Harmon1755 - aft 1832
  3. John L. Harmon1756 - 1837
  4. William Harmonabt 1757 - abt 1794
  5. Louisa Harmanabt 1760 -
  6. Infant Harmanabt 1764 -
  7. Valentine Harmonabt 1769 -
  8. Mary Harmonabt 1771 -
  9. Rachel Harmonabt 1774 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Harmon, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] bef. 1731 Colebrookdale Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Marriage June 1751 Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Lorton
Residence[1] before 1783 Montgomery County, Virginia, USA
Residence[1] 1783 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States
Death[1] after 1801 probably Pulaski County, Kentucky

Jacob Harmon, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 70.--2d February, 1754. Same (From Col. James Patton) to Jacob Harmon, Jr., 625 acres on Tom's Creek as above, estate in the Barrens. Cor. Jacob Lorton, pine by the Beaver Dams.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 261.--23d February, 1768. Jacob Hannon (s/b Harmon) and Sarah ( ) to Joseph McDonald, £145, 455 acres, part of a tract conveyed to said Jacob by Col. James Patton, 2d February, 1754, on Toms Creek of New River; corner William Byers, a stake in the Barrens; corner Lorton's land, now James Bane's, pine by the Beaver Dams. Delivered: Jacob Scilor by your order, 29th March, 1773.

Records of Jacob Harmon, Jr. in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 58.--2d January, 1754. Same (From Col. James Patton) to Jacob Lorton, 560 acres on Tom's Creek as above, a pine by the Beverdams; cor. Jacob Harmon; cor. Price's land. Teste : Samuel Ross.
  • Page 51.--2d February, 1754. Same (From Col. James Patton) to John Adams, 210 acres on Tom's Creek as above. Cor. land of Michael Kinder; cor. Price's land, Lorton's line, Jacob Harmon's line.
  • Page 203.--17th February, 1758. Colonel James Patton's estate; appraised by Thomas Stewart, John Ramsey, Edward Hall. List of bonds, bills, &c., due the estate: Jacob Harman, Jr., and Adam Harman, 12th February, 1753.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1758. - (180) Charles Tarrell, orphan of John Tarrell, to be bound out. Catharine Goodman qualifies admx. of her decd. husband, Michael (Trise?). Jacob Harmon took the oaths and naturalized.
  • Page 235.--17th August, 1769. The estate of Col. James Patton, Dr.--To William Thompson, an executor, 1757, cash paid Col. Wm. Walker, cash paid Col. Green, cash paid Richard Vernon, James Coyle. 1762, February 10th, by to Banyans appraised. Cash of Doctor Walker on account of Jacob Harmon in full of the Horseshoe bottom. Cash of John Roerty, Andrew Haislip, Jacob Larton, Jacob Shull, James Hollis, Daniel Brown. By cash of Thos. Henry, rent of land in Louisa; Jno. Sprout, John and Christian Bigaman, Wm. Ledford, Jno. Ledford, Michl. Dougherday, Hugh Mares, Wm. Lepperd and Jacob Dye. James Hutton, Jno. Wiley for Jno. Ruckman, John Douglas for a tract of land in Louisa since Col. Patton's death. (Note: since both Jacob and his father received land from Col. James Patton, this could be referring to either Jacob or his father).

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Re: Sarah Lorton/Jacob Harmon Posted by: Richard Davis

    Jacob and Sarah Harmon went to Lincoln County, Kentucky in about 1783 from Montgomery County, Virginia. Here is there family;

    Jacob Harmon, b. c 1730, Colebrookdale Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. d. aft 1801, probably Pulaski County, Kentucky. md Jun 1751 Sarah Lorton at Augusta County, Virginia. She was probably born about 1732/1734 as her youngest child Rachel was probably born about 1774 (she was a minor at her marriage in 1794). Sarah was still alive in 1801.