Person:Jacob Gum (4)

Jacob Gum
d.bef. 27 October 1783 Rockingham County, Virginia
  • F.  John Gum (add)
  • M.  Frances (add)
m. bef. 1712
  1. Alice Gumabt 1712 - 1767
  2. Sarah Gumabt 1714 -
  3. Jacob Gumabt 1716 - bef 1783
  4. John Gumabt 1718 - 1802
m. abt. 1735
  1. Jacob Gum, Jr.1739 - 1798
  2. John Gumabt 1746 - bef 1811
  3. Claypool Gum1750 - 1792
  4. Norton Gumabt 1752 - 1796
  5. Comfort Gum1756 - 1858
  6. Shepard Gum1761 - 1845
  7. Jesse Gumabt 1763 - 1825
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Gum
Alt Name Jacob Gumm
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1716 Sussex County, Delaware
Marriage abt. 1735 Sussex County, Delawareto Sarah Claypoole
Death[1] bef. 27 October 1783 Rockingham County, Virginia

Jacob Gum was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 133.--21st March, 1754. Francis McBride and Mary McBride, his wife to Jacob Gum on Lost River of Cacaphore, 330 acres, all rights, Royal Mines excepted and a full third part of all lead, coffee, tinn, coals, iron mines; and iron ore that shall be found there on Fairfax's land.
  • Page 302.--15th May, 1761. Same (From James Claypool, Jr. and Margaret ( ), of Hampshire County) to Jacob Gum, £30, patented to William Rutledge, 20th August, 1745, and by him conveyed to Cornelius Ruddle and by him to said James, on a branch of Brock's Creek, 237 acres. Delivered: Jacob Gum, 6th August, 1764.
  • Page 306.--15th May, 1761. Same to same (From James Claypool, Jr. and Margaret ( ), of Hampshire County) to Jacob Gum, , £20, patented to said James, 10th September, 1755, on a branch of Linvel's Creek; William Mark's land; John Bryan's land; 48 acres. Delivered.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 354.--21st June, 1763. Jacob Gum and Sarah to Thomas Gordon, £20, 165 acres patented to Jacob. 16th August, 1756, on head spring of Linville's Creek. Teste: Ephraim Love, James Green, John Hopkins.
  • Page 657.--14th August, 1764. Jacob Gum and Sarah ( ) to Samuel Nicholas, 237 acres patented to William Rutledge, 20th August, 1745, and conveyed by Rutledge to Ruddle and by Ruddle to James Claypool, and by Claypool to Jacob, 14th May, 1761, on a branch of Brock's Creek.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 301.--3d September, 1744. Margaret Adams' will, of Orange County--To son Robert Patterson and his children; to Mary Patterson, daughter of son Robert Patterson; to daughter Jane Love; to granddaughter Margaret Dollinson; to granddaughter Ester Harrison; to daughter Elizabeth; to son-in-law Daniel Love; to son Samuel Adams. Executors, Robert Patterson and Samuel Adams. Teste: Saml. Hull, Jacob Green (Gum?), Thomas Lunday. We, the children of Margaret Adams, have reseved of the exter the full of all legsy I say revd. accordin to her desiare and will.-- Danl. Love, Jane (mark) Love, Ester Harrison. 15th September, 1744. These are to certify to all persons whom, &c., that I, Robert Patterson of North Carolina, Tryon County, son of William Patterson, deceased, do disclaim any right or title that is or may be alledged belonging to me of a certain tract of land lying and being in Augusta County upon a small branch on the south side of Linvell's Creek, which said land was taken up by Margaret Adams, the widow of John Adams, deceased.--Robert R. Patterson. 1st February, 1770. Teste: Francis Adams, J. P., North Carolina, Tryon County. Certifies that Francis Adams is a magistrate. Ezekiel Polk, C. C. Proved, 15th March, 1770, by Samuel Hull and Jacob Gum. Samuel Adams qualifies executor, with Joseph Dictum, John Madison, Jr.
  • Page 26.--14th December, 1750. William McBride's will, laborer--Wife. Sarah; son, Francis. Executors, son Francis and Joseph How. Grandchildren, Margaret and Sarah McBride, 1 plantation between Francis McBride and the Bigg Cow Run on Capecappen in Augusta County. Teste: William Warden, Mary McBride, Ann Dunharr. Proved, 21st March, 1754, by Mary and Ann. Joseph How refuses to execute and Francis McBride qualifies, with sureties Jacob Gum and James Thomas. Francis' mark.
  • Page 87.--19th March, 1755. Ann Ralstone's accounts as administratrix of Benj. Copeland--Paid Susan Shannon, Jacob Gum. John McDonnel for one testament; paid John Davis for molasis; paid Mr. Hall for schooling the children; paid Thomas Underwood, Hugh Douglass.
  • Vol. 1 - VARIOUS OLD PAPERS--1760--1770. - Petition for road from Adam Reader's Mines to Isaac Robertson's, from thence to Widow Wright's Mill; thence to Thomas Harrison's in the Great Road to the Court House, 2d January, 1761. Thomas Pickins, Isaac Robertson, James Wright, Tunes Van Pelt, John Chrisman, Lydia Wright, William Munsey, Robert Bellshe, Jacob Gum, Jacob Gum, Jr., John White, Leonard Herring, John Black, Thomas Harrison, William Dunlop, Robert Kearr, Alexander Painter, Jacob Miller, Scidmore Munsey, William Pickins, John Jackson, David Robertson, Henry Mase, James Thomas.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1765 (B). - PETITION. To the Worshipful Court of Augusta County:
We, your humble petitioners, pray that your worships would be pleased to grant a road to be cleared from Adam Reader's Mines to Isaac Robertson's, from thence to Widow Wright's Mill, from thence to Thomas Harrison's, on the great road to the Court House, which will be the covenants' road to travel either north or south, to mill or to market. May ye second day, year 1767. Your favor will oblige your humble petitioners. (Signed) Thos. Pickins, James Van Pelt, Lydia Wright, Jacob Gum, Leonard Herring, Wm. Dunlop, Wm. Blear, Francis Munsey, John Jackson, Adam Kinder, Isaac Robertson, John Chrisman, Wm. Munsey, Jacob Gum, Jr., John Black, Robert Kearr, Scidmore Munsey, Wm. Pickins, David Robertson, Mathias Kinder, James Wright, Timothy Warren, Robert Bellshe, John White, Thomas Harrison, Jacob Miller, Alexander Peanter, James Thomas, Henry Maze.
  • Page 524.--11th January, 1777. Jacob Mark's will--To wife, Margaret; to the three children, if any die before coming to age; to son, Jacob Mark; to daughter, Mary; to youngest son, David; if father should come to this country; to oldest brother. Executrix, wife Margaret. Teste: Charles Mair, Jacob Gum, Samuel King. Proved, 19th August, 1777, by Mair and King. Executrix qualifies.
  • Vol. 2 - Sites vs. Rader--O. S. 193; N. S. 68--Bill, 1811. Orator Christian Sites in 1803 bought from John Gum a tract in Rockingham. There is an interlock of 23-1/2 acres claimed by Michael Lincoln under Jost Hite and 53 acres formerly owned by Philip Rymel, who held under Hite. Gum claimed under a patent to Timothy Coe in 1756, who sold to John's father Jacob Gum. Timothy died and his interest was supposed to be vested in his son and heir-at-law Timothy Coe. John Gum had a brother Jacob. Timothy was not Timothy's eldest son and heir, but the eldest son and heir was John Coe, who long since removed out of Virginia. The patent to Timothy Coe was founded on a survey in 1794 for William Mark (?) for 190 acres. John Gum has moved to Kentucky, where he died intestate, and his administrator, Sheppard Gum, assigned the bonds to John Rader. Tuliver Whitehurst (Whitehouse) deposes in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. Comfort Whitehurst, sister of Gum, deposes as above. Jacob Whitehurst, nephew of Gum, deposes as above. John Vance deposes as above; formerly owned land in Rockingham; (Sites?) had a son-in-law Henry Mays. Oden Whitehouse deposes in Rockingham; nephew of Gum. George Sites, son of Christian, deposes in Rockingham, 1812. Peter Sites deposes he and Jacob Showalter were brothers-in-law. Peter and Christian were brothers. Deed dated 18th July, 1797, by Philip Ryemil and Catheren, his wife, of Rockingham to Christian Sites. Lot No. 8 of Hites' grant. Record in Rockingham, July, 1797. Copy of survey, 1749, for Wm. Marks, 190 acres on Linvell's Creek. Copy of the grant courses now in dispute. Agreement 18th March, 1803, between John Gum and Christian Seyth, 100 acres in Rockingham.

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