Person:Jacob Conrad (5)

Jacob Conrad, of the South Branch, Potomac River, VA
m. Bef. 1705
  1. Jacob Conrad, of the South Branch, Potomac River, VA1705 - 1775
  2. Hance Conrad, of South Branch, Potomac River, VA1718 - Bef 1758
  3. Ulrich Conrad, of the South Branch, Potomac River, VA1721 - 1802
  • HJacob Conrad, of the South Branch, Potomac River, VA1705 - 1775
  • WFrena Svena Lauk1719 - 1749
m. ABT 1740
  1. Barbara Conrad1742 - ABT 1802
  2. Jacob Conrad, Jr.BET 1744 - 1829
  3. Elizabeth Conrad1746 - AFT 1797
Facts and Events
Name[1] Jacob Conrad, of the South Branch, Potomac River, VA
Alt Name Jacob Conrath
Alt Name[1] Jacob Curet
Gender Male
Birth? AUG 1705 Canton Bern,Switzerland
Marriage ABT 1740 Canton Berne, Switzerlandto Frena Svena Lauk
Immigration? 11 AUG 1750 "Patience" -- Philadelphia
Emigration? 5 SEP 1750 From Switzerland
Residence? 1763 Virginia
Death? 7 DEC 1775 Augusta (later Pendleton) County, Virginia (West Virginia)
Burial? UNKNOWN Conrad Cemetery, Ruddles, WV
Property? 457 Acres on South Branch (Potomac) near Ruddle, Pendleton Co. WV

Jacob Conrad was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 24 May 1763 - James Green and Moses Green, of Culpeper, and Mary Wood, of Frederick, to Jacob Conrod, £90, 457 acres on South Branch Potomac, part of 660 acres patented to Robert Green, who devised the same to grantors, 203 acres being sold to Joseph Skidmore and Gabriel Coyle. Teste: Mathew Patton, Postel ( ) Hover and Henry ( ) Pickles. Delivered: Jacob Conrad, January, 1765.
  • Page 667.--21st August, 1764. Christopher ( ) Thompson and Mary ( ) to Jacob Conrod, £30, 95 acres on Cook's Creek; corner McDonald's line and one Fisher's survey. Teste: Archibald Huston, Daniel Love, James Thompson.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 2.--19th August, 1767. Jacob Conrod to Joseph Skidmore, £3, 14 acres on South Branch of Potomac (Patowmack), part of 457 acres whereon Jacob lives adjoining said Skidmore's mill tract.

Will of Jacob Conrad

  • Page 409.--__ _____, ____. Jacob Conrad's will--To son, Jacob, testator's dwelling place; to daughter, Barbara, the place she lives on (wife of Charles Hedrick); to daughter, Elizabeth, the place she lives on, bought of Christopher Thompson and James Skidmore, wife of George Fisher: to daughter Mary Conrad's two children, Margaret Barlet, John Clifton, land bought from Saml. Caplinger; to Jonas Friend, a debt to be paid; son to sign his three sisters their deeds by his Earship. Teste: Wolerey Conrad, John Skidmore, George Kile. Proved, 19th March, 1776 (translation by George Carpenter) by the witnesses. Jacob Conrad qualifies administrator.
  • Page 478.--__ _____, 1776. Jacob Conrad's estate appraised--Due by Adam Longh, Thos. Skidmore.
  • Vol. 2 - 19th March, 1776-- ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. - Jacob Conrad, c. t. a., administrator of Jacob Conrad.

Processioning List of 1767/8

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Page 446.--1767-68: Processioned by Joseph Skidmore, Geo. Dice, Henry Banener, viz: For Samuel Morrels, present Wm. Eaverman; for John Skidmore, present Valentine Cassel and Jacob Conrad; for Geo. Caplinger, present Jacob Harper and Jno. Caplinger; for Valentine Giles, deceased, present Geo. Giles; for Peter Flesher, for Henry Banener, for Woolrey Conrad, for George Dice. Processioned by Cornelius Ruddle, David Robeson: For Thomas Bryan, for John Linkhorn, for Robert Belshee, for Wm. Dunlap, for John Miller, for Wm. Pickens; for Mathias Leer, Jos. Leer present; for Tunish Vanpeter, for Abraham Miller, for George Speare, for Skid Muncy's land, for Cornelius Ruddle, for Thomas Moore, for David Robinson. Processioned by John Coutts and John Miller, viz: For John Miller, for John Fudge, for John Munge (Conrad Fudge present), for Geo. Hufman, for Geo. Gunrod, for Henry Dick, for Peter Brunemer, for Henry Lung, for Francis Kirtley, for Christopher Cisling, for Boston Nester, for Jerod Peterfish, for Stephen Hanceberry, for John Sellers, for Jacob Runkle, for Nicholas Null, for Charles Fie, for Daniel Link, for Daniel Price, for David McComis, for John Burk, for Mathias Cersh, for Jacob Hammer.

Records of Jacob Conrad in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 720.--Relinquishment of dower by Mary, wife of Christopher Thompson, to deed to Jacob Conrad (ninety-five acres on Cook's Creek) acknowledged bv Mary. 29th August, 1764. (Note: refers to acquisition on Cook's Creek, listed above).
  • Page 190.--2d August, 1773. Estate of Jacob Caplenger, of South Branch, appraised by Jacob Conrad, Jacob Friend, Wolrie Conrad.

Information on Jacob Conrad

From "A History of Randolph County, West Virginia from Its Earliest Exploration", by A.S. Bosworth, pg. 332:


Conrad. The Conrad family moved to Randolph from Pendleton prior to 1792, the exact date is not known. Peter Conrad, the progenitor of the Conrad family in Randolph, settled on the farm which had been owned by Darby Connolly before he was murdered by the Indians. Peter Conrad, the pioneer, was the son of Jacob Conrad and the grandson of Jacob Conrad, who came to America and settled in Pendleton in 1750. He was born in 1705 and died December 1, 1775. He had a brother, Ulrich, who came to Pendleton with him. They were from Canton Berne, Switzerland. The Conrad brothers located on the South Branch, Jacob selecting a tract of land on which there was a "squaw patch," or a small clearing made by the Indians.

Came to VA in 1765./Rockingham Co. VA 1763??

BIOGRAPHY Jacob Conrad Sr. came to America from Canton Bern Switzerland with his four children in 1750. On August 11, 1750, Jacob and his children board a ship called "Patience" Hugh Steel Captain, from Rotterdam, last of Cowes on Isle of Wright. After drifting down through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, they Finally came to Pendleton Co, just below Ruddle, which at the time was Augusta Co, Virginia in 1763. Jacob Sr, built a home of Limestone there and was a blacksmith by trade.

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