Person:Jacob Anderson (6)

Jacob Anderson
b.Est. 1717-1721
m. Est. 1710-1717
  1. John Andersonest 1713-1721 - bef 1747
  2. Mary AndersonEst 1715-1732 -
  3. Jacob AndersonEst 1717-1721 -
  4. James 'Ute' AndersonEst 1718-1722 - 1779
  5. Isaac Anderson1730 - 1811
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Anderson
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1717-1721

Jacob Anderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Jacob Anderson's land (Two Tracts; Borden Tract SW: 1) 350 acres patented to Jacob in 1750, then sold to his brother Isaac in 1756 (Isaac listed on Hildebrand Map as original patentee); 2) 232 acres, from John Buchanan in 1757 (originally part of Buchanan's 634-acre tract, but shown as Jacob Anderson's patent on the Hildebrand Map) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 771.--24th May, 1750. Same (From Benjamin Borden) to Jacob Anderson, 350 acres.
  • Page 478.--19th August, 1757. Same (From John Buchanan, gent., and Margaret) to Jacob Anderson, farmer, £40, 232 acres, part of 634 above (North Branch James, part of 634 acres, part of Borden's 92100). Cor. Wm. Young; cor. Ro. Allison. Delivered: Jacob Anderson, 27th July, 1772.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 332.--17th August, 1756. Jacob ( ) Anderson and Esther to Isaac Anderson, £9, 350 acres.

Processioning List of 1756, 1760 & 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Page 178.--1756: Processioned by Andrew hays and Jacob Anderson, viz: For Capt. Joseph Culton, for John Stuart, for Robert Stuart, for Alex. McCroskey, for Alex. Miller, for James Moor, for James Robson, for Wm. Reach, for Robert Roech, for James Ritherfoard, for Jno. Bounton, for Wm. Givin, for Robert Culton, for Wm. Porter, for John McCroskey, for Wm. Buchanan, for Charles Hays, for Alex. Walker, Jr., for Alex. Walker, Sr., for James Walker, for John Walker, for John Wallis, for Andrew Hays, for Jacob Anderson.
  • Page 287.--1760: Processioned by Reagh and Huston: For James Walker, for James Robison, for James Moore, for Charles Hays, for Andrew Hays, for Samuel Dunlap, for Wm. Porter, for Robert Ealson, for James Anderson, for Jacob Anderson, for Wm. Young, for Alex. Walker, for Alex. Walker, Sr., for Robert Hurt, for John Edmiston, for James Buchanan, for William and Robert Buchanan, for Samuel Hayes, for John Robertson, for Mathew Robertson, for Widow Bell, for James Coulter, for John Buntin, for Wm. Buchanan, for Andrew Buchanan, for Alex. Miller, for John Wallace, for Samuel Buchanan, for Wm. Reaoh, for Joseph Culton, for John Walker, for Wm. Porter, for Robert Catton (Cotton), for John Hurt (Hart).
  • Page 385.--15th February, 1765: Reported by Andw. Hall, Jas. Buchanan, viz: For John McCroskey, for Alex. Telford, for Rev. Jno. Brown, for William Patton, for Cap. Saml. McDowell, for James Greenlee, deceased; for Jno. Lyle, deceased; for David McCroskey, for Saml. Dunlap, for Jacob Anderson, for Andrew Hays, for Robt. Allison, for James Buchanan, for Andw. Buchanan, for Wm. Davies, for Wm. Berry, for James McKees, for Wm. Lusk, for Edward Tarr, for James McLang, for Henry McLang, for Isaac Anderson, for John Buntin, for William Young, for James Anderson, for James Thompson, for John Allison; for Alex. McCroskey, Jas. Duncan present; for Saml. Robinson, for Andw. Fitzpatrick.

Records of Jacob Anderson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 -LIST OF MUSTERS IN AUGUSTA COUNTY - Capt. John Buchanan's List: John Buchanan, Captain; Will Evins, Lieutenant; Josef Catton, Ensign; John Mitchell, Sergeant; Joseph Kanada, James Cooke, Charles Donocho, Solo Moffett, Jas. Sunderlin, Will Sayers, John Dyche, Rob. Catton, Charles Gamble, Sam Walker, Alex. Walker, John Walker, Joseph Walker, Cha. Hays, And. Martin, John Edmoston, Jas. Robinson, Ths. Duchart, Will Quinn, Thomas Williams, Jab Anderson, Joh Anderson, James Anderson, Isaac Anderson, And. Hays, John McCroserce, Will Buchanan, Rich. Courser, Sam Dunlap, Will Lonchrage, Rob. Dunlap, Jams Ecken, Will McCantes, John Moor, Will Moor, David Moor, Alex. Moor, And. Moor, Will Mitchel, Nathn. Evins, John Stephenson, James Eken, Jas. Greenlee, John Paul, Mat. Lyle, Joh. Gray, Ths. McSpedan, Joh. Mathews, Will Armstrong, Rob. Huddon, Will Hall, Sam. Gray, Isaac Taylor, Michael O'Docherty, Sam McClewer, Edw. Boyle, Will Humphrey, Nathn. McClewer, John Philip Weaver. (Note: it appears that Isaac Anderson and his sons John, Jacob and James are listed).
  • Page 143.--9th February, 1747-8. Isaac Anderson's will--To be buried where his son John is buried; wife, Martha, and her daughter Elizabeth; son, Isaac; son, James; son, Jacob; daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Mary. Executors, wife Martha and Hugh Martin. Teste: Hugh Martin, James Anderson. Presented 17th May, 1749, by widow Martha and proved by Hugh Martin and Jacob Anderson. Hugh Martin refuses to execute.
  • Page 513.--15th September, 1748. Andrew Baxter's will. Wife, Margaret. 100 acres during her life, then to Andrew Stevenson, adjoining Wm. McClung. Legatee, Nathaniel Evans; legatee, Andrew Evans; legatee, John Pal; legatee, Jacob Anderson. Teste: Wm. McClung, George Stinson, David Moore. Proved. 15th August, 1753. by all witnesses; administrator granted Andrew Stevenson, who qualifies, with sureties Geo. Stevenson. David Moore. (Note: Andrew Baxter was Jacob Anderson's grandfather).
  • Page 518.--20th June, 1751. John Patterson's vendue by Agnes Patterson. To George Henderson, John McCroskry, Robt. Stewart, Wm. Henry, James Anderson, Wm. Laughridge, John Moore, Jacob Anderson.
  • Page 160.-(undated, abt. 1755) - Robert Young and James Davis, on north east side of Buffelow Creek and up the North River to the Mountain. Abraham Brown and William Holdman, on north east side Buffelow Creek below Wagon Road, thence down the North River to mouth of South River, thence, crossing North River, and down the same to mouth of Buffelow. David Dryden and River William Hall, in Cap. Joseph Kennedy's Company. Andrew Hays and Jacob Anderson, in Captain Joseph Culton's Company.
  • Page 183.--16th March, 1757. James Mountgomery's appraisement, by Francis McKowan, John McKowan, Jacob Anderson, Jno. Buntin.
  • Page 372.--15th May, 1759. James Lee's appraisement, by Alexander Walker, Jacob Anderson, Isaac Anderson.
  • Page 425.--19th November, 1760. Jacob Anderson's bond (with Saml. Henderson, Robt. Talford) as administrator of Stophel White.
  • Page 116.--9th December, 1761. Francis McCown's estate appraised, by Jacob Anderson, Archd. Buchanan, Hugh Cunningham.
  • Page 154.--20th May, 1762. Settlement of Stophel White's estate by Jacob Anderson, recorded--Funeral charges, viz: 1 shirt, £1, 0, 0; muslin for a cale, £5, 0; 1 sheet, 5 yds., £17, 6; 7-3/4 gallons liquor, £1, 3, 3; 6 lbs. cheese, £3.9; bords and cofen and nails; £13, 6; 1-1/2 bu. flour (76 lbs.), £7, 3; 6 lbs. for shortening for said bisket, £0, 3, 5; vendue liquor, 2 gals., 1 pt., £6, 4-1/2 Paid James Arbuckle, David Galloway. Stophel White's vendue, sold to viz: David Drein, Jacob Anderson, Alex. Miller. Isaac Anderson, Marion Crawford, Alex. Telford, David Dryden, Baptist McNabb,David Telford.
  • Page 274.--15th April, 1763. Borden's executors to Dominick Morin (Morrin), £10, 150 acres, part of 92,100; corner Samuel Davison; Jacob Anderson's line; another of Davis' line; corner Andrew Fitzpatrick.
  • Page 266.--22d June, 1763. William Buchanan's appraisement (by Jas. McCampbell, Isaac and Jacob Anderson) approved and recorded--One mill, £28; sundry books; Robt. Allison's bond; judgment vs. Wm. Burk and Richd. Burtain.
  • Page 261.--8th October, 1765. Same (Charles Hays and Barbara) to John Hays, £20, 160 acres in Borden's tract; corner Andrew Hays' in John Miss Campbell's line; corner James Anderson. Delivered: Jacob Anderson, 27th July, 1772.
  • Page 316.--20th June, 1770. Mary Stevenson's bond, Andw. Hays' bond (with Saml. McDoweIl, Jacob Anderson) as administrators of John Stevenson.
  • Page 297.--20th August, 1771. Robert ( ) Allison and Ann ( ) to William Sprowl, £104, part of Borden's tract conveyed to Robert by Borden's executors in two deeds: A, containing 108 acres of which 25 acres have been

conveyed by Robert to Jacob Anderson; B, containing 240 acres; corner Jacob Anderson, North Fork of James River. Teste: John Thompson, Daniel Lile, John McKee, William Sprowl. Delivered: William Sprowl, August Court, 1774.