Person:Isaac Mays (1)

Isaac Mays
b.Bef. 1757
m. 2 June 1750
  1. Rebecca Mays1751-1764 -
  2. Esther Mays1751-1764 -
  3. Nancy Mays1751-1764 -
  4. James Mays1751-1764 -
  5. Joseph Mays1750/51 - 1840
  6. Isaac MaysBef 1757 -
m. abt. 6 September 1788
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Mays
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1757
Marriage abt. 6 September 1788 Augusta County, Virginiato Ruth Hicklin

Isaac Mays was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Isaac Mays in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - List of wolf scalps, beginning 1774: To James Loskey, Joseph Newton, William Porter, Levin Benson, William Rhea, Peter Hoover: 1777, December 16, to John Clemons, George Baxter; 1778, May 21, to Jacob Barrier, Thomas Cartmell, John McEwin, Thomas Mynes, Jonathan Hicklin, Anthony Huston; 1784, November, to John Snider, George Puffenberry, Isaac Mayze. Joseph Newton, Henry Every, Samuel Haws; 1785, March, to John Owfull; November, to Wm. Lansdale, Henry Casebolt, Henry Gragg, Moses Moore,
  • Page 336.---25th July, 1786. Joseph Mays, Sr.'s, will-To wife, Rebekah, son, James; daughter, Ester, deceased, and daughter, Rebekah, are provided for, to son, Joseph; son, Isaac (cabin where Michael Francisco formerly lived); daughter, Nancy; sister, Sarah; to Archibald. Executors, Col. John Dickinson, Richard Mays. 4th April, 1787, receipt by the legatees, viz: Rebecca Maze, Joseph Maze, Nancy Shad (Shields?), Isaac Maze. Teste: Jno. Dickinson, Richard Maise, Samuel Shrewsberry (bury). Proved, 21st June, 1791, by Ro. Hall, 26th August, 1812, commission to Woodford County, Ky., to take deposition of witness Samuel Shannon. Executed, 5th April, 1813. Fully proved and recorded 28th March, 1814.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1788--September 6, Isaac Maze and Joseph Maze, surety. Isaac Maze and Ruth Hicklin, daughter of Thomas Hicklin. Consent for daughter Ruth signed by Hugh Hicklin. Teste: Val. White.