Person:Isaac Edwards (7)

Isaac Alexander Edwards
m. 4 AUG 1730
  1. David Edwards1731 - 1788
  2. Jeremiah Edwards1738 -
  3. Joshua Edwards1740 -
  4. Elizabeth Edwards1742 -
  5. Hannah Edwards1745 -
  6. Isaac Alexander Edwards1747 - 1825
  7. Elen (Elinor) Edwards1749 - 1803
  8. Martha Edwards1753 -
  9. Mary Jane Edwards1759 - 1860
m. 27 Jan 1769
  1. Annuel Isaac Edwards1770 - 1846
  2. Henry Edwards1772 - 1847
  3. Mary Margaret Edwards1774 -
  4. Mary Edwards1776 -
  5. Eleanore Edwards1778 -
  6. William Edwards1781 - 1869
  7. Nancy Jane Edwards1783 -
  8. Joshua Edwards1786 -
  9. Catherine Edwards1788 -
  10. John Edwards1791 - 1873
  11. Hannah Edwards1793 - 1851
  12. Amy Ann Edwards1796 -
  13. Isaac Edwards1799 - 1889
  14. Polly Edwards1807 -
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Alexander Edwards
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 25 FEB 1747 Hopewell, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 27 Jan 1769 Rowan County, North Carolinato Catherine Unknown
Emigration? ABT 1785 from North Carolina to Montgomery County (now Carroll) Virginia (Little Reed Creek)
Death[3] 7 FEB 1825 Grayson County, Virginia
Burial? 9 FEB 1825 Hillsville Cemetary in Hillsville, Carroll County, Virgina


The following biography of Isaac Edwards is from: Carroll 1765-1815: The Settlements, By John Perry Alderman; Published by Alderman Books, 1985, p. 156-157 Isaac Edwards The old Quaker records (1 Hinshaw 497) prove that he was born on Dec. 25, 1747 (old style) to Hanuel and Eleanor Edwards, residents of Rowan County, North Carolina. Isaac’s birth, along with those of his brothers and sisters, is found in the minutes of the New Garden Meeting. He must have married in 1769, for he was dismissed by the Quaker meeting early in 1770 for marrying outside the faith (1 Hinshaw 538). He does not seem to have returned to the Quaker church, although his wife Catherine (who was not a Quaker when she married him) later joined that church, as did the two older children, Annuel and Henry. No record has been found to identify Catherine; some have concluded that she was a Boone and probably a relative of Daniel Boone. Isaac’s Bible does give Feb. 1, 1755 for her birthdate. It has also been surmised that Isaac was in the Revolution while in North Carolina, but this also appears to be undocumented. The suggestion is that he was at Guilford Courthouse, fought in March 1781. It is clear that Isaac came to Little Reed Island about 1781; his son William was born in North Carolina in January of that year, but Isaac was taxed in Montgomery County in 1782, paying on two horses, and two cattle. His name appears on two of Flower Swift’s muster rolls, but not among the Quakers in Swift’s company. In 1785 he appeared before the Montgomery Court (Summers, Annals, p. 795) because John Hewett was accused of stealing his sorrel horse. His wife Catherine and the boys did not move their church membership until 1792, which suggests that they were not too active in the Quaker church. His brother-in-law, Samuel Brown, also came to Little Reed, but did so several years after Isaac. Isaac took an inordinate amount of time locating his land and perfecting his title. He did not enter it until 1797 (Grayson, Entry A-83) and it was south and west of Hillsville, adjoining the Williams settlements on Little Reed. He deeded part of it to his son William in 1810 and the rest to his son Joshua in 1813 (Grayson, D.B. 3-7; D.B. 3-137). He bought 155 acres from William Williams in 1812 (Grayson, D.B. 3-108) and this became his last home: he willed it (describing it as the place where “I now live”) to his sons John and Isaac (Grayson, W.B. 1-305). Isaac took very little part in the county’s affairs. He died in 1825, according to his monument in the old North End Cemetery, and his will was probated in August of that year. His wife died ten years later, in 1835, and was buried beside him. She also left a will (Grayson, W.B. 1-451). As indicated, Isaac left his tract to Isaac and John. The widow was bequeathed a mare, two cows, four sheep, all the household furniture and a life interest in the land. A codicil to the will mentioned his granddaughter Polly Bedsaul. Catherine’s will made provision for Hannah Stearman (probably her daughter) and for a Lusinda Edwards, for services done “in living with me.” Her wearing apparel and “bed clothes” were to be divided among her sons John, William, Henry, Annuel, and Joshua; the son Isaac had already received what she perceived to be his part of her estate “before this will was wrote.” She also had a personal bequest for Nancy Worrell and Elizabeth Williams (probably the wives of Esau Worrell and Jonathon Williams). The old Edwards Bible is still in the family (the writer has not see it) and it lists the births of Isaac, Catherine and thirteen children: (1) Annuel Edwards, Born Dec. 15, 1770 (died in 1846), probably married Mary Cox. (2) Henry Edwards, born May 6, 1772 (died in 1847), married Letitia Richardson. (3) Margaret Edwards, born March 6, 1776. (5) Eleanor Edwards, born Aug. 16, 1778, married John Dalton. (6) William Edwards, born Jan. 28, 1781, died Oct. 5, 1869, married Elizabeth --- (7) Nancy Edwards, born June 5, 1783 (8) Joshua Edwards, born Jan. 1, 1786, married Nancy Hill in 1810. (9) Catherine Edwards, born Nov. 8, 1788. (10) John Edwards, born Feb. 19, 1791, died Nov. 17, 1783, married Mary Hague in 1816. (11) Hannah Edwards, born Feb. 17, 1793, probably married a Stearman. (12) Ann Edwards, born July 19, 1796. (13) Isaac Edwards, born Dec. 7, 1799, died May 16, 1889, married Mary Beamer in 1822. Most of the daughters must have married in Grayson, but only Margaret Edwards has a marriage bond in the clerks office; the others were likely lost.


EDWARDS: Isaac (disowned Quaker) He was born 24 Dec 1747 in Chester Co., PA, moved to Rowan (later Guilford) Co., NC as a boy and died 2 July 1825 in Grayson (now Carroll) Co., VA. His actual name may have been Alexander Isaac Edwards. His parents were Thomas "Hannuel" Edwards (b. 1706 in Orange Co., NJ - d. 17 Nov 1783 in New Garden, NC) and Eleanor Scaife (b. Bucks Co., PA). The Edwards family were Quakers. Isaac's grandparents were John Edwards and Mary Ingram. Isaac married Catherine Boone, possibly a first cousin of Daniel Boone, possibly the daughter of Joseph Boone and Catherine Brown of Exeter, Berks Co., PA. She was not Quaker but joined the Quakers after her marriage to Isaac (who had been disowned for marrying her in 1770). Children were born 1770-1799: Annuel Isaac, m. Mary Cox, d. Carroll Co., VA; Henry m. Letitia Richardson, d. Carroll Co., VA; Margaret m. Elisha Bedsaul in 1794; Mary b. 1776; Eleanor b. 1778 m. John Bass Dalton; William m. Elizabeth Bryson and d. 1869 in Carroll Co., VA; Nancy m. Esau Worrell in 1837; Joshua m. Nancy Hill; Catherine m. James McCue; John m. Mary Hague d. 1873 in Carroll Co., VA; Hannah m. a Stearman; Amy "Ann" m. William Osborne; and Isaac m. Mary Beamer and d. Caroll Co., VA in 1869. Isaac had been a representative to the Provincial Congress of North Carolina in New Bern in 1774. Family legends say that Isaac participated in the Battle of Guilford Court House on the American side. His family moved to Little Reed Island in Virginia in 1781. 1782 Montgomery tax list: Isaac Edwards 1 tithe, 0 slaves, 2 horse, 2 cattle. 1793 Wythe personal tax list: Isaac Edwards 1 tithe, 0 slaves, 1 horse Biography and Genealogy of the men in the Flower Swift Militia Company of Montgomery Co., Virginia 1780-1783 Compiled by James A. Quinn, Jan. 2003-March 2004


Alexander Isaac EDWARDS was born on 25 Dec 1747 in Hopewell, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. He signed a will on 25 Feb 1819 in Grayson Co., Virginia. Will book 1, p. 305, Grayson Co., VA: Will dated 25 Feb 1819, Rec. in court March 1825: First; pay debts and funeral charges. 2nd; to son John one half of the tract of land I now live on "...supposed to be one hundred and fifty five acres." 3rd; to son Isaac ".. the other half of such tract .. and one cow." 4th; to wife Katherine Edwards " mare, two cows and four head of sheep and all the household furniture to dispose of as she pleases." Plus the "..above mentioned tract of land during her widowhood or life." 5th; The "..remaining part of my estate I leave to be sold and the money equally divided between all my heirs.": Codacil: "I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Polly Bedsalt one cow and two head of sheep and one bed and furniture." Sons Joshua and John to be executors. Witnesses, Matt Dillara, Esau Worrell and William Ballara. He died on 2 Jul 1825 in Little Reed Creek, Grayson Co., Virginia. He was buried in North End Cemetery, Hillsville, Carroll Co., Virginia. Reprint from the Carroll News, May 1 1980: Carroll Co. Chronicles, Vol. XI, No. 3, p . 9, Winter 1993: By Mary Tolle, HC 74, Box 527, Indian Hills SBVD, Vanceburg, KY 41179. APPALACHIAN TRAIL CHAPTER DAR DONATES MARKER. The Appalachian Trail Chapter of the DAR dedicated a marker in honor of a Revolutionary War soldier during ceremonies held on tuesday, April 2, at the North End Cemetery in Hillsville: Isaac Edwards was born in 1747 and died in 1825. During the Revolutionary War (1781-1783), he served in a private Virginia regiment. The TRIBUTE is in a file, presented by a great great grandchild of Alexander Isaac Edwards: " ..Isaac's grandfather, Alexander Edwards, left England to join William Penn and his Quakers in America." Alexander with his wife Margaret and children Margaret and Martha arrived in 1684, a couple of years later than the ship Welcome, which brought William Penn's first group of Quakers. The Edwards family lived in PA for many years. In September 1718 Isaac's father Thomas Edwards, who had grown into manhood in PA, received a warrent for 500 acres of land in Chester Co. PA and at the formation of Lancaster Co. (1720) Thomas was one of the first justices named. By the date of Isaac's birth on 25 Feb 1747, Thomas and Elinor were living in Hopewell, VA, nine miles north of Winchester. Then in 1751, Quaker records show the movement of Thomas, Elinor and their children to New Garden in Rowan Co., NC. Many other Edwards families had preceeded theirs into New Garden. "The 1799 census for NC shows more than 25 men as head of family by the name of John Edwards alone." Thomas Edwards died in 1768 leaving Elinor to be cared for by Isaac. Isaac was 21 at the time of his fathers death, yet may have already been married to Catherine Boone "..a first cousin to Daniel Boone." In the 1780's Isaac and Catherine moved from NC to VA . They settled on Little Reed Creek near Hillsville where they raised 13 children. The New River Pioneer DAR in Grayson Co., established the fact that Isaac Edwards served in the Montgomery Co. militia from 1781-1783 and probably fought in the battle at Guilford Courthouse, NC since the militia was called into service for this battle. Edwards Family History by Mrs. L. M. Townsend, Slab Meadow Rd., Morris, Conn. 06763: Isaac married Catherine Boone about 1769 and was dismissed by the Quaker meeting for marrying outside the church. By 1781 the family had moved to Little Reed Island, Montgomery Co., VA, Isaac's name appeared on the tax rolls there. By 1797 he had taken title to 200 acres south and west of Hillsville and later bought another 155 acres, which was his home at the time of his death.

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    He was born 24 Dec 1747 in Chester Co., PA, moved to Rowan (later Guilford) Co., NC as a boy and died 2 July 1825 in Grayson (now Carroll) Co., VA. His actual name may have been Alexander Isaac Edwards.

  3. John Perry Alderman. Carroll 1765-1815: The Settlements. (Alderman Books, Second Printing, Copyrighted 1985), 156, 12/26/06, Secondary quality.