Person:Hugh Fulton (3)

Hugh Fulton
  1. Hugh Fulton1727 - 1810
  2. James Fulton1729 - 1781
  3. John Fultonabt 1730 - bef 1790
  4. Elizabeth Fulton1732 - 1807
  5. William FultonABT 1735 - 1802
  6. Eleanor Fulton1740 - 1824
  7. Jane Fulton1741-1752 - 1806
  8. David Fulton - 1797
  9. Thomas Fulton1741-1752 -
m. est. 1758
  1. Maj. Hugh Fulton1759 - 1816
  2. Robert Fulton, Sr.1760 - Abt 1835
  3. Sarah FultonEst 1762-1774 -
  4. Mary Fulton1764 - 1836
  5. Martha FultonEst 1765-1777 -
  6. Elizabeth Fulton1765-1782 -
  7. John Fulton1768 - 1845
  8. Eleanor FultonEst 1773-1784 -
  9. Thomas FultonEst 1774-1780 - 1803
Facts and Events
Name Hugh Fulton
Gender Male
Birth? 1727
Marriage est. 1758 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesto Sarah Campbell
Death? 10 May 1810 Greenville, Augusta, Virginia

Hugh Fulton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Hugh Fulton's land (Beverley Manor SW, 250 acres bequeathed to Hugh Fulton by will of his Father, James Fulton, proven 15 August 1753) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Records of Hugh Fulton in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 511.--18th July, 1753. James Fulton's will farmer--Son, Hugh, 250 acres joining Samuel Steel's line. One horse died in New England, and 1 horse died here. Son, James, to take care of the widow for her life. Son, William. James to take care of the 2 young boys, David and Thomas, and 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Elliner, and Jane. Son, John. To daughter, Elizabeth, a mare brought from New England. Son, David. Wife, Sarah, and son, Hugh, executors. Teste: Robert Ramsey, Thomas Beard, Robert Alexander. Proved, 15th August, 1753, by all witnesses, and executors qualify with sureties John Brownlee, Thos. Beard.
  • Page 315 - 15 Aug. 1753 (385) Sarah Ramsey, widow, to John Fulton, 309 acres in Beverly Manor, corner Robert Ramsey. Teste: Hugh Fulton, David Hays, Robert Ramsey, John Kerr.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754 (Part 1). - Inhabitants of head of South River petition that they have to keep theirroads only 1/2 mile apart for space of four miles and ask that the three be reduced to one. William Smith, Samuel Steel, Robert Alexander, Robert Steel, Nathaniel Steel, George Breckenridge, Chas. Campbell, Patrick Campbell, John Broundlee, Alexander Broundlee, Hugh Fulton, Patrick Campbell, Jr., John Fulton, John Ward, Samuel Doack, John Campbell, Seth Wilson.
  • Page 89.--18th March, 1755. James Fulton's appraisement taken by Hugh and Sarah Fulton, executors, appraised by Alex. Brownlee, Patrick Hays, Robert Alexander.
  • Page 305.--1st February, 1758. Martha Mitchell's will, widow--Son, James Mitchell. As her son David Mitchell, through the necessity of the times, hath been forced to leave his own habitation, he is to live with James until it pleases God to restore peace to the land. Executors, David and James Mitchell, her sons. Teste: Jno. Fulton, Hugh Fulton, Robert Alexander. Proved, 16th May, 1759, by the Fultons. The executors qualify, with John Hugh Fulton, John Fulton.
  • Page 40.--16th August. 1758. John Fulton, farmer, and Mary, to Wm. Fulton, £40, 200 acres in Borden's tract, Thomas Beard's line, on Moffet's Creek; Wm. Kennedy's corner. Teste: Hugh Fulton.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1765. - (334) Court of Claims and Grievances. Robert Bratton, claim for provisions for militia. James Kenaday, sergeant, for self and others, ranging. John Dunlop, provisions. John Dicksin, provisions. James Ewing, provisions. Hugh Fulton, provisions. Saml. McCutcheon, provisions.
  • Vol. 1 - 1755-6-7. - Inquest, 22d January, 1757, on John McCutchan, before Patrick Martin, acting coroner. Was accidentally killed by a tree falling on him. James Clark, Jr., William Clark, William Fulton, James Risk, Mathew Willson, Patrick Martin, Samuel McCutchan, James McCutchan, John Peny (?), John Risk, William Berry, James Trotter, Robert Campbell, George Berry, John Clark, James Clark (Sen.?), James McCleery, Hugh Fulton.
  • Page 481.--4th June, 1775. Robert Campbell's will, farmer--To wife, Sarah, executrix, 390 acres home plantation; Hugh Fulton, son-in-law, executor; to daughter, Mary Richey, daughter Martha Kennedy; to daughter, Sarah Fulton; to Rebecca Crawford, daughter of James Crawford and Isabella Crawford, daughter of testator; to Isabella Crawford, daughter to George and Isabella above; to James Crawford's second wife, 5 shillings to be paid each by Isabella and Rebecca when they come of age; to daughter, Mary Richey, Wm. Kennady, and Hugh Fulton. (Date at end is 4th July, 1775.) Teste: Pat. Buchanan, James Ewing, James Burnsides, Mathew Wilson. Proved, 18th March, 1777, by Buchanan and Wilson. Executors qualified.
  • Page 433.--16th November, 1784. Recorded. Robert Campbell's (cutler) appraisement by Samuel Steel, Hugh Fulton, Wm. Forgas, _____, John Boyd.
  • Page 201.--24th July, 1785. Cutlip Black's (Gotelieb Schwartz) will-- To wife, Margaret; to son, John, home place, under 24; to daughter, Shusy. Executors, John Tate and Nathaniel Steel, Sr. Teste: Hugh Fulton, John Bright. Produced in Court 16th February, 1790, by Jacob Clyne and proved by Jno. Bright and Philip Battrorff.
  • Page 300.--15th November (prob. 1785 or 1786). Patrick Hays, of Lincoln County, Virginia, to John Greenlee, of Rockbridge County, power attorney to sell tract on Halfway Creek. Teste: Michael Coulter, Hugh Fulton.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1792--January 11, Archibald Murray and Sarah Fulton, daughter of Hugh Fulton; surety, Robert Fulton.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1795--November 10, William Brownlee and Robert Fulton, surety. William Brownlee and Mary Fulton, daughter of Hugh Fulton (consent). Teste: Ro. and Jno. Fulton.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1796--November 16, James Delzell (Dalzel) and Robert Fulton, surety. James Dalzel and Martha Fulton, daughter of Hugh Fulton (consent). Teste: Archd. Murray.
  • Vol. 2 - Tate's heirs vs. Tate's executors--O. S. 144; N. S. 50--Bill, 28th July, 1803. Complainants are, viz: Thomas, John, Isaac, Mary Tate, Andrew Steel and Elizabeth, his wife, and Sarah Tate. In 17__ a contract was made between John Tate, father of Thomas, of one part and Thomas and his brother, James Tate (deceased), of other part, by which Thomas and James were to assist in building a mill. John, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah are children and legal representatives of James (or John?). John died testate, devising part of mill to his son John, part to orator Thomas, and remainder to orators John and Isaac. James Tate died 178_ testate. John Tate, Jr., lately died testate. Suit against executor of John Tate, Sr., and of John Tate, Jr., for accounting. Thomas Tate removed to Holston. Answer 1804 by Jane Tate, widow and executrix of John Tate, Jr., and by Samuel Finley, who married Polly Tate, daughter of said John. Jane married John about 1774. Samuel married Polly about 1796-1797. John Tate, Sr., died March, 1801. Deposition 23d July, 1804, of Hugh Fulton in Flemingsburg, Ky. Hugh did not marry the widow of James Tate. Charles Tate deposes in Washington County, 9th March, 1805: Is son of Thomas Tate and grandson of John. Nancy Tate deposes ditto, is daughter-in-law of John Tate. James Tate was killed at Battle of Guilford, 1781. Hugh Fulton, Sr., deposes in Augusta, aged 77 years. The contract about mill was made prior to 1774. Alexander Hall deposes ditto, was brother of James Tate's wife. William Tate deposes 27th June, 1804, in Washington County, brother of Thomas and James. William moved from Augusta in 1782-83. Alexander Stuart deposes 28th January, 1804, in Augusta, aged 70. James Tate died 1780. His wife, Sarah, married Hugh Fulton in 1785, and they moved to Kentucky about 1781. Peter Alexander deposes 25th October, 1805, in Woodford County, Kentucky. (Note: record establishes Hugh Fulton's birthdate in abt. 1727/8. The Hugh Fulton mentioned that married James Tate's widow was the son of this Hugh Fulton).
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1806 (A to B). - Peter R. Beverley vs. John Doake--Deposition of Thomas Mitchell. 14th October, 1805, aged 73, says: Samuel Doak lived on the land in dispute upwards of sixty years ago and John has lived on it ever since Sam's death. Deposition of Hugh Fulton, 14th October, 1805, aged 77, says: He was acquainted with Samuel, father of John. (Note: record again establishes Hugh Fulton's birthdate in abt. 1727/8)
  • Vol. 2 - Page ___--Hugh Fulton deposes, 15th March, 1806, Edmonston lived on the place 59 or 60 years ago; deponent has lived 10 miles from the land 66 years last fall. He was there in 1740, going to Hay's Mill; has lived on his present place since 1739; he is now in seventy-ninth year. James Mitchell deposes, ditto. Edmonston was in possession more than 60 years since. Deponent has lived near since 1738. Edmonston had previously lived on Walker's Creek. Deponent is in seventy-ninth year.
  • Vol. 2 - John Fulton vs. Moore--O. S. 250; N. S. 88--Bill, 1808. Orator's father, Hugh Fulton, was guardian or executor or otherwise responsible to heirs of Robert Campbell, and loaned the trust property to William Moore in 1800. Hugh assigned William's bond to his son, Thomas Fulton. William gave deed of trust (to secure Thomas) to David Steele, his relation or near connexion. In 1803, Thomas went on a tour to the Western Country and has never been heard of since.
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