Person:Hugh Fulton (1)

Maj. Hugh Fulton
m. est. 1758
  1. Maj. Hugh Fulton1759 - 1816
  2. Robert Fulton, Sr.1760 - Abt 1835
  3. Sarah FultonEst 1762-1774 -
  4. Mary Fulton1764 - 1836
  5. Martha FultonEst 1765-1777 -
  6. Elizabeth Fulton1765-1782 -
  7. John Fulton1768 - 1845
  8. Eleanor FultonEst 1773-1784 -
  9. Thomas FultonEst 1774-1780 - 1803
m. abt 4 May 1785
  1. Tabitha Fulton1786 - 1834
  2. Sophia Fulton1788 -
  3. John Stuart Fulton1790 - 1823
  4. Nancy Fulton1793 -
m. ABT 1798
  1. Sarah Hall Fulton1799 - 1868
  2. Mary Tate Fulton1801 - 1879
  3. James Rogers Fulton1803 - 1876
  4. Samuel Fulton1804-1808 -
  5. Andrew Wardrop Fulton1806 - 1823
  6. Martha Starke Fulton1809 -
Facts and Events
Name Maj. Hugh Fulton
Gender Male
Birth? 1759
Marriage abt 4 May 1785 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesto Sarah "Sally" Hall
Marriage ABT 1798 to Jane Rogers
Death? 1816

Maj. Hugh Fulton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Hugh Fulton in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1785--May 4, Hugh Fulton and Sarah Tate, widow of James Tate, deceased; surety, John Tate; witness, Anthony Mustoe.
  • Vol. 2 - Tate's heirs vs. Tate's executors--O. S. 144; N. S. 50--Bill, 28th July, 1803. Complainants are, viz: Thomas, John, Isaac, Mary Tate, Andrew Steel and Elizabeth, his wife, and Sarah Tate. In 17__ a contract was made between John Tate, father of Thomas, of one part and Thomas and his brother, James Tate (deceased), of other part, by which Thomas and James were to assist in building a mill. John, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah are children and legal representatives of James (or John?). John died testate, devising part of mill to his son John, part to orator Thomas, and remainder to orators John and Isaac. James Tate died 178_ testate. John Tate, Jr., lately died testate. Suit against executor of John Tate, Sr., and of John Tate, Jr., for accounting. Thomas Tate removed to Holston. Answer 1804 by Jane Tate, widow and executrix of John Tate, Jr., and by Samuel Finley, who married Polly Tate, daughter of said John. Jane married John about 1774. Samuel married Polly about 1796-1797. John Tate, Sr., died March, 1801. Deposition 23d July, 1804, of Hugh Fulton in Flemingsburg, Ky. Hugh did not marry the widow of James Tate. Charles Tate deposes in Washington County, 9th March, 1805: Is son of Thomas Tate and grandson of John. Nancy Tate deposes ditto, is daughter-in-law of John Tate. James Tate was killed at Battle of Guilford, 1781. Hugh Fulton, Sr., deposes in Augusta, aged 77 years. The contract about mill was made prior to 1774. Alexander Hall deposes ditto, was brother of James Tate's wife. William Tate deposes 27th June, 1804, in Washington County, brother of Thomas and James. William moved from Augusta in 1782-83. Alexander Stuart deposes 28th January, 1804, in Augusta, aged 70. James Tate died 1780. His wife, Sarah, married Hugh Fulton in 1785, and they moved to Kentucky about 1781. Peter Alexander deposes 25th October, 1805, in Woodford County, Kentucky. (Note: although this record apparently contains contradictory information, it is generally accepted that this Hugh Fulton did marry Sarah, the widow of James Tate that died in 1780. The Hugh Fulton (age 77) mentioned in the middle of this record was Hugh Fulton, Sr., father of this Hugh Fulton).

Information on Maj. Hugh Fulton

11. Major Hugh Fulton (1759-1816) (25) (Hugh2, James1). When Captain James Tate(26) was dying at Guilford, he made his friend Hugh Fulton promise to care for his wife and children. Hugh later married Capt. Tate's widow, Sarah Hall Tate, 4 May 1785. (27) Sarah Hall Tate was born 19 December 1751. After Hugh's marriage to Sarah, they moved to Kentucky. [In her account of Major Hugh Fulton in the DAR records, Caroline Dayton Engle mistakenly had this Hugh Fulton listed as the son of John Fulton. This is incorrect as are many of the older DAR records. John Fulton named his eldest son, James (b. 1755) in his will. Hugh Fulton was mentioned as the youngest son of John which would have placed him as born well after 1759. (The birthdate of Major Hugh Fulton). This Hugh Fulton lived in Mason and Nicholas County, Kentucky. Hugh Fulton and his brother Samuel Fulton, the surveyors, lived in Fleming County, Ky. Hugh Fulton of Flemingsberg, Kentucky deposed in Augusta County, Virginia that he did not marry Sarah Tate.]

Hugh Fulton was NOT a Major during the Revolutionary War. He received his commission as Major 22 January 1798 by Governor James Garrard of Kentucky.

The Tate children partially raised by Hugh Fulton: 54. i. John Tate married Elizabeth McClanahan

55. ii. Isaac Tate, married Jane Henderson, daughter of Daniel and Martha (Steele) Henderson. 56. iii. Mary (Polly) Tate married John Moore

57. iv. Elizabeth Tate married Andrew Steele 18 June 1795 in Augusta County, Virginia

58. v. Sally Tate married Thomas Caldwell

Hugh and Sally Fulton had four children of their own:

59. i. Tabitha Fulton, born 14 February 1786; died in St. Charles, Missouri in 1834

60. ii. Sophia Fulton, born 14 April 1788, wife of Andrew Carr Bailey

61. iii. John Stuart Fulton, born 31 May 1790; died 18 August 1823

62. iv. Nancy Fulton, born 05 April 1793, wife of Judge Hugh Wardlaw.

Sally died in 1794 and was buried in the Johnson's Fork Churchyard not far from Carlisle, Kentucky.

Hugh remarried to Jane Rogers and had six more children:

63. v. Sarah Hall Fulton, born 1799; died 1868; married David Rice Kemper 20 January 1823 64. vi. Mary Tate Fulton, born 1801; died 1879; married Alfred Graham Metcalf in 1819

65. vii. James Rogers Fulton born 1803; died unmarried 1876

66. viii.Samuel Fulton died in early infancy

67. ix. Andrew Wardrop Fulton born 1806 was accidently drowned in the Ohio River at age of seventeen.

68. x. Martha Starke Fulton born 1809 wife of Joseph Howe.

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