Person:Hugh Daugherty (2)

Hugh Daugherty, Jr.
b.bef. 1786
  1. John Daughertybef 1778 -
  2. Hugh Daugherty, Jr.bef 1786 -
  3. Daniel Daugherty
  4. Mary 'Polly' Daugherty
  • HHugh Daugherty, Jr.bef 1786 -
  • WJane Youngbef 1791 -
m. 15 September 1808
  1. Julia Daughertyaft 1808 -
Facts and Events
Name Hugh Daugherty, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1786
Marriage 15 September 1808 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Young

Hugh Daugherty, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 190.--1st February, 1806. Francis Hull's will--To sons, Henry and Daniel; to daughters, Elizabeth Fulwider, Molly Hanger, Barbara Cook; son, Frederick; daughter, Catherine Wiseman; son, John; daughter, Susanna; windmill to son John. Executors, Daniel Hull, James Harris. Teste: John and Hugh Daugherty (affirmed); David Byers (sworn). Proved, 28th March, 1808, by Jno. Daugherty, and 26th April, 1808, by others. Executors refuse. Administration granted Jno. Hull.
  • Page 65.--9th May, 1806. John Summers, Sr.'s, will (German)--To sons, Samuel and George; son, Andrew; daughter, Christiana Sinck; son, Philip Summers; daughter, Julianna Fawver (Fawner); daughter, Sarah Summers; son, John, deceased (his son and daughter); daughter, Elizabeth Grass's children. Executors, sons Andrew and Philip, and Philip Sink. Teste: Hugh Dougherty, George Franger, John Porter. Proved, 28th July, 1806. Andrew Summers and Philip Sink qualify.
  • Page 246.--26th February, 1817. Charles Sproul's will--To brother, John; sister, Jean Weir; sister, Mary Sproul; to brother, Joseph; brother, Oliver; sister, Martha Hutcheson; to sister, Fanny Thomson; sister Sidney Beard's children, viz: Polly, William, Susannah, Jeanatte, and John; to half-brother, James Sproul; to children of half-brother, Alexander Sproul; to half-sister, Margaret McCutchen; to Alexander Beard; to Wm. Beard; to Thomas Beard; to half-brother, William Sproul. Executors, brother John Sproul, Thos. Thomson. Teste: Joseph Beard, Hugh Dougherty, Ro. Hutchison. Proved, 28th April, 1817. Executors qualify.