Person:Hugh Brawford (1)

Hugh Brawford
b.5 JAN 1753 Virginia
d.JUN 1817
m. NOV 1743
  1. Robert Brawford1743/44 - 1781
  2. Elizabeth Brawford1746 -
  3. Rachel Brawford1748/49 -
  4. James Brawford1751 -
  5. Hugh Brawford1753 - 1817
  6. Samuel Brawford1755 - 1820
  7. Mary Brawford1756 -
  8. John Brawford1761 - 1834
  9. Ann Brawford1763 -
m. 1783
Facts and Events
Name Hugh Brawford
Alt Name Hugh Braford
Gender Male
Birth? 5 JAN 1753 Virginia
Marriage 1783 Virginiato Mary Starke
Death? JUN 1817

Hugh Brawford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1793 (A to L). - Samuel Hunter vs. Hugh Torbett and Alexander Mitchell.--Chancery. Spa. 25th July, 1777. Deposition of William Bryan, of Fauquier, taken Friday, 22d August, 1777, aged thirty years. He is son-in-law of David Kaile (Haile?). David Kaile deposes at same time he is sixty years and upwards. James Cunningham deposes, 16th August, 1783, that in May, 1777, Hugh Torbett was selling his land with intention of going to Holston. After Nathaniel Torbett came from Northward. Alexander Mitchell's answer says: In 1771 he and other defendant bought a tract of land from Col. William Campbell, 614 acres, "After the defendants came to Virginia" (1773). Hugh Brawford and Rachel Brawford were son and daughter of Samuel Brawford. Rachel was married to William Wallace before 21st November, 1780, and on that date is about to leave these parts. Susannah Hunter was wife of Samuel.
  • Vol. 2 - John Kenney of Botetourt vs. Brawford--O. S. 179; N. S. 63--Bill 1808. Samuel Brawford of Rockbridge, being indebted to orator (combining with his son, James Brawford; son-in-law, Samuel Harper), made sundry deeds charged to be fraudulent. James came of age 5th June, 1805. He was a boatman on James River and afterwards a boat builder. He is a tanner by trade. Deed 25th March, 1806, by Samuel Brawford of Rockbridge to James Brawford, conveys 220 acres in Rockbridge. Recorded in Rockbridge, 1st April, 1806. Deed 1st November, 1806, by Samuel Brawford to Samuel Harper, conveys 88 acres in Rockbridge. Recorded in Rockbridge, 1st December, 1806. Hugh Braford, brother of Samuel, deposes.


Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19

Husband's Name

Hugh BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-V0J)  Pedigree  

Born:  5 Jan 1753  Place:  , , Virginia   
Died:  Jun 1817  Place:     
Married:  1783  Place:  , , Virginia   

Father:  Samuel BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-TDT)  Family  
Mother:  Anne SPOTSWOOD (AFN:1CNJ-TF2)   

Wife's Name

Mary STARKE (AFN:GX77-TD)  Pedigree  

Born:  5 May 1751  Place:  Of, Hanover, Va   
Died:  Int 1752 (  Place:  Deceased   
Married:  1783  Place:  , , Virginia   

Father:  John STARK (AFN:G9HN-B4)  Family  
Mother:  Anne WYATT (AFN:G9HJ-N9)   


1.  Sex  Name    
 M Bowling BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-V4C)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt. 1801   Place:  , , Virginia   

2.  Sex  Name    
 F Mary T. BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-XC5)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt. 1803   Place:  , , Virginia   

3.  Sex  Name    
 F Belinda BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-X13)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1799   Place:  , , Virginia   
   Died:  1889   Place:    

4.  Sex  Name    
 F Jane BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-WBR)  Pedigree  

   Born:  17 Sep 1786   Place:  , , Virginia   

5.  Sex  Name    
 M Spotswood BRAWFORD (AFN:1CNJ-WLF)  Pedigree  

   Born:  18 Sep 1795   Place:  , , Virginia   
   Died:  29 Jul 1879   Place:  , , Virginia