Person:Henry Miller (93)

m. ABT 1725
  1. Christian MillerABT 1725 - BET 1805 AND 1810
  2. Jacob Miller, Jr.1726 - 1806
  3. George MillerABT 1728 - BEF 1820
  4. Henry Miller, Sr.1732 - ABT 1796
  5. John Miller1733 - 1836
  6. Mary Elizabeth Miller1736 -
  7. Barbary Miller1739 -
  8. Katherine Miller1741 - BEF 1830
  9. Mathias Miller1743 - 1805
  • HHenry Miller, Sr.1732 - ABT 1796
  • WHannah WinterABT 1748 - 1823
m. 1764
  1. William Miller1765-1777 -
  2. James Miller1765-1777 -
  3. Rachel Miller1768 - 1835
  4. Samuel MillerABT 1770 -
  5. Hannah Winter MillerABT 1776 -
  6. Henry Miller1785-1796 -
  7. Martha 'Patsy' Miller1785-1796 -
Facts and Events
Name Henry Miller, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1732 Faukner's Swamp, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Alt Birth? 13 JUN 1735 Berks County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1764 New Hanover Lutheran Church, Berks County, Pennsylvaniato Hannah Winter
Alt Death? BEF 24 FEB 1797
Death? ABT 9 MAR 1796 Rockingham County, Virginia

Henry Miller was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Henry Miller in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 392.--22d November, 1775. David Magget's appraisement (recorded) by Jacob Bare, Henry Millar, Francis Kertley.
  • Samuel Miller, John Lewis and Rachel, his wife; James Miller, William, Hannah, Martha and Henry Miller, infants, by Samuel Miller, next friend, heirs and devisees of Henry Miller, deceased, vs. James and Walter Davis-- Caveat, 24th February, 1797. Certificate of location of 590 acres for Henry Miller, 1793.

Information on Henry Miller

Letter from J. Marshall McCue to Lyman C. Draper, August 23, 1884 (excerpts):

It was permitted to me to run down the history of the Miller Iron Works, reared by Henry Miller & Mark Bird of Berks Co. Penna. in 1774, when in 1778 Bird sold his half to Miller for 15,000 pounds, and he became the founder of the prominent family in Shenandoah County. Henry Miller, in 1778, or thereabouts, erected Mossy Creek Paper Mill - no doubt the first south of Mason & Dixon.

Henry Miller married Hannah Winter, & brought her sister Nancy to Augusta, where she married George Crawford. Jane married a Jones, of Pennsylvania., Elizabeth married Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of Abraham; and who with our great gr. father, James Allen, & others, was a member of Courts Martial in this from 1756 to 1783.

I was the guest, for the first time, of Col Jno. Crawford, a gr gr gr son of Paddy Crawford whose son George, married Nancy Winter. Col C when I had said to him, I had lately read a small vol - the most interesting "Life of Boone" I had ever seen - I think of Rev I.M. Peck, as author - a Meth. Minister of Ill -- & in which he spoke of Boones last visit from Ky - to Pa - I happened to refer to, in conversation with Col Crawford. He said the house (brick) we were in, occupied the site of Paddy' cabin, & Danl Boone paying him a visit - I expect on that trip - going - or returning - when his attention was called by Paddy or some of the family, to four or six deer, in sight - took up Paddy' rifle, & brought down the finest - a large buck -- & said to Paddy he could have some steak for breakfast. He went on to say, that Boone made a visit to Henry Miller at Mossy Creek - piloted by "Uncle Sid," a famous negro - who died about two years ago - aged, as all of us have the best reason to believe "one hundred & seventeen - his faculties all perfect - teeth good - like ivory - constitution a wonderful one - had been in the Crawford family near 4 generations - buried at the Old Stone Ch - a large congn mostly white - Sermon preached &c. Uncle Sid would speak of the killing the deer & accompanying Boone to Mossy Cr about 12 miles up to the day of his death, the only home, was the "Cra___" on Naked Cr. - about halfway. I ran down some years ago - having passed it often an old log house -- round poles - midway from my old home & here - on the Gamble farm - in which Col Robt Gamble of the Rev. with Wayne at Stony ___ -- lived & where his two daughters, Mrs. Wm West & Mrs. Judge & Gov Wm Cabell were born - their mother a Grattan -- & Capt Saml Miller - oldest of the 4 boys & 4 girls of Henry Miller - married Peggy Grattan - I think a niece of Mrs Gamble - Col Gamble, after being the largest merchant here, became an importing merchant in Richd - gave name to Gamble' Hill there, was represented in Liverpool by Jas Haggerty - a long time the most prominent Consul we had - could see the Queen ad libitum &c. To conclude - had over 600 subscribers to our proposed history of Augusta - too poor to publish it - was exceedingly anxious to get out the review of Peytons so called History, which has been so successful in misleading Wm. Maxwell - Rev. Wm. H. Toole & every body else but Waddell - who knew him - in perverting our history - I don't think this is an answer to yours to my relative, but may cover some of the ground - Tis hard to know when & where to stop - in writing to you. Fishersville, Augusta Co. is my office.

Sincerely your friend,

J. Marshall McCue

From "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia", pg. 428:

The sons of Patrick and Sally Crawford were:

I. George Crawford, to whom his father left the plantation on which he resided. He was born October 1, 1754, and married Nancy Winter. Mrs. Crawford's parents were William and Ann Boone Winter, the latter an aunt of Daniel Boone. Elizabeth Winter, a sister of Mrs. Crawford, married Abraham Lincoln, the grandfather of President Lincoln; and Hannah Winter, another sister, married Henry Miller, the founder of Miller's Iron Works, on Mossy creek, Augusta county'. (See page 40). It may be mentioned that the grandfather of President Lincoln, then living in the part of Augusta county which is now Rockingham, attended a court-martial at Staunton, March 13, 1776, as captain of a militia company. His name was written "Abraham Linkhorn". (Note: the account above of Elizabeth Winter marrying Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of the President is disputed by other sources and records).