Person:Henry Eidson (1)

Henry Eidson, Jr.
m. 1765
  1. John Eidson1769 - 1835
  2. Joseph Eidson1771 - 1858
  3. Barnabas Arthur Eidson1772 - 1845
  4. Nancy Eidson1774 - 1842
  5. Edward EidsonAbt 1775 - Abt 1843
  6. Henry Eidson, Jr.1780 - 1855
  7. Mildred Eidson1784 -
  8. William Eidson1788 - 1866
m. 17 May 1803
  1. Jane Arthur Eidson1804 - 1884
Facts and Events
Name Henry Eidson, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1780 Bedford County, Virginia
Marriage 17 May 1803 Augusta County, Virginiato Catharine Hanger
Death[1] 7 Sep 1855 Augusta County, Virginia

Henry Eidson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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From: "Patricia Hall" <> Subject: [EIDSON] Descendants of Henry Eidson, Jr and Catharine Hanger Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 12:34:12 -0500

I remember someone saying if you can trace your family back to Virginia, you probably are related to almost everyone there. I have a cousin, who I met on the web 5 years ago and she and I are at last count 5 different surnames. Craig, Kincaid, Eidson, Beard, Bell, and adding more all the time. Anyway this is her connection to Eidson.

Generation No. 1

Henry Eidson, Jr. was born 1780 in Bedford Co., VA and died September 7, 1855 in Augusta Co. VA. He married Catharine Hanger may 17, 1803 in Augusta Co VA, daughter of Peter Hanger. She was born in Augusta Co VA and died aft May 30, 1829.

Children of Henry and Catharine are: Jane Arthur Eidson, b. March 21, 1804, d. November 6, 1884 Henry Eidson III

Generation No. 2 Jane Arthur Eidson was born March 21, 1804, and died November 6, 1884. She married 1. John Moffett III February 22, 1822, son of John Moffett and Sarah Hays. He was born July 23, 1801, and died June 25, 1834 in Cincinnati, OH. She married 2. Thomas Mills October 29, 1839. He was born October 9, 1797, and died June 20, 1874.

Notes for Jane Arthur Eidson Buried in Mossy Creek Cemetery beside her 2nd husband, Thomas Mills by whom she had 2 daughters.

Notes for John Moffett III This family was moving to Indiana, having taken wagons to Parkersburg, VA then by boat to Cincinnati, where John succumbed to Cholera. His daughter Henrietta Robinson Moffett died within the month following him. The rest of the family returned to Augusta Co VA.

per The North Mountain Moffet Family by Reese T. Grubert

Children of Jane Eidson and John Moffett are:
Henry Eidson Moffett, b. January 24, 1823, d. August 31, 1824
John Tate Moffett, b. November 25, 1825
Sarah Jane Moffett b. July 26, 1826; d. November 15, 1892
Catharine Ann Moffett, b. Sept 25, 1828
Thomas Mitchell Moffett, b. September 1, 1830; d. November 27, 1830
Mary Moffett, b. October 1, 1831; d. September 28, 1833
Henrietta Robinson Moffett, b. October 10, 1833; d. July 24, 1834, Cincinnati, OH
Generation No. 3
John Tate Moffett was born November 25, 1825. he married
1. Sally G. Keen. he married 2. Catherine Pugh December 12, 1850. he married 3. Stittira Booker Drew December 21, 1864 in Lynchburg, VA. She was born August 14, 1840 in Lynchburg, VA, and died September 18, 1918.
Notes for John Tate Moffett
Buried in Ironton, OH
Notes for Stittira Booker Drew
Buried in Ironton, OH in Woodlawn Cemetery

  1. 1.0 1.1 Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable primary source).
    Note: Ancestry Member Tree has Henry Eidson marrying Catherine Hanger on 15 May 1805 in Augusta County, Virginia, and possibly Catherine Fontaine and Susan Wayland?