Person:Henry Dooley (1)

Henry Dooley
d.8 MAY 1772
m. ABT 1740
  1. Capt. Thomas Dooleyabt 1740 - 1778
  2. Samuel DooleyABT 1742 - AFT 1792
  3. Anne DooleyABT 1743 - AFT 1830
  4. George DooleyABT 1744 -
  5. James Dooley1747 -
  6. Moses Dooley, Sr.1748 - 1822
  7. Abraham DooleyABT 1750 -
  8. Jacob DooleyABT 1755 - 1842
  9. Elizabeth 'Betty' DooleyABT 1757 -
  10. Rachel DooleyABT 1758 -
Facts and Events
Name Henry Dooley
Alt Name Henry Dowling
Gender Male
Birth? 1720 Ulster, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1740 Virginiato Martha Anderson
Death? 8 MAY 1772

Henry Dooley was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County:

  • Henry Dooley received a patent for 236 acres "on Shanadore River" on 20 January 1741, as listed in the disposition below:
  • Henry Dooley received a patent for 100 acres "on the South River of Sherrandore" on 30 January 1741, as listed in the disposition below:

Disposition of Land from in Augusta County:

  • Pages 52-55 [page 51 blank]. 21-22 July 1742. Henry Dowling of St. Thomas' Parish, Orange County, to John Howard of same. Lease and release; for £26 current money. 136 acres on Shanadore River, the lower end of a pattent granted to Dowling for 236 acres 30 Jan. 1741 already divided by Downing and Thomas Coaker. (signed) Henry (X) Duling [Douling]. Wit: Benjamin Cave, Joseph Gree. 23 July 1742. Acknowledged by Henry Dowling. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 70].
  • Pages 212-16. 4-5 Feb. 1743. Henry Dowly of Orange County, yeoman, to Nathan Underwood of same, shue maker. Lease and release; for £12 current money. [___] acres on the South River of Sherrandore in Augusta County being part of 100 acres granted by pattent 30 Jan. 1741 [1742] unto Henry Dowly... upper end in the bounds of the pattent... (signed) Henry (D) Dowly. Wit: Wm. Jackson, Thos. (T) Jackson, David (D) Jackson and David Jackson. 26 May 1743. Lease proved by Wm. Jackson, Thos. Jackson and David Jackson. Henry Dowly acknowledges release. [Orange County Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 52].

Records of Henry Dooley in Orange County, VA

  • Pages 13-16. 24-25 Nov. 1742. John Howard of Orange County to Richd. Crank of same, cordwinder. Lease and release; for £16 current money. 136 acres on Sharrando River, the lower end of a pattent of 236 acres granted to Henry Dowley and by him sold to Howard 21-22 July, divided by a line of trees by Henry Dowley and Thomas Cookar. (signed) John Howard. Wit: W. Beverley, Hen. Downs, Zach. Taylor. 26 9ber [Nov.]. 1742. Acknowledged by John Howard. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 40].

Records of Henry Dooley in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 113.--28th January, 1751. Nicholas Null of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, to Jacob Miller, Jr., 400 acres, on So. River Shanandoe, Peaked Mountain, Boon's Run. Teste: Jacob Nicholas, Valintine Pence, Henry Dooley.
  • Page 144.--20th February, 1750-51. Sale of personalty of Mathias Shaw, by James Nicholas, executor--Recorded 18th May, 1762, viz: Sold to Henry Dooley. (listed among many others, Henry Dooley's son Thomas married Matthias Shaup's daughter Rebecca).
  • Page 421.--2d July, 1752. Same (Christophel Francisco by Stophel Francisco, his son and attorney) to Nicholas Nutt (Futt), Null?), 415 acres. Same (Part of Jacob Stover's 5000 acres, on Shanandore; corner Nicholas Trout's line, on Cub Run; Morris Pound's line; corner Patrick Wilson; Val. Pence's line; the 3,100-acre lines. These Francisco conveyances are part of Stover's 5,000-acre tract); corner Wm. Peirce and Henry Dooley.
  • Page 230.--14th May, 1754. Nicholas Null and Margaret, his wife to John Craig, 415 acres on Cub Run, a branch of Shanando, part of Stover's large tract of 5,000 acres, cor. William Pierce and Henry Dooley; line of Nicholas Null's land; line of Stover's 5,000 acre tract.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1765 (B). Cunningham vs. Sawyers.--Capt Alexander Sawyers to William Cunningham, debtor. 1758, June 20, for Thomas Baker, for Henry Dooley; August 22, for John Burk; August 29, for Dennis O'Brian; November 3, to one deerskin for Andrew Johnson; November 14, pumps for John Foy; November 16, for John Donally, for James Asque; November 20, for Thos. Welsh, for Israel Young; November 23, for Joshua McCormick, for Abraham Thompson, for Samuel Hamilton, for John Cunningham; to one horse of my own; to my pay for 202 days' service in your Company, £20, 4, 0. Contra: By cash, per Joseph Ray, John Davis, at May Court. (Signed) David Sawyers.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1766 (A). - Doggett vs. Henry Dooley.--Richard Doggett and Rhoda, his wife, late Rhoda Evans. Defendant is a soldier and lives in Bedford, Glade Creek, Roanoke.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1767. - (240) Michael Cloyd, from his house to the branch below James Moore, Sr.; Henry Dooley and John Thompson, to view road from the Welshman's Run to the Bedford Line; Israel Christian, from the Great Lick to Graham's Clearing, vice Wm. Graham.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1768. - (506) Henry Dooley to be surveyor of road from the Welshman's Run to Bedford Line-ordered to be established.
  • Page 300.--16th May, 1770. Same to Henry Liner, £10.65 acres, part of 236 acres patented to Henry Dooling, 30th January, 1741, and by him conveyed to Christian, on South River of Shanandore. Delivered: Henry Liner, August Court, 1784. (Quaere? Is this Laneor?)

Information on Henry Dooley

Henry Dooley: Born 1720, Bedford, Virginia; Died 8 May 1772; Married Martha Anderson: Born about 1728. Sources: LDS Records;