Person:Henry Cowan (7)

Henry Cowan
b.c1700 Unknown
d.Unknown Unknown
Facts and Events
Name Henry Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? c1700 Unknown
Death? Unknown Unknown



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Source:Eschelman, 1922:41
Henry Cowan of early Lancaster County, PA
Source:Fleming, 1971 Brief mention on page 59, in article on Henry son of John Cowan, minimal data.
Data:Cowans in Old Chester Tax Assessments, Table


Henry Cowan of early Lancaster County, PA


See:Henry Cowan of early Lancaster County, PA for background

A Henry Cowan appears by 1721 in the Pequea Township, Chester (later Lancaster) County tax records. Shortly thereafter David and William Cowan also appear in Pequea Township. Henry's relationship to David and William, and their brother John is unknown. Henry does not appear in the tax records of Pequea Township after 1725, though John, William, and David Cowan, his presumed kin, do appear after 1725. There are several "Henry Cowan's" who appear in the tax records after 1755, but these are presumed to be the sons of John, William, and David. Since the tax records for the area are poorly between 1730 and 1750, preserved, and it shouldn't be presumed that "Henry (7) is not present in the area.

Year 1720 1721 1722 1724 1725 1726
David Cowin David Cowin David Cowen
Henry Cowin Henry Cowin Henry Cowen Henry Cowan
David Cowyn David Cowyn David Cowym
William Cowyn William Cowyn Wm. Cowym

Other records suggest his presence. In 1729 a Henry Cowan is listed as one of the founders of St. Johns Episcopal, along with presumed kinsman David. Also, reference is made in road records (Document:Excerpt from Eschelmann, 1924:1726—Conestoga Creek Road in Lancaster County

Source:Fleming, 1971:59 notes that he was one of the founders of St. John's Episcopal Church at Compass PA. This probably indicates that he is NOT related to Hugh Cowan (4), a Presbyterian, but more closely related to David Cowan the Episcopalian who settled in Salisbury, Lancaster