Person:Henry Berry (22)

Henry Berry
d.10 April 1810 Augusta County, Virginia
m. abt. 1750
  1. Henry Berryabt 1750 - 1810
  2. John Berry1751 - 1845
  3. George Berryabt 1752 - abt 1795
  4. Benjamin Berry1757 - 1834
m. abt. 1771
  1. Henry Berryabt 1772 - 1864
  2. Margaret Berryabt 1774 - bef 1828
  3. Jane Berryabt 1777 -
  4. Thomas Berryabt 1780 - aft 1828
  5. Sarah Berryabt 1782 -
  6. Rebecca Berry1784 -
  7. Elizabeth Berryabt 1786 -
  8. John Berryabt 1790 - aft 1828
Facts and Events
Name Henry Berry
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1750 Monmouth County, New Jersey
Marriage abt. 1771 to Scisilly Unknown
Death? 10 April 1810 Augusta County, Virginia

Henry Berry was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Henry Berry in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Thomas Berry vs. Rebecca Berry--O. S. 414; N. S. 150--Bill by Rebecca Berry of Rockingham, daughter of Henry Berry, who bought 212 acres from 213 acres from George Homrickhizer. Oratrix had brother John and brother Henry and brother Thomas. Deed was made to Thomas. In 1818 Thos. sold 20 acres to Thos. Gilmore. Henry, Sr., died 1810, intestate, leaving wife, since dead, and children, viz: Thos., Henry, Sarah McCloud; Jane, who married Jno. Gladen; John; Margaret Smith, deceased; Elizabeth McClure, deceased, leaving son Joseph McClure McKey (McChee?); oratrix. Oratrix has lived on the land 24 years. In 1827 John H. Campbell received deed from Thos. Berry. Geo. Berry deposes in Harrisonburg, June, 1828, Henry Berry was his apprentice and Henry Berry and Charles Spracher about 12 years ago. Geo. is 63 years old and Thos. Berry is five years younger. Rebecca was 20 years old when the land was bought from Humbrickhouser. At that time she had a bastard child. Witness knew Thos. Berry before he came to Virginia. George came with Henry's family. They came 10-11 years before purchase from Humbrickhouser from the Jerseys. Thos. Berry married daughter of Jno. Gordon, who deposes, Gordon with Thos. Berry is about to move to Western Country. Gordon McWilliams deposes, he was a waggoner to Fredericksburg. George Gordon had lived on the Humbrickhouser place. John Berry, son of Henry, Sr., deposes, Henry came from New Jersey, about 10 miles from Monmouth Court House; they moved to Virginia when the troops were ordered to the Whiskey Rebellion. Thomas was then about 23 years old. Jane married John McKay about 1797, and afterwards John Gladwell. Sallie McCloud moved to the West Fork of Potomac. At age 13 John Berry was put to learn blacksmith trade and went to Kentucky and was gone 6 months. Henry, Sr., died 16 years ago last April. Thomas Gordon lived in Muddy Creek in 1812.