Person:Henry Aylor (3)

Heinrich 'Henry' Aylor
m. 12 January 1712
  1. Anna Dorothea Aylor1713 -
  2. Anna Barbara Aylor1715 - 1717
  3. Heinrich 'Henry' Aylor1718 - 1806
  4. Elizabeth Aylor1720 -
m. abt. 1745
  1. Henry Aylorabt 1745 -
  2. Jacob Aylor1749 -
  3. Abraham Aylorabt 1750 -
  4. Delilah Aylorabt 1754 -
  5. Susanna Aylorest 1755-1760 -
  6. Mary Aylorest 1755-1760 -
  7. Magdalena Aylorabt 1760 -
Facts and Events
Name Heinrich 'Henry' Aylor
Alt Name George Heinrich Aylor
Alt Name Henry Eiler
Gender Male
Birth? 31 OCT 1718 Botenheim, Wuertemburg, Germany
Alt Birth? 1729
Marriage abt. 1745 possibly Orange County, Virginiato Margaret Thomas
Alt Death? 1800 Madison County, Virginia
Death? 28 AUG 1806 Madison County, Virginia

Heinrich "Henry" Aylor was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Wife of Henry Aylor

There is some disagreement as to the spouse of this Henry Aylor. Some researchers claim that he married Margaret Crigler, but this has been dis-proved by more recent researchers. Henry's wife was Margaret Thomas, daughter of John and Anna Maria (Blankenbühler) Thomas.

From "Germanna History Notes":

Researcher Cynthia Crigler wrote an article for Beyond Germanna (v10, n1, Jan 1998), in which she expressed doubt that the wife of Henry Aylor was Margaret Crigler, a daughter of Susanna Clore Weaver Crigler Yager. First, there was no evidence that Susanna, the mother, had a daughter, Margaret. [Susanna was the Susanna Wever on the headright list that I have been discussing recently.]
Apparently, the late B. C. Holtzclaw was the first to claim that Margaret Aylor, wife of Henry Aylor, had been Margaret Crigler. In turn, he was followed by the late Sarah Aylor Lewis, who repeated the claim. Perhaps Arthur D. Crigler made the same claim before Sarah, did but, in any case, he agreed. Though three people have repeated the statement in their published genealogies, this is simply the result of copying and not of research.
The children of John and Anna Maria (Blankenbühler) Thoma (Thomas) were:
John Thomas
Anna Magdalena, m. Michael Smith (Jr.)
Michael Thomas
(Anne) Margaret, m. Henry Aylor


Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Orange/Augusta County:

  • Henry Eiler, 7 Mar. 1747 - 4 Aug. 1748; 34 acres in fork of Rappidan River adj. Michael Cook/Cook, Capt. Rousie, Robert Tanner's pat. (now Christopher Turner's [sic] Land.). Chain Carriers - Christopher Tanner & Micall Thomas. Surv. George Hume. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 4].
  • March 22,1746/47, Orange County, Virginia - John Thomas to Henry Aylor, (brother in law), 400 acres [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 11, page 43]

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 314.--23d September, 1749. Henry Ayler (Ehler) and Clev. Danner, of Culpeper, to Jacob Harmon. Corner Jacob Stover. Teste: Isaac Smith, Casper Vought, Jacob Harman, Jr. Delivered to Mrs. Harmon, 24th July, 1758. (Note: based upon records of neighboring settlers, it appears that this land was likely part of Jacob Stover's patent on the Shenandoah River near Cub Run).

Information on Heinrich "Henry" Aylor Ancestry of James Francis Aylor

1 Michael Oehler b: 1618 d: January 06, 1677/78
.+Appallonia Zimmerman b: December 06, 1620 m: March 03, 1643/44
.. 2 Michael Oehler II b: 1660
....+Anna Maria Stengel m: May 16, 1682
....3 Hans Jacob Oehler b: January 03, 1687/88 in Germany d: Bef. 1742 in VA
..... +Anna Magdalena Snyder b: Abt. 1696 in Wurtemburg, Germany m: November 04, 1710 in Cleebronn, Neckar, Wuertemburg
.......4 Georg Heinrich Oehler b: October 31, 1718 in Botenheim,Wuertemburg, Germany d: August 28, 1806 in ,Madison, VA
......... + Margaret Thomas b: Abt. 1718 in ,VA m: Abt. 1744 [Note 1}
......... 5 Henry Aylor, Jr. b: Abt. 1745 in Orange, VA d: May 28, 1812 in Culpeper, VA
............+Barbara Carpenter b: 1753 m: 1770 d: June 11, 1808
.............6 Lewis Aylor b: 1788 in Culpeper, VA d: March 09, 1853 in Rappahannock, VA
.............. +Nancy Creel b: 1792 m: February 20, 1810 d: March 11,1853
................7 James Francis Aylor b: Bet. 1811 - 1819 d: Abt. 1845
....................+Lucy Ann Haines b: March 20, 1823 in Culpeper, VA m: July 28, 1840 in Rappahannock, VA d: March 1862 in ,Warren, VA

Note 1. There is some controversy as to the wife of George Heinrich Oehler (aka Henry Aylor). Some researchers say that it was Anna Margaret Crigler, but the more convincing research supports Margaret Thomas.

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