Person:Hannah Hawes (6)

Hannah Hawes
m. 1754
  1. Hannah Hawes1755 - 1852
  • HGeorge Cowgerest 1741-1755 - abt 1786
  • WHannah Hawes1755 - 1852
m. abt. 1777
  1. Henry Cowger1781 - 1852
  • HJacob Trumboabt 1752 - 1841
  • WHannah Hawes1755 - 1852
m. abt. 1790
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Hawes
Alt Name Hannah Haaz
Gender Female
Birth? 12 May 1755 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1777 Virginiato George Cowger
Marriage abt. 1790 Virginiato Jacob Trumbo
Death? 22 February 1852 prob. Pendleton County, Virginia

Hannah Hawes was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Hannah Hawes in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 104.--19th August, 1783. George Coager (Cowgar), of Hampshire, and Hannah Waaz (Haaz), tract conveyed by Peters Haaz (Waaz) to said Hannah, 16th August, 1768. (Note: need to explore relationship with Peter Haaz, posssible cousin/uncle?)

Information on Hannah Hawes

Hannah Hawes was the daughter of Henry Hawes and Sarah Dyer, daughter of Roger Dyer and his wife Hannah. Sarah was kidnapped by the Indians during the Fort Seybert massacre in April 1758 and did not return home for several years. Hannah's father died or was killed between her birth and the date of the massacre. It is assumed, based on a court document of May 1758 that she lived with the Dyer family until she married George Cowger about 1777. After George died she married Jacob Trumbo about 1790 and lived in Brock gap. She is buried in the May cemetery. Following the massacre in 1758, Matthew Patton became guardian of Hannah, court records for May 15, 1758 show that Matthew being appointed guardian. [Source:].