Person:Gilbert Marshall (5)

Gilbert Marshall
d.Bef 16 Jun 1801
  1. John Marshall1709 - 1792
  2. Ann Marshall1711 -
  3. Gilbert Marshall1715 - Bef 1801
  • HGilbert Marshall1715 - Bef 1801
  • WMartha ROWAN1730 -
m. 1 Jun 1748
  1. Jane "Jenny" Marshall1750 - 1811
  2. Mary Marshall1751 - 1796
  3. Catherine Marshall1754 - 1770
  4. John Marshall1755 - 1810
  5. Martha Marshall1759 -
  6. Gilbert Marshall1762 - 1782
  7. Hannah Marshall1765 -
  8. Elizabeth Marshall1766 -
  9. Margaret Marshall1768 -
  10. James Marshall1771 - 1839
  11. Sarah Marshall1773 - 1840
Facts and Events
Name Gilbert Marshall
Gender Male
Birth? 1715 Carnmony, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Marriage 1 Jun 1748 Carnmony Prespch, Antrim, North Irelandto Martha ROWAN
Death? Bef 16 Jun 1801

Gilbert Marshall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA

Gilbert Marshall acquired land "on a branch of Back Creek a branch of Roanoake", prior to 30 December, 1767, as listed in records below. There is also record of Gilbert Marshall involved in a transaction regarding the same land, later in 1774:
200 Gilbert Marshall VPB 42:658 5 Jul 1774 160 acres in Augusta, on a branch of back Creek a branch of Roanoake (

Records of Gilbert Marshall in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 3 - Page 246.--30th December, 1767. Wm. Preston, Assistant Surveyor, enters 250 acres between Gilbert Marshall and James Alexander on Back Creek, 400 acres joining Jasper Tarry, James Neely and Andrew Wilson, 400 acres on Potts Creek joining and above the Paint Bank.
  • Vol. 1 - 1768-9. William Preston entered, 30th December, 1767, 250 between Gilbert Marshall and James Alexander on Back Creek; 400 joining lands of Jasper Torry, James Neely and Andrew Wilson; 400 on Potts Creek, above the Paint Bank Survey.

Records of Gilbert Marshall in Botetourt County, VA

From Botetourt County Road Orders, 1770-1778:

  • 12 May 1773, BCOB 3, p. 176 - A Report of a Road being made and returned by Leonard Huff, James McKeachey and Robert Poage from Thos. Tosh’s Ford to the Top of the Bent Mountain It is Ordered that the same be established agreeable thereto and that Gilbert Marshall be appointed Surveyor thereof. And the Tithables near the Same to work thereon Under him.