Person:George Yoakum (3)

m. Abt. 1704
  1. Matthias Yoakum, of Bedford and Augusta County, VAEst 1705 - BEF 1783
  2. George Yoakum1714 - 1789
m. 25 APR 1751
  1. Catherine YoacumAbt 1752 -
  2. Rebecca YoacumEst 1753-1765 -
  3. Mary YoacumAbt 1754 -
  4. Magdalene YoacumAbt 1757 -
Facts and Events
Name George Yoakum
Alt Name George Yokum
Gender Male
Birth? 1714 Poss. New Amsterdam, New York
Marriage 25 APR 1751 Virginiato Catherina Vanderpool
Death? 1789 Hardy County, Virginia

George Yoakum was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 230.--25th May, 1751. Abraham Vanderpool and Rebecca to George Yoccum (Yoccomb), No. 10 held by patent of Lord Fairfax, 19th October, 1748, on ye south fork of ye Wappaconee (or) Great South Branch of Potomac, 430 acres. Endorsed and delivered to James Machir for George Harnost, Sr., one of the heirs of the grantee, 16th July, 1806. Teste: Wm. White, Thomas Moore. (Note: Abraham Vanderpool was the father-in-law of George Yoacum).

Yokum's Station (Fort)

Yokum's Station was an early fort built, supposedly at the home of George Yoakum sometime after 1780, during the period of Indian unrest in Virginia, and is in the List of Forts in Southwest Virginia.

Records of George Yoakum (Yocum) in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 95.--5th March, 1755. Daniel Richardson's appraisement, by John Willson, John Cunningham, Conrad Harness. John Ryan's note, Solomon Hedges, John Scoot, John Reager, George Youckam.
  • Page 459.--16th March, 1771. Settlement of Henry Coffman's estate By bonds of, viz: James Sears and Michael Thorn, David Cradock, Christopher Yeasill and Philip Crites, Mary Tasher and Michael Thorn, Henry Coffman and Michael Stump, Elizabeth Tasher and Michael Thorn, Peter Shook and James Sears, Joseph Wilson, George Yeokim and Michael Thorn, John Rorebough and Martin Jobb, John Higgens and Ignetius Coombs, Danl. McNeil and John Westfall, Michael Moore and Geo. Yeokim, John Spelman and John Roreback, Job Wellton and Thos. Parsons, Thos. Parsons and Robert Cunningham. Jacob Bogard and Michael Harness, Martin Jobb and Adam Rydebogh. Elizabeth Tosher and Michael Thorn. By cash received at vendue as follows, viz: Richard Byrn, Jacob Break, John Our, Philip Crites, Lanie Hire, Leonard Knave, Charles Smith, Lewis Shriver, Jacob Rabuck, Richard Byrn, Michae1 Drum (Dunn?), James Willkie. Conrad Moore, Christale Tasher, Abigail Coffman, John Gradner. Debts due by Jacob Reiger. Debts due to. viz: Peter Haws, Cathrine Stump, Malldlin Break, Chas. Lynch. Cash paid as follows, viz: To Richard Brynns, James Willy, Madlin Coofman.