Person:George Wilson (152)

George Wilson, of Broad Creek, James River
b.bef 1730
  • HGeorge Wilson, of Broad Creek, James Riverbef 1730 - bef 1802
  • WRebecca Vickersbef 1733 - aft 1800
m. bef. September 1750
  1. John Wilson - aft 1800
  2. Thomas Wilson - aft 1800
  3. Mary Wilson - aft 1800
Facts and Events
Name George Wilson, of Broad Creek, James River
Gender Male
Birth? bef 1730
Marriage bef. September 1750 to Rebecca Vickers
Will[1] 25 Jun 1800 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States
Death[1] bef 12 Jul 1802 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States[probate]
Probate[1] 12 Jul 1802 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States

George Wilson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 84.--28th November, 1751. Same (From James Patton) to George Wilson, 173 acres on head of Broad Creek in Forks of James, land where Mary Doughort (Douchart) lives.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 123.--George Wilson to Benjamin Watson, 21st March, 1754, 173 acres conveyed to George by Patton, 8th November, 1751, on the head of Broad Creek in the Forks of James River, adjoining land where Mary Doughert lives. George (his mark) Wilson.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 43.--12th December, 1745. Moses Thom(p)son, of Province of South Carolina, to John Madison, of Augusta, £110 current money; 731 acres, part of 1,041 acres sold to Thomson by Wm. Beverley out of 118,491 acres known as Beverley Manor; corner to Adam Thomson's land; corner to John Ramsey. Witnesses, James Patton, Thos. Chew, Mary Patton, Rebecca Vickers, Henry Downs, Jr. Proved by James Patton, Thos. Chew, and H. Downs, Jr., 14th April, 1746. (Note: appears to be before George Wilson married Rebecca Vickers).
  • Page 131.--1st September, 1750. James Patton's will--Daughter, Mary, wife to William Thompson, 1 negro woman; tract called Spring Hill; 3,000 acres on which Saml. Stalnaker and others is living, known by name of Indian Fields, on waters of Houlston's river, a branch of the Missisipio. Grandson, James Thompson, infant, remainder in above in fee tail. Daughter, Margaret, now wife of Col. John Buchanan. To son-in-law, William Thompson, the tract called Springfield, joining where widow Gouldman now lives and on which Henry Patton lives. William is to keep the estate intact for his son, James, until 1772. To Margaret, tract called Cherry tree bottom, near Robert Looney's tract at mouth of Purgatory, tract on which there is a small stone house. Margaret's daughter, Mary; sister, Preston, and her son, William Preston, £10 to be paid to Rev. John Craig, pastor at Tinkling Spring, to pay his stipends from 1740 to 1750, to be paid by the congregation out of the money advanced by him to help build the meeting house. £10 of same to be laid out for a pulpit and pulpit cloth. John Preston's bond to be given up to his son. Wm. Preston. All debts due by George Wilson, who is married to testator's wife's niece, Rebecca Vicers (Viers?), to be given up. Granddaughter, Mary Buchanan. Executors, John Buchanan, Wm. Thompson, nephew, Wm. Preston, Silas Harte. All disputes between executors to be left to arbitration of the minister and elders of Tinkling Spring church. Testator was agent for John Smith, Zachery Lewis, Wm. Waller, Wm. Green, Wm. Parks for the Roanoke and James River grants. As to the Great Grant on the waters of Misicipia, James Gordon, James Johnston, John Grimes, John _____, Richard Barns, Robert Gilchrist, James Bowre, Robert Jackson, have assigned their parts to testator. Richard Winston's part is assigned to little John Buchanan. To Mary Preston, horses. Teste: Thomas Stewart, Edward Hall, John Williams. Proved, 26th November, 1755, bv Stewart and Hall. Wm. Preston refuses to execute, also Silas Harte. Buchanan and Thompson qualify, with sureties David Stewart, Joseph Culton, Wm. Preston, Edward Hall, Thomas Stewart. 16th August, 1769, Wm. Preston qualifies executor.
  • Page 12.--14th October, 1751. Wm. Sayers of Craven Co., S. Ca., to David Miller, 290 acres, Buffalo Creek. Teste: Michael Finney, Geo. Wilson, William Carlile.
  • Page 106.--Ditto (21st March, 1753). Same (from James Patton) to William Daubne Cawthon (Cauthorn), 180 acres by patent as above. Bradshaw's Creek (on James River). Teste: George and Rebecca Wilson, Wm. Preston.
  • Vol. 2 - Wilson's administrator vs. Thompson's administrator--O. S. 226; N. S. 80--George Wilson filed bill in Botetourt, saying: In 1754 a certain Patton (now deceased) came to house of orator and told him that Patton's wife in her last illness had requested him to make provision for orator and his wife, who was Mrs. Patton's niece, and promised to give orator a tract of land on New River. Orator sold his Augusta land and assigned the bonds to Patton to purchase a negro. Before Patton complied with his promises he was killed by Indians. Patton's executors, Buchanan and Thompson, have refused to carry out the promises. Orator sold his Augusta land to Benj. Watson, whose wife afterwards became Mrs. Breckinridge. Saml. Walker, Sr., deposes 6th August, 1789, that in May, 1789, Col. James Patton, James Davis and George Wilson came to deponent's house. George made several moves but finally settled on south side James River, where he remained until 1786, when he moved to Kentucky. William Rennick, son of Robert Rennick of Greenbrier, came of age in 1770. Copy of James Patton's will.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Will Abstract, in Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp. Lincoln County, Kentucky. Marriage Records, 1793-1800, Will Records 1801-07. Vol. 2. Chillicothe, MO, USA: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, c1965., Secondary quality.

    Name: George Wilson , page 48
    My wife, Rebecca Wilson
    My daughter, Mary Hocker
    My sons, John Wilson, and Thomas Wilson
    Written: June 25, 1800
    Probated: July 12, 1802
    Executor: My friend, Hugh Magill
    Witnesses: William Magill, Hugh Logan, William Dougherty, Sr.