Person:George Seawright (4)

George Seawright
b.bef. 1697 Prob. Ireland
  • HGeorge Seawrightbef 1697 -
m. bef. 1717
  1. John SeawrightAbt 1717 - Aft 1784
Facts and Events
Name George Seawright
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1697 Prob. Ireland
Marriage bef. 1717 to
Death? Poss. Georgia

George Seawright was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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About George Seawright

George Seawright is thought to be the father of John Seawright (George's supposed only son), who settled in Augusta County, Virginia in 1740, but there are no documents to prove this relationship, although it is highly probable that with their presence in early Augusta County at the same time that they were related in some way. The only record of George Seawright in Augusta County is an early land survey on 20 November 1738 from "Hume's Old Field Book", shown below. According to tradition, George Seawright migrated to Georgia, but records to this effect have not been forthcoming. Additional research is necessary to prove the whereabouts of George Seawright after his 1738 land survey and also to prove his parentage of John Seawright.

Early Survey in Augusta County, VA

  • George Seawright, (56) 8 ___ber 20, 1738, survey for George Seawright, beginning on West side South Fork of Shenandore below ye mouth of a Spring branch and runneth thence S. 15 E. 44 to 3 Pines, S. 30 W. 150 to 2 Pines, thence S. 52 W. 100, 20 ye river, thence crossing ye same to below to White Oaks; N. 30 W. 20, N. 10 W. 120 to 1 White Oak, thence N. 30 E. 180 to 2 pines, thence N. 60 E. 60 to a pine; S. 65 E. 68 to ye river, thence up ye said river, S. 6 W. to ye beginning, thence came to ye corner between 2 White Oaks and run; S. 58 E. 78 to a Sycamore on ye river and down ye river ( ), N. 60 E. 40 P. and N., 18 W. 4 pole. [Extracts from Hume's Old Field Book read in Evidence in the Suit "Moffett vs. McPheeters"].

Information on George Seawright

From "A Record of the Seawright Famiy", by James A. Seawright, 1893:


The founder of this family was George Seawright, who came from Londonderry, Ireland, to Georgia. He had one son, John Seawright, who came to Virginia, married and reared a family of four children: George and John, now dead; James, who removed from Virginia; and Mrs. Anne Myers. George and John Seawright were in good circumstances, John being worth over thirty thousand dollars, and George nearly that amount. John Seawright left one child, and George had four children.

Possible Clues to George Seawright

John Martin Friday, 12-3-1772, Granville Co, SC Buffalo Crk; His neighbor was George Seawright. (Note: this George Seawright may be from the Orangeburg County, South Carolina Seawright family, not apparently related to this family).