Person:George Francisco (3)

Johann George Francisco
m. BEF 1731
  1. Johan Ludwig FranciscoABT 1731 - bef 1799
  2. Johan Christopher FranciscoABT 1732 - BET 1797 AND 1802
  3. Esther FranciscoABT 1733 -
  4. Ludwig Christophel 'Stophel' Francisco, Jr.ABT 1734 -
  5. Catharina FranciscoABT 1735 -
  6. Anna Margaretha FranciscoABT 1736 -
  7. Johann Michael FranciscoABT 1737 - 1819
  8. Johannes FranciscoABT 1738 -
  9. Johann George FranciscoABT 1739 - ABT 1806
  • HJohann George FranciscoAbt 1739 - Abt 1806
  • WMary MurrayAbt 1742 - Aft 1805
m. 29 December 1761
  1. Andrew FranciscoABT 1762 - 1812
  2. Sarah 'Sally' FranciscoAbt 1764 -
  3. Col. John Francisco1764 - 1841
  4. Mary 'Polly' FranciscoABT 1765 -
  5. Margaret FranciscoABT 1767 -
  6. Nancy FranciscoABT 1768 -
  7. Charles Lewis FranciscoABT 1769 -
  8. George Francisco1773 - 1839
Facts and Events
Name Johann George Francisco
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1739 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 29 December 1761 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Murray
Death? Abt 1806 Woodford County, Kentucky

George Francisco was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of George Francisco in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage License in Augusta County - 1761; October __, George Francisco (bride's name not listed).
  • Page 156.--6th February, 1762.--James Litster's estate sold to, viz. James Ward, Geo. Wilson, Mathew Reed, Wm. Cabeen, Chas. Donnally, Ro. Armstrong, Edward Long, Pat. Cunningham, Andw. Greer, Thos. Fulton, Margt. Cameron, Jno. Stewart, Ro. Reed, Geo. Francisco, David Bell, Wm. Poage, Wm. Crow, Luke Bowyer, Abraham Thornton. Wm. Henderson, Jno. Buchanan, Thos. O'Neal, Alex. Gibson, Alex. Wright, Jno. Francis, James Simpson, Geo. Weaver, Philip Helveston, Jno. King, Geo. Anderson, Rev. Mr. Craige, Andw. Russell, Saml. Caldwell, Joseph Roberts, Jno. Gregory, Jno. Lucas, Mathew Clark, Jno. Anderson, Jr., James Robinson, Jacob Parsinger, Saml. Moore, Christopher Vinyard, Thos. Patterson, the Widow Bell, Ralph Gorrell, Jos. Russell, James Gilmore, Simon Robertson, James Hughes.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 24, 1762. - (253) Liquors rated. James Young, a juror impanneled, failed to answer when called; fined and suit continued. Alexr. McClenachan, Thos. Crow, Joseph Bell, George Francisco, disturbed the Court by playing at ball, and are fined.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1762. - (287) James Coursay, orphan of Brush Coursay, ordered bound to George Francisco.
  • Page 191.--16th November, 1762. Saml. Young presented his accounts as administrator of Pat. Ingles. Recorded. Sale bill, viz: To Jno. Jamison, Saml. Cloyd, Alice English, Geo. Francisco, Ro. Reed, Wm. Earls, Andw. Greer, Saml. Moore. Paid Henry Murray, Edward Thompson, Robt Scott.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 18, 1763. - (480) George and John Francisco committed for debt.
  • Page 491.--2d April, 1766. Margret Cameron to sons Charles and George Cameron, love and goodwill, household goods. Teste: George Francisco and John Murray.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1767. - Robert Carlyle vs. George Francisco.--1766. To 10 bushels wheat @ 3/ per bushel.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1767 (C). - Crow vs. Cowdon.--Samuel and Walten Cowdon, debtor to William Crow. 1759, December 30, cash for James Stevenson, John Givins and Brine McBride; 1760, December 22, to McAnulty's wages; 1762; 1763, February 10, to cash per Wat in Carolina; 1764, April 10, per George Francisco; April 15, per Edward Long; May 18, per Wm. Robertson, per John Stinson's son; June 7.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1769 (B). - Lud Francisco vs. George Francisco.--Bond of George and John Francisco to Ludwick Francisco, dated 10th January, 1762.
  • Page 268.--3d March, 1783. Inquisition at same place before John McCreerey, Coroner, on view of body of John Mitchell--Witnesses Leonard Bell, Van Swearingen et als., believed to have died a natural death at Frame's Still House on 2d March. Leonard Bell, Van Sweoringen, Joseph Mays, Geo. Francisco, John McRoberts, Wm. Young, James Kenny, Robt. McCreery, Jno. Montgomery, Geo. Benston, Jas. Montgomery, Jeremiah Frame.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1786--September 29, Captain George Frazer and Sally Francisco, daughter of Geo. Francisco; surety, John Francisco.
  • Vol. 2 - Robert Sitlington's Declaration, September 26th, 1832: Born in 1749; mentions Capt. John Lewis, Lieut. Samuel Vance, Warrick's Fort, Lieut. John Cartmill, Capt. John McCoy, Capt. David Gwinn, Col. Campbell, Col. Williams, Gen. Greene, George Francisco, William Douglass, Adam Dickinson.