Person:George Elliott (26)

Sea Capt. George Elliott, Jr.
m. 1715
  1. Alexander Elliottabt 1716 - aft 1790
  2. Mary Elliott - bef 1782
  3. Col. William Elliottabt 1726 - bef 1807
  4. Jane Elliott - 1798
  5. Sea Capt. George Elliott, Jr.1728 - 1814
  6. Barbara Elliottbef 1748 -
  7. Robert Elliott - 1806
  8. John Elliott
m. 24 July 1762
  1. Alexander Elliottabt 1763 - 1852
  2. George Elliott, IIIabt 1765 -
  3. Jane Elliott1766 -
m. 28 September 1785
  • HSea Capt. George Elliott, Jr.1728 - 1814
  • WAnn Harrisonabt 1745 - aft 1815
m. 5 December 1811
Facts and Events
Name Sea Capt. George Elliott, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1728 County Down, Ireland
Marriage 24 July 1762 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvaniato Charity Jane Diddle
Marriage 28 September 1785 Augusta County, Virginiato Florence Henderson
Marriage 5 December 1811 Fayette County, Kentuckyto Ann Harrison
Death? October 1814 Fayette County, Kentucky

George Elliott, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 2, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Elliott, George - Virginia sea service; Captain of Galley SAFEGUARD 1777-1779; children in 1833: Alexander (Adair County, Kentucky), George (Garrard County, Kentucky), John (Shelbyville, Kentucky) & Mrs. Jane Montgomery (Gallatin County, KY who moved westward later); children applied for pension & granted 1/2 pay of Pension due father; 1833; sailor's grandchildren 1833: Alexander who was son of deceased's son William, George Elliott (Bullitt County, Kentucky) & children of Mrs. Montgomery (Joseph, Isiah & Elizabeth). F-R38, R913.


Captain, Virginia Navy
George Elliott, Jr. was commissioned as a Captain in the Virginia Navy on 12 October 1776 and assigned to the Virginia Navy Galley Safeguard. [NOAR, 101-102]
  1.   Odell, Anne Elliott; James Philip Moss; and Geraldine Baker Moss. Captain George Elliott of the Virginia Navy: and some allied families, Anderson, Atkins, Baker, Bridgewater, Campbell, Carpenter, Creel, Dadisman, Diddle, Fry, Grady, Hindman, Hughes, Jones, Lightfoot, McKay, Nelson, Odell, Pennebaker, Slaughter, Taylor, Thomas. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1980).
  2.   Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of George Eliott (Elliott) R38
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
    [The following original document is in the file of John Ewing (R3415).]
    20th June 1777
    This is to Certify that John Ewing Enlisted as a soldier With me the 14th of June 1776 for ye Term of [page
    torn] year now the time being Expired I therefore Discharge him From the servis Given under My hand
    this Day Above Written George Eliott Ca[pt]
    [The following four documents are certified copies made 5 Mar 1833 from the first volume of Virginia
    State Navy papers.]
    To Capt’n. George Elliott,
    Sir, You are to proceed with the Safeguard Galley to Mobjack Bay and deliver ten of your men to
    Capt’n. [Robert] Tompkins of the Henry Galley, from thence to Pungoteague on the Eastern shore and
    deliver your arms to Colo. Southy Simpson [Southey Simpson] or his order and from thence to
    Cherrystone where your Galley is to be stationed for the protection of Trade and Inhabitants and on your
    arrival there apprize the County Lieuts. of Accomack and Northampton thereof whose Instructions you
    must follow from time to time until you are relieved.
    P.S. the letters now delivered you for the County Lieuts }
    of Accomack & Northampton you are to deliver to them }
    as soon as you arrive at Cherrystone. }
    Navy Board. 18 June 1777. Signed Thomas Whiting 1st. Comm[issione]r.
    To Capt’n. George Elliott, E. Shore.
    Sir, You are immediately on reciept hereof to repair with your vessel to york river if you think you can
    come there with safety, if not you are hereby directed to proceed to any Harbour on the western shore,
    and on your arrival acquaint the Board.
    Navy Board. 16 Aug’t 1777 (Signed) Thomas Whiting 1st Comm’r.
    To Captn. George Elliott,
    Sir, We received your letter, and shall take proper care of the vessel you sent into Mobjack Bay, we
    expected before this that you had been at Gwinns Island [sic: Gwynn Island], therefore desire you will
    proceed there as soon as possible – should you want provisions you must purchase when you get to the
    Eastern shore.
    Navy Board, 9th Septr. 1777 (signed) Thomas Whiting 1st Com’r.
    To Captain George Elliott and Capt’n. Saunders.
    As sundry families are preparing to remove from their exposed situations on the Eastern shore; you are
    hereby required to convey all such to the mouth of York River, or any other place on the western shore
    that may be done with safety.
    Navy Board. Oct 1st 1777 (signed) Thomas Whiting first Com’r.
    The file includes copies of several references in the Journal of the Virginia State Navy Board to
    George Elliott, Captain of the galley Safeguard, dated 10 Apr – 20 Jun 1778.
    The file includes correspondence written in 1833 naming the following children and heirs of
    George Eliott: Alexander Elliott of Adair County KY; George Elliott of Garrard County KY; John Elliott of
    Shelbyville KY; Jane Montgomery, formerly of Cumberland River, then Gallatin County TN, then
    westward. The following grandchildren were named: Alexander Elliott of Washington County KY, son of
    William Elliott, deceased; George Elliott of Bullitt County KY; Joseph, Isiah, and Elizabeth, children of Jane Montgomery.

  3.   Diehl, George West, and Arthur Maxim (Compiler) Coppage. Rockbridge County, Virginia notebook: compiled from articles by Dr. George W. Diehl as published in the News-Gazette, Lexington, Virginia; additional charts and notes have been added, as well as surname index. (Utica, Kentucky: McDowell Publications, c1982), pg. 123-125.

    "During the war, Mrs. [Charity Jane DIDDLE] ELLIOTT had died and, when the war was over for him, Captain [George] Elliott returned to Rockbridge with his motherless brood of seven children -- Charity, the youngest, was only two years old. Here, for 125 pounds, he bought a farm of 340 acres near the town of Lexington which was his home for eight years.
    On Sept. 28, 1785, Captain Elliott married Mrs. Florence HENDERSON BELL. Widow of Captain David Bell, the wedding being performed in the Old Stone Presbyterian Church community of Augusta by the pastor, the Rev. William Wilson. The Henderson and Elliott families had known each other back in Ireland and the family ties had been increased by several intermarriages.
    Florence Henderson, born 1736 and died 1810, was a daughter of Captain William Henderson (1693-1779) [this would be the 1/2 bro. of John, James and Samuel of Berkeley Manor, Augusta Co. VA] and his wife Sussannah. Samuel HENDERSON, brother of William, had married Jane ELLIOTT [not LEEPER or the many others that had been circulated, according to this], died in 1798, an older sister of Capt. Elliott.
    Capt. David Bell who married Florence Henderson in 1754, was born in Ireland in 1722. According to one family genealogist, he was son of a David Bell, who migrated to Augusta County from Ireland in the early 1740's. This makes Capt. David Bell, a brother to Joseph Bell, who married Capt. William Henderson's daughter Elizabeth in 1765; Joseph and Elizabeth Bell were ruthlessly murdered by a white male "indentured" servant a few years previously. This designation would place Capt. David Bell as a member of "The Stone Church Bells", in Joseph A. Waddell's classification.
    To Capt. David and Florence Henderson Bell, seven children were born, viz: William, John, Susannah, James, Elizabeth, Florence and David. William married Susan VANCE, Susannah married Capt. William ALLEN, and Elizabeth married William ALLEN, Jr. All the children were greatly endeared to the stepfather as well as the Elliott children to their stepmother.
    [Article continues about the children of Capt. Elliott's first marriage and the subsequent move to Lincoln Co. KY] . . . On March 5, 1793, Capt. Elliott and his wife Florence, of "Linkhoin Co., St. of Kentucke", sold 340 acres of land to Henry MACKAY, of Rockbridge County, for 33 pounds, 75 shillings, six pence.
    Florence Elliott died in 1809. The first item of business containing her name was a deed, dated May 12, 1809, for 500 acres of land to Thomas HERRING; the price was 800 pounds. The land was in Fayette County, Kentucky.
    In the community lived Capt. James MARSHALL and his charming wife Ann. Marshall had been a leading figure in the American Revolution. Their son James Jr., was an intimate of the Elliott home and was a close friend of the young people of the household. So, when several years had passed after the death of Captain Marshall, it was no surprise that Capt. Elliott would be interested in the Marshall widow. They were married by the Rev. A. Bainbridge on Dec. 5, 1811. Elliott was 83 years of age. For three years, the Elliotts enjoyed the happiness of their home and the children seemed to be quite pleased with the situation. Then, after writing his will in his own handwriting, having it witnessed by his stepdaughter Elizabeth Bell and her husband, William Allen, Captain George Elliott, Rockbridge's naval officer, died in October. 1814. He is buried in Fayett County, Kentucky.