Person:George Cowger (1)

George Cowger
b.est. 1741-1755
  • HGeorge Cowgerest 1741-1755 - abt 1786
  • WHannah Hawes1755 - 1852
m. abt. 1777
  1. Henry Cowger1781 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name George Cowger
Alt Name George Coager
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1741-1755
Marriage abt. 1777 Virginiato Hannah Hawes
Death? abt. 1786 Ft. Seybert, Pendleton County, Virginia

George Cowger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 104.--19th August, 1783. George Coager (Cowgar), of Hampshire, and Hannah Waaz (Haaz), tract conveyed by Peters Haaz (Waaz) to said Hannah, 16th August, 1768.

Records of George Cowger in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 147.--16th August, 1780. Recorded. Peter Hole's estate vendue bill--Sold to, viz: Peter Hole, Paul Summers, Neckless Harper, Wm. Dunwiddy. George Hole, Henry Fletcher, Joseph Ham, John Feris, Wm. McAlly, Barnard Lance, Enees Hole, Elias Painter, George Cowger, Capt. Parsons, Leonard Summons, Peter Segerfeet, Mike Mannen, widow Gregory, Roger Patton, Leasy Hole, James and Thomas Parsons, Conrad Lance, Miss Hole.

Information on George Cowger

George Cowger fought in the Dunsmore Wars in 1774 with a John Cogar. (George Cowgar, Dunmore's War received pay for 117 days County) Capt. John Skidmore company. According to the Va. Rev. War Pension Applications, pg. 7, a Charles Biechynden substituted for "George Cowgar of (then) Hampshire County who had been drafted for three months, against the Indians and to build a fort at Point Pleasant." The fort was built near the Ohio border immediately after the battle at Point Pleasant, which took place in 1774. Va Rev. War Pension Applications, v.7. George's participation in the Revolutionary War consisted of providing supplies (beef) as indicated in Court Booklet: p.19, Certificate 1 for Hampshire County. He was reimbursed on May 11, 1784. George died without a will but court records show that in 1788 Hannah and others were bonded to appraise George's property. He had accumulated a number of horses, and other livestock. He was in the process of acquiring additional land from Josiah Davisson that was eventually deeded to his son John. Because of the land purchase and the appointment of guardians for his three children, the settlement of his estate was still an issue in 1797. The vendue document of February 1791 indicates that all of his personal property, household goods, livestock, and tools were sold to Hannah and others. Among the names mentioned were James Dyer, Matthew Patton, Robert Davis, George Trumbo, Michael Harpole, and James Blizzard. Between 1788 and February 1791, Hannah had married Jacob Trumbo and moved to Brocks Gap as indicated in the same document "The estate of George Cowger dec'd with James Dyer and Hannah Trumbo late Hannah Cowgar Admins." [WB1] [Source:]