Person:George Alderson (5)

George Alderson
d.BEF 1818
m. 3 OCT 1759
  1. Alice Alderson1760 -
  2. George Alderson1762 - BEF 1818
  3. Mary Alderson1765 -
  4. John Alderson1768 - 1781
  5. Hon. Joseph Alderson, Sheriff1771 - 1845
  6. Unknown Alderson1773 - 1773
  7. Thomas Alderson1775 -
  8. Margaret Alderson1778 -
  9. Jane Alderson1780 - 1877
  10. John Alderson, IV1783 - 1853
m. 14 Jun 1781
  1. John Marcus Alderson1786 - 1856
  2. Mary "Polly" Alderson1787 - 1870
  3. Levy Alderson1795 - 1872
  4. Bathsheba Alderson1809 - 1855
Facts and Events
Name George Alderson
Gender Male
Alt Birth? ABT 1762 Augusta County, Virginia
Birth? 30 AUG 1762 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 14 Jun 1781 Greenbrier, West Virginia, United Statesto Sarah Osborne
Death? BEF 1818

George Alderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of George Alderson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Caseys vs. John Bilbo--O. S. 371; N. S. 135--Deed, 30th September, 1818, by John, Levy, James Osburn Alderson, Mary and husband, James McClung, heirs and representatives of George Alderson, and Sarah Alderson, widow of George, to John Bilbrow, one of the sons of William Bilbrow, 180 acres in Nicholas County, on the old Kenewha road, three miles on south side Gauley Mountain, part of survey patented to George Alderson, Andrew Donnelly, and William Morris, 402 acres, 13th August, 1795. Recorded in Nicholas, 13th October, 1819. Deed, 11th November, 1818, by John Bilbro grantee, of Botetourt, to James, grantor, and wife, Caroline Bilbro, of Bedford; Wm. Bilbro, of Botetourt, father of said John and James died testate, devising to his sons, John, James, Benj., Thomas, all his undevised lands in Nicholas County, of which James has sold to John his share in 1,000 acres patented to Wm.; also of 180 acres bought by Wm. of George Alderson. Recorded in Nicholas, 23d May, 1823. Will of Wm. Bilbro, of Botetourt. Wife, Mary; daughters, Sarah Terrelle, Rebecca Wallace, Susan Casey; grandchildren, Mary and William Casey; devisee, Rebecca Casey; daughters, Elizabeth Bilbro, Betsy, Rachael Bilbro; sons, John, James, Benj., Thos. Dated 8th April, 1807, and recorded.