Person:Frederick Hanger (2)

Frederick Hanger
d.BEF 22 JUL 1799 Augusta County, Virginia
m. ABT 4 JAN 1721/22
  1. Frederick HangerBEF 1726 - BEF 1799
  2. Maria Rosina Hanger1729/30 -
  3. Johann George Hanger1733 -
  4. Johann Phillip Hanger1735 -
  5. Anna Barbara Hanger1736 -
m. 1752
  1. Maria Elizabeth Hanger1754 - 1847
  2. Frederick Hanger, Jr.1755 - 1812
  3. George Hanger1759 - ABT 1835
  4. Barbara Hanger1760 - ABT 1836
  5. John Hanger, Sr.1760-1770 - 1833
  6. Hannah Hangerest 1767 -
  7. Peter Hanger1772-1778 - 1850
  8. Elizabeth HangerABT 1772 -
  9. Charles HangerABT 1774 - ABT 1854
  10. Catherine HangerBEF 1779 -
Facts and Events
Name Frederick Hanger
Alt Name Johann Frederick Hanger
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 19 NOV 1726 Neidenstein, Eschelbronn, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
Marriage 1752 Berks County, Pennsylvaniato Eva Margaretha Mayer
Death? BEF 22 JUL 1799 Augusta County, Virginia
Burial? 1799 St John's Evangelical Church, Staunton, Augusta, Virginia

Frederick Hanger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 26.--16th August, 1769. Jacob Gabbert and Barbara ( ) to Frederick Hanger, £60, 226 acres conveyed to Jacob by McNabb, 7th April, 1768, joining John Campbell, Wm. McClintock and James Peary. Delivered: Fred. Hanger, 26th June, 1771.

Will of Frederick Hanger

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 28.--2d June, 1799. Frederick Hanger's will--To wife, Eve; to sons, Charles and Peter; to son-in-law, Augustine Argenbright, 1/2 acre where his smith shop stands; daughter, Eve, wife of Daniel Joseph. Executors, Augustine Argenbright, Peter Ingleman. Teste: John Young, George Kellar, Christian Baylor. Proved, 22d July, 1799, by all witnesses. Argenbright qualifies.
  • Page 41.--10th October, 1799. Frederick Hanger's estate appraised by Wm. Peery, Philip Ingleman, Jacob Shyrigh.

Records of Frederick Hanger in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 85.-- May, 1768. Ferdinand Lair's estate appraised and settlement of estate recorded 18th May, 1773--To cash in Bands of Andrew Hudlough (Herdlough?); to cash in hands of Conrad Wall; paid Barbara Lair; paid an old account from Germany by Fred Hanger; paid Joseph Cowley, Conrad Weeble, Mathias Rodes, William Stalp, Peater Tirkels bond.
  • Page 456.--Patent to Frederick Stull, 27th August, 1770. (this record is followed by: Page 464.--Teste: John and Andrew Ramsey, Henry Luse.; Page 465.--Delivered: Frederick Hanger by order of James Peerey.)
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1786--April 26, Jacob Fridley and Hanah Hanger, daughter of Frederick Hanger; surety, George Hanger.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 18, 1787. - (404) Thomas Cook to be bound to Frederick Hanger, and Peter Laywell to Peter Hanger, Jr.
  • Page 4.--28th September, 1786. Philip (X) Olinger's will, farmer--To son, Jacob, 186 acres, home place; to wife, Juliana; to son, Stophel; to daughter. Barbara, and her son, John Palmer, infant; to daughter, Katharine; to grandson, Jacob Casner, infant, to be taught both Dutch and English, and to cypher, and a trade; to son, Philip, deed to be made for 148 acres he now lives on. Executors, Jacob Gabord and Augustine Argenbright. Teste: Jacob Maxwell, Wat. Cunningham, Frederick Hanger. Proved, April, 1787, by Cunningham and Hanger. Argenbright qualifies.
  • Page 7.--12th April, 1787. Philip Olinger's estate appraised by James Peery, Jacob Cale, Frederick Hanger.
  • Page 337.--2d December, 1798. Peter Wiseman's (in German) will, farmer--To wife, Elizabeth Margaret. (If before son Peter comes of age.) To children, viz: Lodwick, Ana Mary (wife of Philip Hawn), Susanna, John Goerge, Christena (wife of Jacob Smith), Catherena (wife of George Doll), Mary Eve Weiseman, Margaret, Magdalena, Peter Weiseman. Executors, wife and son Lodwick. Teste: Frederick Henger, George Doll. Proved, 18th December, 1798, by Fred. Hanger and George Dull. Executors qualify.