Person:Francis Allison (5)

Francis Allison
d.AFT 1778 In Tennessee?
m. est. 1725
  1. Francis AllisonABT 1725 - AFT 1778
  2. Isabel Allisonabt 1732 -
  3. John Allison, Sr.abt 1734 - bef 1792
  4. Robert Allisonabt 1736 - Bef 1792
  5. Charles AllisonAbt 1737 - bef 1787
  • HFrancis AllisonABT 1725 - AFT 1778
  1. Andrew AllisonABT 1746 -
Facts and Events
Name Francis Allison
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1725 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania[estimate based upon baptism date of son Andrew]
Death? AFT 1778 In Tennessee?

Francis Allison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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About Francis Allison

Francis Allison lived in Augusta County, Virginia during the mid 1740's to 1750's. His son Andrew was baptized at Tinkling Spring by Rev. John Craig in 1746. He likely left the area during the French & Indian War in the late 1750's and 1760's, likely to Kentucky. Additional research is needed on his family.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 169. - 18th February 1750-51. James Moore and Jean, his wife, to Alex. McClure, 163 acres on North Br. of James where Francis Allison lives. Teste: William Hall and Robert Allison, James Thompson.
  • Page 400. - 15th June 1751. James Moore and Jean, to Nathan McClure, 160 acres, No. Br. James; corner Francis Allison. Teste: James Thompson, David Dryden, Alexander McClure.
  • Aug 1753 - Congregations of New Providence and Timber Ridge Presbyterian Churches; Petition Signers for Reverend John Brown - Archibald Alexander, Francis Allison, Robert Allison, Francis Beaty, Charles Berry, Thomas Berry, William Berry, Magdalena Borden, Samuel Buchanan, William Caruthers, James Coulter, Robert Coulton, Samuel Davis, William Davis, John Davison, John Douglass, David Dryden, Thomas Dryden, Samuel Dunlap, James Eakin, Walter Eakin, John Edmiston, James Edmiston, William Edmiston, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Robert Gamble, Edward Gaor, Jacob Gray, Samuel Gray, William Gray, James Greenlee, William Hamilton, John Hawely, John Handley, Joseph Hay, Samuel Hay(s), Edmund Hearken, George Henderson, Robert Henry, Thomas Hill, John Houston Sr., John Houston Jr., Matthew Houston, Robert Houston, Samuel Houston, Joseph Kennedy, John Kerr, John Keys, Rodger Keys, Robert Kirkpatrick, William Lockridge, John Logan, John Lowry, John Lusk, James Lusk, William Lusk, Daniel Lyle, John Lyle, Matthew Lyle, Samuel Lyle, John Macky, Agnes Martin, Charles McAnelly, Edward McColgan, James McClung, James McClung Jr., widow McClung, Alexander McCluer, Nathaniel McCluer, Halbert McCluer, John McCrosky Sr., John McCrosky Jr., Alexander McCrosky, Samuel McCutchen, Samuel McDowell, Neal McGlister, Thomas McMurry, Baptist McNabb, John McNabb, Thomas McSpeden, Alexander Miller, John Mitchell, John Montgomery, Alexander Moore, John Moore, James Moore, John Patton, Samuel Paxton, Thomas Paxton, Nathan Peoples, Patrick Porter, Robert Reagh, William Reagh, Robert Robertson, James Robinson John, Robinson, Matthew Robinson, William Robinson, John Roseman, David Sayer, John Shields, John Smiley, William Smith, Widow Smith, John Sprowl, Andrew Steele, Samuel Steele, John Stuart, James Thompson, James Trimble, Moses Trimble, Alexander Walker, Alexander Walker, James Walker, John Walker, John Wardlaw, William Wardlaw, Robert Weir, Moses Whiteside, William Whiteside, Ann Wilson, John Winiston.
  • Page 317.--19th February, 1756. Nathan McClure to Alexander McClure, £38, 166-1/2 acres on North Branch of James. Cor. Jno. McClure; cor. Francis Allison. Teste: David Dryden. Delivered: Alexander McClure, June, 1778.
  • Page 239.—List of debts by bonds, bills, notes, and acceptances due to above estate [Thomas Stuart's estate]—By Francis Allison and son, Andrew; George Burton; Francis Bogs, assigned by John Hardy; Thomas Bates (Holston); Wm. Butt; Isaac Burns; John Boal; Jno. Creely; Wm. Currance; David Clerkston; Wm. Dandridge; Jno. Emmitt; Jno. Earskins; Edward Harkins; Jno. Jack; James Walker (Samuel's son). [Note: what relationship did Francis have with Thomas Stuart?, research needed]
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