Person:Esther Houston (2)

Esther Houston
b.ABT 1718 Antrim, Ireland
m. ABT 1717
  1. James Houston1716 -
  2. Esther HoustonABT 1718 - 1798
  3. Robert Houston1720 - 1761
  4. John Houston, II1726 - 1798
  5. Rev. Samuel Houston1728 - 1797
  6. Matthew Houston1730 -
  7. Isabella HoustonBET 1733 AND 1737 - Bef 1787
m. 2 JUL 1738
  1. Isabella MontgomeryEst 1740-1750 - 1792
  2. Capt. James MontgomeryBET 1749 AND 1750 - 1809
  3. Alexander MontgomeryBef 1752 -
  4. Rev. John Montgomery1752 - 1818
  5. Margaret "Mollie" Montgomery1754 -
  6. Esther Houston Montgomery1755 - 1807
  7. Ann Montgomery1756 - 1829
  8. Dorcas MontgomeryABT 1758 - 1834
  9. Jane Montgomery1763 - 1843
  10. Robert Montgomery1764 - 1813
  11. Thomas? MontgomeryAFT 1769 -
Facts and Events
Name Esther Houston
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1718 Antrim, Ireland
Marriage 2 JUL 1738 Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato John Montgomery
Death? 1798 Logan County, Kentucky?


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Source:Schantz, 1896 Marriage record for Esther Houston and John Montgomery in Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever



Source:Houston, 1882 identifies Esther as the eldest daughter of John Houston, the immigrant ancestor of the General Sam Houston Lineage.

She came from Ireland with her father, John Houston, the progenitor of us all...when about eleven years of age, and before the removal of the family from Pennsylvania, where they first settled, to Virginia, she was married to John Montgomery.

Elsewhere, Houston, 1882 places the arrival of the family in Pennsylvania as in 1735. Land records show them in Augusta County by c1740, which would mean that Esther's marriage to John Montgomery occurred between 1735 and 1740. Source:Schantz, 1896 identifies a marriage in Lancaster County, Earl Township, PA, between an Esther Heuston and a John Mountgomery on 2 July 1738. It seems likely that this marriage is in fact for the daughter of John Houston (15). [1]


  1. The Reverend Stoever, in whose records this marriage is found, was a Lutheran Minister. Esther Houston is of Scot Irish descent, and John Montgomery is most likely also of Scots Irish descent. We would not expect many Scots Irish to marry within the Lutheran Church, so if this Esther is indeed the daughter of John (15), then some explanation is needed as to why she was married by a Lutheran Minister.