Person:Ephraim Morton (1)

Lieut. Ephraim Morton
b.Jul 1623
m. 22 Jul 1612
  1. Nathaniel Morton1613/14 - 1685
  2. Patience MortonCal 1615 - 1691
  3. John Morton1616 - 1673
  4. Sarah Morton1620 - 1691
  5. Lieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
  • HLieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
  • WAnn Cooper1625 - 1691
m. 18 Nov 1644
  1. George MortonAbt 1645 - 1727
  2. Ephraim Morton1648/49 - 1731/32
  3. Rebecca Morton1650/51 - 1717/18
  4. Patience MortonBet 1660 & 1670 - 1715
  • HLieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
  • WMary Shelley1639 - Aft 1694
m. 18 Oct 1692
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lieut. Ephraim Morton
Gender Male
Emigration[4] 15 Jun 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesAs an infant aboard the ship, "Anne"
Birth[1] Jul 1623 On the ship "Anne"
Marriage 18 Nov 1644 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Ann Cooper
Marriage 18 Oct 1692 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Shelley
Occupation? Deacon
Death[2][3] 5 Oct 1693 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
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    EPHRAIM Plymouth, s[on]. of George, came with his f[ather]. in the Ann, 1623; but Judge Davis, in the preface to the Memorial, says, he was b[orn]. on the passage. Cotton's Plymouth ch[urch]. hist[ory]. in 1 Hist. Coll. IV. 126, marks his d[eath]. 7 Sept. 1693, in 70th y[ea]r. of his age, wh[ich]. implies that he was b[orn]. aft[er]. the arr[ival]. of the sh[ip]. in July. Perhaps the differ[ence]. may be explain[ed]. by error in Cotton's use of the Latin word, as very frequent[ly]. occurs in careless mod[ern]. writers. He m[arried]. 18 Nov. 1644, Ann Cooper, wh[o]. d[ied]. 1 Sept. 1691, had Ephraim, b[orn]. 27 Jan. 1648; Rebecca, 15 Mar. 1651; Josiah, 1653; George; Nathaniel; Eleazer; Thomas; and Patience; who were all m[arried]. and ea[ch]. s[on]. had issue. He had sec[ond]. w[ife]. Mary, wid[ow]. of William Harlow, d[aughter]. of Robert Shelly of Scituate, was a man of much serv[ice]. in the council of war, a col[onel]. and rep[resentative]. 28 y[ea]rs. from 1657, and again under the new chart[er]. 1692 also a deac[on]. in wh[ose]. office his s[on]. George succeed[ed]. Nathaniel was in the milit[ary]. a lieut[enant]. He is by Judge Davis nam[ed]. anc[estor]. of Perez, late Att[orney]. Gen[eral].

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    Left Ephraim Morton deceased october 5th 1693.

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    Will of "Ephraim Morton sen'r of the Town of plimouth", dated 27 Sep 1693, proved 2 Nov 1693, mentions wife Mary, son "Nathanael" [sole Executor], "Daughter patience the Wife of John Nelson", daughter Mercy Morton, son George, son Josiah, son Thomas, son Eliezer. Another not explicitly mentioned to be divided between 3 sons (Nathanael, Thomas & Eliezer), "I having disposed already unto all the Rest of my children Such a part to Eachof them of my Estate as I have thought fitt to be their full portion".

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    "The Mortons - George Morton, Juliann Carpenter Morton, and their five children (10-year-old Nathaniel...and infant Ephraim) sailed on the 'Anne.'...arrive in Plymouth landed on June 15, 1623."