Person:Ephraim Morton (1)

Lieut. Ephraim Morton
b.Jul 1623
m. 22 Jul 1612
  1. Nathaniel Morton1613/14 - 1685
  2. Patience MortonCal 1615 - 1691
  3. John Morton1616 - 1673
  4. Sarah Morton1620 - 1691
  5. Lieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
  • HLieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
  • WAnn Cooper1625 - 1691
m. 18 Nov 1644
  1. George MortonAbt 1645 - 1727
  2. Ephraim Morton1648/49 - 1731/32
  3. Rebecca Morton1650/51 - 1717/18
  4. Patience MortonBet 1660 & 1670 - 1715
  • HLieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
  • WMary Shelley1639 - Aft 1694
m. 18 Oct 1692
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lieut. Ephraim Morton
Gender Male
Emigration[4] 15 Jun 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesAs an infant aboard the ship, "Anne"
Birth[1] Jul 1623 On the ship "Anne"
Marriage 18 Nov 1644 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Ann Cooper
Marriage 18 Oct 1692 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Shelley
Death[2][3] 5 Oct 1693 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation? Deacon
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    EPHRAIM Plymouth, s[on]. of George, came with his f[ather]. in the Ann, 1623; but Judge Davis, in the preface to the Memorial, says, he was b[orn]. on the passage. Cotton's Plymouth ch[urch]. hist[ory]. in 1 Hist. Coll. IV. 126, marks his d[eath]. 7 Sept. 1693, in 70th y[ea]r. of his age, wh[ich]. implies that he was b[orn]. aft[er]. the arr[ival]. of the sh[ip]. in July. Perhaps the differ[ence]. may be explain[ed]. by error in Cotton's use of the Latin word, as very frequent[ly]. occurs in careless mod[ern]. writers. He m[arried]. 18 Nov. 1644, Ann Cooper, wh[o]. d[ied]. 1 Sept. 1691, had Ephraim, b[orn]. 27 Jan. 1648; Rebecca, 15 Mar. 1651; Josiah, 1653; George; Nathaniel; Eleazer; Thomas; and Patience; who were all m[arried]. and ea[ch]. s[on]. had issue. He had sec[ond]. w[ife]. Mary, wid[ow]. of William Harlow, d[aughter]. of Robert Shelly of Scituate, was a man of much serv[ice]. in the council of war, a col[onel]. and rep[resentative]. 28 y[ea]rs. from 1657, and again under the new chart[er]. 1692 also a deac[on]. in wh[ose]. office his s[on]. George succeed[ed]. Nathaniel was in the milit[ary]. a lieut[enant]. He is by Judge Davis nam[ed]. anc[estor]. of Perez, late Att[orney]. Gen[eral].

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    Left Ephraim Morton deceased october 5th 1693.

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    Will of "Ephraim Morton sen'r of the Town of plimouth", dated 27 Sep 1693, proved 2 Nov 1693, mentions wife Mary, son "Nathanael" [sole Executor], "Daughter patience the Wife of John Nelson", daughter Mercy Morton, son George, son Josiah, son Thomas, son Eliezer. Another not explicitly mentioned to be divided between 3 sons (Nathanael, Thomas & Eliezer), "I having disposed already unto all the Rest of my children Such a part to Eachof them of my Estate as I have thought fitt to be their full portion".

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    "The Mortons - George Morton, Juliann Carpenter Morton, and their five children (10-year-old Nathaniel...and infant Ephraim) sailed on the 'Anne.'...arrive in Plymouth landed on June 15, 1623."